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Delight your taste buds with an array of eastern food. Saigon truly is a place where the chef adds flavour and intricate detail to every dish. This Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Camp and Kloof Streets is renowned for its wide selection of Asian cuisine and excellent service, and is quickly becoming a go- to place for most Capetonians. It’s a place that is usually described as having attentive and friendly staff and excellent food that never disappoints. When entering  Saigon you are greeted with décor that resembles that of Asian culture, with traditional stylish furniture and designs.

siagoThe menu at Saigon seems never ending, with food catering for everyone’s needs. From baked aubergine to flambéed prawn plates, Saigon was created to tantalize just about anyone’s desires. With an atmosphere that will ensure everyone will have a lovely meal, you feel as though your journey of eating at this restaurant is continuous. With starters, main courses and desserts that you feel you should indulge in, you just have to ration yourself to enjoy every part of their menu.
If you are feeling on the adventurous side, try the duck and butternut curry, which is both spicy and comforting. If you are looking to satisfy your cravings, delight yourself with some caramelized pepper pork and chicken cashew nut. Making sure to cater to every part of Asian cuisine, their sushi  is also always spectacular, with reasonable portions and a wide selection.
If you really want to have an authentic Asian experience in Cape Town go and treat yourself to a meal at Saigon.

Call 021 424 7670 to book.

Address: 72 Kloof Street


Cocoa Oola

cocoCocoa Oola, which is situated toward the top end of Kloof Street, is quite the weekend attraction for all people in the area. It’s a franchise brand in Cape Town, with items on the menu you can actually pronounce and are familiar with. It also has a very relaxed atmosphere, where people can either enjoy a glass of wine or one of their very filling meals.

It is open for breakfast, lunch and supper and their prices are extremely reasonable and the food never disappoints. Unfortunately the service isn’t quite as impressive – even though their staff are incredibly friendly, food orders are often forgotten about and you can wait an hour or more for a meal. Luckily I have never been in a rush when seated and have been too busy enjoying conversation with friends for it to bother me.

They have a vast variety of items on the menu from wraps, salads and burgers to pastas and pizzas. The bavo beef burger is delicious – and is even better if you go for their two for one burger special on a Tuesday. Their ridiculously creative and delicious cocktails are also a must try, with the added bonus that they are really inexpensive for Cape Town standards.

No matter what I will keep coming back to this restaurant, firstly for the great food and secondly for the fact that on a Friday night I can bring a bottle of wine to share amongst friends without having to pay a corkage fee.

Address: 1 De Lorentz Street, Gardens.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 07h00 – 23h00 (or later on a Friday and Saturday). Sunday 08h00 – 22h00. To make a booking call 021 422 3638 or email


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