GPCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 214 3228

OKCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 217 1386

Vovo Telo

Artisan bread making masters – Enormous chocolate croissants and a wholesome breakfast to sustain you for the day are all part of the Vovo Telo package. The bakery chain is taking South Africa by storm, having first set up shop in Richmond Hill in Port Elizabeth in 2006 It now boasts a collection of 15 bakeries scattered all over the ‘it’ spots of various cities. One of the things we love most is that Vovo Telo has not lost any of its unique qualities in the process of transforming from humble beginnings to a successful franchise.

20140826_0934152The Vovo Telo on Kloof Street, which opened its doors in December 2013, is the perfect place for freelancers to sit back, enjoy a coffee and breakfast and tuck into a full day of work. Its prime setting, between Lifestyle on Kloof and Arnolds, has also become a bustling venue on the weekends for people to catch up.

Their menu is packed with a wide variety of meals from homemade tagliatella to crispy ciabatta dough pizzas and artisan bread sarmies. Each day fresh breads and bakes are brought out for customers to come and enjoy in beautiful surroundings or to take home to the family.

The establishment on Kloof Street has exceptionally helpful and friendly staff, who are eager to tell you about their current specials (R99 for two pizzas/ pastas after 18h00) and their favourite meal choices on the menu. The 44 Stanley breakfast is ideal for those who can’t make up their mind about what they want for breakfast, incorporating all of the best things off the menu: eggs, bacon, tomatoes, fresh bread and corncakes.

Seated at Vovo Telo, you can admire their quirky décor and art, which is a common thread at all their bakeries. The bakery is definitely not shy on portions, with every meal ensuring you have something to take home with you.

If you are ever in the neighbourhood and are craving a hearty meal or some freshly oven-baked bread, be sure to stop by this fantastic bakery & café.

Visit their website for more info:

Contact details: (021) 422 0117

Address: 60B Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town,

Facbook | Twitter |  Instagram

New lunch spots at the Cape Quarter

There has been a buzz of excitement at the Cape Quarter, with the addition of three new eateries.  As a centre that is focused on bringing an alternative way of shopping to consumers, they make sure to only select the best quality brands.

Cold Press Juice Bar

GPOK-14Healthy living has become part of the Cape Town culture, almost as much as going to a trendy market or coffee shop. Another juice bar in Cape Town might have some thinking, but why?  Well Cold Press Juice Bar is not just any juice bar. It’s the first and only place in South Africa that is using the technique of cold pressing juice, which they then bottle immediately to keep all the nutrients locked inside. The process of cold pressing juice makes sure no nutrients or vitamins are lost while creating this delicious healthy goodness. House favourites include the Kaleifornication cold pressed juice and the Carnival tossed salad.

Facebook | Twitter

Operating hours:

Monday – Friday: 07h00 – 18h00; Weekends: 08h00 – 18h00

Vida e caffé

GPOK-13Vida has become part of lots of South African’s daily routines. It’s the perfect way to kick start your day or enjoy a much needed break from work. Vida is the Starbucks of South Africa, with their unforgettable branding and heavenly freshly ground coffee, consumers are always coming back for their daily, if not hourly coffee fix. Vida offers trendy Cape Town hipsters chilled vibe paired with scrumptious eats and obviously their signature coffee. Bringing the ‘it’ coffee crowd to the Cape Quarter, it’s a great new inclusion.


Facebook | Twitter

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 07h00 – 20h00
Saturday:  07h00-20h00
Sunday & public holidays:  08h00-20h00


GPOK-21This brand new addition to the Cape Quarter is ideal to satisfy that sweet tooth. The self-service frozen yoghurt bar has become a household name, with soccer moms even placing We love Wakaberry bumper stickers on their cars! Recently the franchise relocated their store from Kloof Street to this quaint setting in The Square courtyard. With delightful and palatable flavours such as Pink Lemonade, Plain Tart and Lemon Sorbet, they are constantly coming up with new froyo recipes for customers to indulge in and enjoy. The idea is that every customer is the boss of their own creation, with a wide selection of toppings to choose from and prices based on weight, so you can decide exactly how much you want.

Facebook | Twitter

Operating Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10h00 – 22h00

Address : Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre, 50 Somerset Road, Green Point.

Classic Revivals

GPOK-11Taking a step into Classic Revivals is similar to that of walking into a vintage styled Italian home. On the corner of Jarvis and Napier Streets, the shop draws customers in with their relaxed and homely feel. The family business was established by two Italian brothers and still operates 61 years later, as a thriving second generation furniture and interiors seller, with a store in Parktown, Johannesburg as well as this one in De Waterkant.

Appearances can be judged from the outside in the case of this creative nook, with the front door being an indication of what awaits in store. The brass handcrafted handle and detailed sturdy wooden door is a showcase to customers that they are masters of their trade.

The shop exudes a passion for the finer things in life, with bottles of champagne lying in ice buckets and polo mallets serving as home décor. Every piece at Classic Revivals showcases fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, with dark wood ottomans, luxurious day beds and dining room tables; every item is an investment into building a collection of heirlooms for your home.

Classic Revivals has a number of illustrious clients under their belt, including the Mount Nelson and One and Only hotels; and are ready and equipped to make pieces that meet your every design need. They are renowned for crafting intricate custom furniture, so that your vision for any room space can be complete. For those that want to incorporate vintage styled elements in their home, Classic Revivals will reproduce antique furniture so that you have an immediate style solution to create a classic old school feel. Every piece has been crafted from the finest materials so that their items can be part of your home for generations to come.

So take stroll through De Waterkant Village and enjoy a cappuccino while browsing through the treasure filled showrooms or sit out on their sunny patio while thinking about your next purchasing decision.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10h00 am – 16h00; Saturdays: By appointment

Website : 

Contact Details: +27 (21) 4216327

Twitter | Facebook

Address: 34 Napier Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town

Security Update August 2014

Vehicle side viewOur team has been working incredibly hard throughout the month of August. With our mobile teams and GP/OKCID officers making sure citizens feel safe in their areas. Our team never gives up on trying to lower crime levels as much as we can and we try our best to keep the streets safe and clean.

During the month of August, our GP/OKCID team continued with regular operations and made 17 good arrests, with the assistance of SAPS.

This month saw an increase in both the number of drunk drivers in the area and car break ins. We strongly urge you to rather take a taxi home if you have consumed too much alcohol while out in the area, or ask one of our team to escort you home safely.

Unfortunately there has been a noted increase in the number of cars getting broken into in the Green Point and Oranje Kloof areas. Our mobile drivers try their very best to make sure they keep a watchful eye on any suspicious activity around cars. If our officer’s see that residents have left valuable items out on display in their vehicles, they make sure to pay particular attention to those vehicles – however please avoid parking your car in badly lit areas, and make sure you leave nothing out on display.

Our Mobile 5 GPCID officers were quick on the scene on 11August, to apprehend a suspect who broke into a vehicle. SAPS Constable Stringer came to the scene immediately to arrest the suspect.

On 31 August our GPCID officers apprehended a suspect at Caltex on Somerset Road who was then arrested by SAPS Constable Booi. The suspect had stolen a woman’s wallet; which was found and returned to her, but unfortunately the money inside was missing.

In the Oranje-Kloof area our OKCID Mobile team apprehended a suspect in Meulen Hof Block A on 17 August. The suspect was carrying a TV that did not belong to him; and he was arrested by SAPS Constable Madotyeni.

Our Mobile 6 team also apprehended a suspect on Hofmeyer Street on 16 August, while he was breaking into a vehicle. The suspect had a car radio and cell phone on him. He was handed over to SAPS to be arrested.

On 6 and 15 August two different incidences occurred where suspects attempted to rob the Engen on Kloof Street of cigarette cartons. On both attempts the suspects were apprehended by OKCID officers and arrested by SAPS.

Our team takes great pride in ensuring that you as citizens of Cape Town never feel unsafe or scared, while walking or driving around the streets during the day or night. So we kindly ask that you avoid any scenarios that might put you in a position that makes you a target for crime. Stay safe, and stay aware at all times.

Lanique Bar

The established Andiamo restaurant in the Cape Quarter is well-known by many Capetonians. You’ve either enjoyed their wine and pizza/ pasta special with friends every winter over the years, or escaped there for a salad and glass of wine with colleagues at lunch time. It’s a classic Cape Town eatery and you know exactly what to expect. No major surprises – this is what we love about Andiamo.

When I heard about a new ‘Andiamo bar’, I imagined the same old Andiamo with a bar somehow thrown in the mix. Luckily I love surprises, because this new Waterkant hot spot is full of them.

First off, the bar, separate to Andiamo, is distinguished by a unique name and story.  It goes by the name of Lanique Bar, after Lanique liqueur, a uniquely crafted drink made from rose oil and other natural ingredients. There is a great story behind it too. Enjoyed over 200 years ago as the society drink across the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the liqueur spirit was rediscovered ten years ago by a UK entrepreneur.

In true Waterkant style, moving away from the modern features of the Cape Quarter, Lanique Bar has a very old, worn-in feel. The décor is extremely warm, welcoming and romantic; which we don’t often stumble upon in cosmopolitan Cape Town.

Designed to capture and promote the special history of Lanique liquor, the furniture is made from old ship decking and the walls have been cladded with old reclaimed bricks. The chandeliers and candles on medieval stands further add to the richness and history of the 200 year old drink.

With a terrace that opens out into the streets of the beautiful Waterkant, Lanique is the perfect place to spend a warm spring evening sipping on a Lanique and lime cocktail. Amongst their staff are a top barrister and a cocktail specialist, which they have put in place to take care of Capetonians’ top two cravings!

The food is supplied by Andiamo with their full menu available. Only once I had bitten into my thin-based, wood-fired pizza did the old Andiamo familiarity rush back to me. The basil chilli-chicken pizza with crumbed feta and peppadews was a reminder that Andiamo serves one of the best pizzas in Cape Town. It was also served with a complimentary cold draught beer – one of their current specials. My friend, a self-proclaimed lasagne connoisseur, described her dish as “delicious” and “full of parmesan”, just the way she likes it. The Italian cuisine, enjoyed on a street terrace by candlelight really does make you feel as though you’ve been transported to Rome!

But what really stood out, more than the candles and wrought iron candelabras at Lanique Bar, was the service. The manageress on duty, who introduced herself as Cindy Jamieson, is definitely one of the most genuine and welcoming restaurant hosts you will come across, and her supporting team is equally friendly and efficient.

When we asked Cindy about being in the GPCID area she had the following to say: “about two weeks ago I found a dog locked up in a car outside our restaurant so I called the GPCID and they responded within two minutes. They waited by the car the whole time waiting for the owner to return, plus they informed the police who dealt with the matter when she did return. They are very visible and patrol all the time, which makes the area safer and cleaner. They even go as far as standing outside my restaurant while I cash up and close.”

If all this is not enough to get you to Lanique Bar as soon as possible, then perhaps their free unlimited Wi-Fi or opening specials can entice you. They are currently running a two-for-one Bains Whiskey special as well as a Devil’s Peak draught beer special, and they will be hosting Lanique Liqueur tastings over the next couple of months. Lanique Bar can also be booked out for events, and would be a perfect setting for any special evening.

Stay in the loop with Lanique by following them on social media or emailing them to enquire about events.

Facebook Twitter

Address: 72 Waterkant St, Cape Quarter

Tel : 021 820 3591  | Email:

Operating hours:

Tues, Sat:

11:00 – close (kitchen closes 22.00)

Sun, Mon:

16:00 – close (kitchen closes 22.00)

For more information on Lanique liqueur go to:

Stile Milano


Sleek designs, intricate details, crisp finishes and an overall timeless living space. Stylish and trendy doesn’t always have to be over the top, eccentric and futuristic. Stile Milano’s showroom on Hudson Street is testament to the fact that they are exceptionally skillful in designing a room that will be part of how you live. Browsing through the showroom you can see that every part of their design is serving a purpose, whether that is a practical purpose of a book case, or visual purpose such as an art display.

Every aspect of a room should fit together like a puzzle piece, meaning that every part needs to make sense. A person should admire a room and feel comfortable in it, so that it becomes a home and not a house. This is what Stile Milano’s team take pride in, creating homes that meet your design requirements, but ones that are also visually beautiful, and most importantly, practical.

This store in De Waterkant first opened its doors in 2013 , following the success of their long standing business in Italy. They have a store in Milan, Italy, and before it became a shop it was a family run affair. The team comprising of skilled furniture makers, interior designers and interior architects help make peoples’ visions become a blissful reality. The store in Milan has an exceptional client list, only working with the best brands to give customers the best quality service.

When they moved their idea over to South Africa, adapting to a different target market, they had to think of the best location to set up their next shop. The first choice, of course, was the snazzy De Waterkant hub. Simone Bramati, an interior designer and the mastermind behind a number of high end projects, heads up the Hudson Street showrooms. Explaining Bramati as a passionate designer is an understatement, every time a mention is made about furniture or design, his eyes light up and he is truly delighted to explain what his service offering entails. Stile Milano Italian Design Centre offers clients interior design services, interior architecture services and the opportunity to purchase products such as couches, beds, tables, TV stands and kitchen fixtures.

They recently completed a project in Big Bay, at a luxury loft apartment. The end result is design that makes use of limited space, to make a living space look liveable and elegant.



Address: 7 Hudson Street. De Waterkant, Cape Town.

Contact Details: 021-4189929

Mandela Day 2014


mandMandela Day is a global call to action for citizens of the world to take up the challenge and follow in the formidable footsteps of our former president. This day inspires individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, by building a global movement for good by dedicating and volunteering just 67 minutes of their time to any good, charitable cause.

What contribution will you be making this Mandela day?

Here are some ideas of how you can get involved:

Book drive for Prestwich Primary School

The Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village and partners will be collecting books for Prestwich Primary School in Green Point.  Cardboard collection bins will be placed around the Cape Quarter into which anyone can drop a book or books. The Bay Bookshop is offering 20% off for any book purchased to fill the collection box in their store. Donors are asked to drop off these books by Wednesday 16 July 2014 at 5pm. The books will then be sorted and packaged to be handed over to the school.

Donate or volunteer at The Haven Night Shelter

The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisation provides temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless persons. For people who want to volunteer their time in the early evening, the CTICC has donated food to the night shelter, which will be served at Dinner time on 18 July 2014. Volunteers are more than welcome to assist in this activity and if you would like to donate your time or other goods to help destitute people, you can contact the Have Night Shelter at (021) 425 4700 to find out more about what they and their clients need.

Stop Hunger Now at Canal Walk Shopping Centre

Members of the public are invited to join Sop Hunger Now on the final Meals in Memory event at the Canal Walk Food Court on July 18 2014. Volunteers can spend 67 minutes packaging meals that will go to needy preschools around the Western Cape. There are 67 minutes sessions running throughout the day from 9am to 9pm. The 250 000 meals packaged will feed 1 700 learners three meals a week during term time. To allow the organisers to control numbers, if you would like to volunteer, please sign-up online or by contacting (021) 705 6278.

Volunteer with Operation Smile South Africa

Operation Smile South Africa provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe. This year Operation Smile are seeking volunteers to help with an awareness campaign taking place across eight shopping malls (Eikestad Mall, The Pavilion, Cresta, Blue Route, Irene Village Mall, Riverside, Westgate and Garden Route Mall.)

Volunteers are needed to:  Create a buzz,  presence and Excitement; Face Painting; Be present at the tables to hand out flyers to shoppers and passer’s by;  Sign up as many MySchool Applications and Sign Up sheets as possible; Manage the puzzle board either adding a piece to the puzzle as a result of having completed a MySchool application form; signing up as a volunteer; providing a donation; Treasure hunt;  Tell people about the Woolies Sustainability bags- for every bag purchased Operation Smile receives R10. and the 94.7 cycle race; Decorate dolls that are currently very blank with personality and colour to be gifted to our children; Come up with competition and prizes being a  Smile coffee table book (to be announced at the end of the day);

It’s going to be fun and volunteers will receive a T-shirt for all their hard work and effort. For more information contact (021) 447 3608.

Following Mandela Day members of the public can assist in a collection drive to collect mirrors/ toothbrushes/ toothpaste/ soap/ crayons/ notebooks/ sharpeners/ adult patient gowns.

Support Monte Rosa Home

Monte Rosa is an accessible 111 bed home for the aged situated in Gardens, Contact 021 423 8173/4 to find out how you can help them support elderly and frail people in their care.

Donate to the SA Children’s Home

The SA Children’s home in Ivanhoe Street, Gardens cares for children by providing a secure, friendly, homely environment for its family of 44 boys and girls. The home needs the following:

Toiletries (body lotion; face wash; roll-on for girls & boys; tissues; shampoo, conditioner)

Boys and girls leisure socks ages 6-18 years; New takkies girls and boys ages 6-18 years, Boys clothes ages 6-18 years, 10 single sleeping bags for camps; School bags.

Household needs: Replacement of six single mattresses, single bed fitted and flat sheets, 20 pillows.

Kitchen goods: Muffin pans, dishcloths, non-perishable foods for holidays, food parcels such as spaghetti and meatballs, beans, pilchards, coffee, tea and sugar.

Garden: Compost.

To donate any of the items above contact (021) 423 1328.

The Big Issue

For those passing through the CID areas don’t forget to grab the Big Issue magazine. The Big Issue magazines is a non-profit nongovernmental organisation (NGO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that publishes a monthly magazine, creating jobs for unemployed, homeless and socially excluded adults. Through the Social Development Programme, vendors are supported with vocational, life and business skills training and guidance counselling. Purchase the magazine at R20 of which R11 profit is made by the sale vendors.

The Earthchild Project:

Earthchild Project is a non-profit organisation which operates at disadvantaged primary schools in the Western Cape. The project works with both children and teachers with programmes focusing on the environment health/ wellness and life skills at Sakumlandela in Khayelitsha and Zerilda Park Primary in Lavender Hill. The project aims to inspire a new generation of healthy, confident and conscious young leaders. For more information on how you can help, contact Janna Kretzmar on 083 409 9185.

Nazareth House

Nazareth House is a Non-Profit-Organisation (NPO) that aims to provide a loving, stable and secure home environment for abandoned, neglected, disabled and orphaned children. The home also provides a resting place for children with terminal conditions, who are unable to return home as well as a care for the elderly. Nazareth House is in need of General items (single sheets, single/ double duvet covers, single duvet inners, single mattress covers, standard waterproof pillow cases, wheelchair covers, foam blocks, weighted blanket, sitting scale for the elderly, chest drawers, hand basins, comfortable chairs and table cloths) and Occupational Therapy items (High chairs, paddling pools, storage boxes, mini trampoline, inkpad for stamps, toys, airex mats – high density foam, baby gyms – free standing mobiles, side lyers, standing frames, scooter boards and rollers/ wedges).

Alternatively, stationary items such as A4 books, A4 hard cover books, A4 paper, calculators, prestik, pritt and sellotape and toiletries such as disposable nappies, nappy rash cream, baby shampoo/ oil/ lotion/milk/ cereal, adult nappies and toilet paper are always needed and never goes to waste. Kids Pyjamas, clothing and shoes are also a necessity. If you can donate any of the above items, contact (021) 461 1635.

Food Bank SA

FoodBank South Africa will be hosting a Mandela Day hamper packing day from 10am to 3pm at their warehouse in Epping. Inviting you, your Company and staff members to join Bryan Habana and Siba Mtongana , let’s see how many hampers you can pack and lives you can touch in 67 minutes. For more information call 021 531 4811 or e-mail and register your team soonest to avoid disappointment.

Here are a list of other charity organisations which you could volunteer or donate goods to:

Straatwerk– 021 930 8055

The Homestead– 021 419 9763

The Salvation Army (Booth Memorial) – 021 465 4846

The Carpenters Shop– 021-461 5508

Cape Town Society for the Blind (CTSB)– 021 448 4302

You can also contact the City of Cape Town’s toll-free number, 0800 872 201, to access more information on how to donate to charitable organisations. Remember to give responsibly.

Let us know what you are doing on Mandela Day and send us your photographs to share

Lovelee boutique on Kloof

From a distance, Lovelee looks somewhat like a 70’s ice-cream parlour, with candy pink walls and a baby blue striped awning, which is hard to miss. But as you get closer, the seductive display mannequins, which are always dressed to kill, confidently let you know that you are heading straight for a very unique ladies clothing boutique.

IMG_5511I must confess, as I took my first steps through the doors of the little pink palace, I was expecting another typical Cape Town boutique – where the fashion, high prices and stylish shop keepers make you feel totally uncool. To my delight, a shop assistant with a huge warm smile stood waiting to welcome me in. I was immediately a fan of Lovelee.The boutique is run by dedicated owner and designer, Leandra Do Pereiro, and her passionate and professional team who will treat you like a VIP whether you shop or not.For someone who is not much of a fashionista, I was quickly drawn in by this vibrant little wonderland of clothes, bags, brooches, belts and jewellery, housed in a beautifully decorated, dazzling shop, like a kid in a new candy store.

The huge clothing range is versatile and unique, ringing true to the meaning of boutique, with only a limited number of garments per style, which you won’t find anywhere else.  The store, an old converted house, impressively crams in everything you can think of and everything you have not thought of; stylish white winter coats, boyfriend jeans, flirty floral jumpsuits, leather satchels, chunky metal necklaces – you name it.

As for the store’s fashion undercurrent– think femme fatal. That is, feminine, flirty and classic, yet bold, daring and sexy. Most of the clothes are designed by the lovely Leandra herself, making Lovelee one of the few clothing stores on Kloof Street that sells primarily locally manufactured clothes. Ironically, there is nothing homemade-looking about anything she sells; expect to find clothes that look fresh from Milan, but injected with familiar care-free Cape Town edginess.

Most women would agree that the best part of our shopping experience is the moment we realise we can afford something we fall in love with. Not only are Lovelee’s clothes and accessories gorgeous and great quality, they are affordable. You can pick up a genuine leather belt or a one-of-a-kind necklace and earring set for under R200. Shirts, pants, dresses, jeans, jerseys and handbags range between R250 – R450. The most expensive items in the store are Leandra’s warm winter coats at the bargain price of R600.

No matter how unique or understated your style is, I guarantee Lovelee has something for any lady who likes to feel cool, confident and comfortable. It’s a one-stop shop for clothing and accessories for any occasion, be it a first date, big interview, wedding or casual summer picnic. Leandra Designs can also be purchased online at Zando or Spree online shopping.

39 Kloof Street | +27 82 954 3414 | Facebook

Premier Shoes

A store that may look ordinary on the outside is completely deceiving in this case. When stepping through the doors of Premier Shoes, one can immediately notice the excellent service customers receive. Clients are greeted by name on arrival, by the owner Krishna and his son Keemsh, and the father son duo make sure that every customer’s needs are fully met. Upon exiting the doors, it is clearly visible that customers are truly pleased with their alterations.


Premier Shoes opened their doors in 1930 and the third generation run store is still thriving. Despite many other franchise shoe repair stores and dry cleaners popping up in the area, the store has still managed to stay afloat. Out with the old and in with the new, is somewhat of a common phrase on  trendy Kloof Street, but not for this family run business.   With a strong loyal client list that has dated back to when they first opened their doors, they will probably be there for a few generations to come.  Premier Shoes mostly count on word of mouth from satisfied customers to bring in more clients; and their speedy service and reasonable prices are other contributing pull factors. Krishna is one of the last few old fashioned cobblers left in Cape Town, and takes care and precision when meeting your customized needs.

The store itself stocks the latest range of Cellini luggage bags, as well as trendy hand bags from Jekyll & Hyde and Polo. They pride themselves on being Cape Town’s premier shoe repair specialist, and offer services from repairing shoe soles, resizing boots, lowering heels and even offer garment repairs and alterations. Apart from this offering they also have a dry cleaning service and locksmith service. Premier shoes is referred to by customers as a full service shop, any problem you have whether its clothing, shoes or security, Krishna will try find a solution for you.

So if you ever find yourself walking around town with a hole in your shoe, or strap on your handbag that is broken, remember there is no other service offering quite like Premier Shoes. Find this quality driven store opposite Loft Living and next to Manna at the top of Kloof Street.

155 Kloof Street, Gardens.

Tel : 021 424 4904

Manna Epicure

Situated at the top of Kloof Street, right in the heart of the City Bowl, sits this absolute gem: Manna Epicure. Walking inside transports you to another time, a time when life was calm, quiet and serene. It is the perfect sanctuary, completely detached from the chaos outside.

All white walls and beautiful, white-washed wooden furniture with a few stand-out signature pieces makes it a pleasure to be inside. It has a polite but welcoming way about it and although stark in its whiteness it still, somehow, makes you feel at home. There is a warmth about it that draws you into its safe clutches and allows you to sit in peace while watching the world go by. The restaurant evokes a slightly European air making you feel like you are on holiday… always a great feeling!

manna_epicure_int_460_wideManna serves breakfast, lunch and dinner but is most famous for its breakfast. On a Saturday or a Sunday you will struggle to get a seat as it overflows with some of Kloof Street’s finest hipsters, families, dogs, bicycles and the like. The eggs benedict and the waffles are both highly recommended and will not disappoint. Meals are reasonably priced, between R35 and R80, and the coffee is fantastic. So take a newspaper, your pet, or your partner and wander down there for a lovely leisurely breakkie.

More recently open for dinner, the restaurant lives up to and exceeds expectations. An incredible romantic ambiance is set with a scattering of candles, and with summer on our doorstep, this spot is most definitely going to fly! The menu is impressive in that it ranges from simple starters and mains to some more delectable dishes allowing you to choose exactly what feels right for both your tummy and your wallet. Prices range from R60 – R150.

On our last visit there, my husband and I couldn’t resist and splashed out with three courses. To start we indulged in the Camembert starter (if you are a cheese fan this is a must). We then shared the Chateaubriand for two, an amazing meal, which is incredible value for money. The delicious cuts of meat are accompanied with hearty portions of both sides and sauce. To finish off we had the Chocolate Tart, a mouth-wateringly delightful dessert. Wine and craft beers are available to complement the wonderful food.

The peaceful and tranquil setting is complemented by the superbly helpful and friendly staff. No matter what the time of day, this place will welcome you with open arms and leave you feeling loved, fulfilled and happy so don’t wait too long before you go there.

Contact Details:

Manna Epicure Restaurant
151 Kloof Street

tel: 021 426 2413
email :
Twitter: @Mannaepicure




If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.