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Lovelee boutique on Kloof

From a distance, Lovelee looks somewhat like a 70’s ice-cream parlour, with candy pink walls and a baby blue striped awning, which is hard to miss. But as you get closer, the seductive display mannequins, which are always dressed to kill, confidently let you know that you are heading straight for a very unique ladies clothing boutique.

IMG_5511I must confess, as I took my first steps through the doors of the little pink palace, I was expecting another typical Cape Town boutique – where the fashion, high prices and stylish shop keepers make you feel totally uncool. To my delight, a shop assistant with a huge warm smile stood waiting to welcome me in. I was immediately a fan of Lovelee.The boutique is run by dedicated owner and designer, Leandra Do Pereiro, and her passionate and professional team who will treat you like a VIP whether you shop or not.For someone who is not much of a fashionista, I was quickly drawn in by this vibrant little wonderland of clothes, bags, brooches, belts and jewellery, housed in a beautifully decorated, dazzling shop, like a kid in a new candy store.

The huge clothing range is versatile and unique, ringing true to the meaning of boutique, with only a limited number of garments per style, which you won’t find anywhere else.  The store, an old converted house, impressively crams in everything you can think of and everything you have not thought of; stylish white winter coats, boyfriend jeans, flirty floral jumpsuits, leather satchels, chunky metal necklaces – you name it.

As for the store’s fashion undercurrent– think femme fatal. That is, feminine, flirty and classic, yet bold, daring and sexy. Most of the clothes are designed by the lovely Leandra herself, making Lovelee one of the few clothing stores on Kloof Street that sells primarily locally manufactured clothes. Ironically, there is nothing homemade-looking about anything she sells; expect to find clothes that look fresh from Milan, but injected with familiar care-free Cape Town edginess.

Most women would agree that the best part of our shopping experience is the moment we realise we can afford something we fall in love with. Not only are Lovelee’s clothes and accessories gorgeous and great quality, they are affordable. You can pick up a genuine leather belt or a one-of-a-kind necklace and earring set for under R200. Shirts, pants, dresses, jeans, jerseys and handbags range between R250 – R450. The most expensive items in the store are Leandra’s warm winter coats at the bargain price of R600.

No matter how unique or understated your style is, I guarantee Lovelee has something for any lady who likes to feel cool, confident and comfortable. It’s a one-stop shop for clothing and accessories for any occasion, be it a first date, big interview, wedding or casual summer picnic. Leandra Designs can also be purchased online at Zando or Spree online shopping.

39 Kloof Street | +27 82 954 3414 | Facebook


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