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Sleek designs, intricate details, crisp finishes and an overall timeless living space. Stylish and trendy doesn’t always have to be over the top, eccentric and futuristic. Stile Milano’s showroom on Hudson Street is testament to the fact that they are exceptionally skillful in designing a room that will be part of how you live. Browsing through the showroom you can see that every part of their design is serving a purpose, whether that is a practical purpose of a book case, or visual purpose such as an art display.

Every aspect of a room should fit together like a puzzle piece, meaning that every part needs to make sense. A person should admire a room and feel comfortable in it, so that it becomes a home and not a house. This is what Stile Milano’s team take pride in, creating homes that meet your design requirements, but ones that are also visually beautiful, and most importantly, practical.

This store in De Waterkant first opened its doors in 2013 , following the success of their long standing business in Italy. They have a store in Milan, Italy, and before it became a shop it was a family run affair. The team comprising of skilled furniture makers, interior designers and interior architects help make peoples’ visions become a blissful reality. The store in Milan has an exceptional client list, only working with the best brands to give customers the best quality service.

When they moved their idea over to South Africa, adapting to a different target market, they had to think of the best location to set up their next shop. The first choice, of course, was the snazzy De Waterkant hub. Simone Bramati, an interior designer and the mastermind behind a number of high end projects, heads up the Hudson Street showrooms. Explaining Bramati as a passionate designer is an understatement, every time a mention is made about furniture or design, his eyes light up and he is truly delighted to explain what his service offering entails. Stile Milano Italian Design Centre offers clients interior design services, interior architecture services and the opportunity to purchase products such as couches, beds, tables, TV stands and kitchen fixtures.

They recently completed a project in Big Bay, at a luxury loft apartment. The end result is design that makes use of limited space, to make a living space look liveable and elegant.



Address: 7 Hudson Street. De Waterkant, Cape Town.

Contact Details: 021-4189929


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