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The established Andiamo restaurant in the Cape Quarter is well-known by many Capetonians. You’ve either enjoyed their wine and pizza/ pasta special with friends every winter over the years, or escaped there for a salad and glass of wine with colleagues at lunch time. It’s a classic Cape Town eatery and you know exactly what to expect. No major surprises – this is what we love about Andiamo.

When I heard about a new ‘Andiamo bar’, I imagined the same old Andiamo with a bar somehow thrown in the mix. Luckily I love surprises, because this new Waterkant hot spot is full of them.

First off, the bar, separate to Andiamo, is distinguished by a unique name and story.  It goes by the name of Lanique Bar, after Lanique liqueur, a uniquely crafted drink made from rose oil and other natural ingredients. There is a great story behind it too. Enjoyed over 200 years ago as the society drink across the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the liqueur spirit was rediscovered ten years ago by a UK entrepreneur.

In true Waterkant style, moving away from the modern features of the Cape Quarter, Lanique Bar has a very old, worn-in feel. The décor is extremely warm, welcoming and romantic; which we don’t often stumble upon in cosmopolitan Cape Town.

Designed to capture and promote the special history of Lanique liquor, the furniture is made from old ship decking and the walls have been cladded with old reclaimed bricks. The chandeliers and candles on medieval stands further add to the richness and history of the 200 year old drink.

With a terrace that opens out into the streets of the beautiful Waterkant, Lanique is the perfect place to spend a warm spring evening sipping on a Lanique and lime cocktail. Amongst their staff are a top barrister and a cocktail specialist, which they have put in place to take care of Capetonians’ top two cravings!

The food is supplied by Andiamo with their full menu available. Only once I had bitten into my thin-based, wood-fired pizza did the old Andiamo familiarity rush back to me. The basil chilli-chicken pizza with crumbed feta and peppadews was a reminder that Andiamo serves one of the best pizzas in Cape Town. It was also served with a complimentary cold draught beer – one of their current specials. My friend, a self-proclaimed lasagne connoisseur, described her dish as “delicious” and “full of parmesan”, just the way she likes it. The Italian cuisine, enjoyed on a street terrace by candlelight really does make you feel as though you’ve been transported to Rome!

But what really stood out, more than the candles and wrought iron candelabras at Lanique Bar, was the service. The manageress on duty, who introduced herself as Cindy Jamieson, is definitely one of the most genuine and welcoming restaurant hosts you will come across, and her supporting team is equally friendly and efficient.

When we asked Cindy about being in the GPCID area she had the following to say: “about two weeks ago I found a dog locked up in a car outside our restaurant so I called the GPCID and they responded within two minutes. They waited by the car the whole time waiting for the owner to return, plus they informed the police who dealt with the matter when she did return. They are very visible and patrol all the time, which makes the area safer and cleaner. They even go as far as standing outside my restaurant while I cash up and close.”

If all this is not enough to get you to Lanique Bar as soon as possible, then perhaps their free unlimited Wi-Fi or opening specials can entice you. They are currently running a two-for-one Bains Whiskey special as well as a Devil’s Peak draught beer special, and they will be hosting Lanique Liqueur tastings over the next couple of months. Lanique Bar can also be booked out for events, and would be a perfect setting for any special evening.

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Address: 72 Waterkant St, Cape Quarter

Tel : 021 820 3591  | Email:

Operating hours:

Tues, Sat:

11:00 – close (kitchen closes 22.00)

Sun, Mon:

16:00 – close (kitchen closes 22.00)

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