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Field worker report – November

Part of the GP/OKCID mandate is to provide social development support in the area. We do this by employing field workers and working alongside City field workers as much as we possibly can, whether that be financially or through helping locate people. This social development programme strives to uplift the social aspect of both our areas to make them safer and more attractive places to live, work and play..

In both of our areas we have three qualified and incredibly helpful field workers, which we work with on a constant basis. Denaro le Roux, Geraldine Killian and Larochelle Muller – all three of which work tirelessly to help people living on the streets on a path to a better life.

The aim of the project is to chart out locations of street people, and find out whether they are residing on public or private property. The field workers do this by first building a trusting relationship with the homeless, and from there they try to encourage them to make contact with family and friends.  Another aspect of what this project aims to do is to assist people to hospitals, with particular attention paid to people who are mentally challenged.

An ever growing problem in Cape Town is the number of drug abusers. Our field workers therefore offer assistance to street people to enrol in drug/ alcohol rehabilitation programs to eradicate this growing development. One of the objectives of the social development programme is to decrease the influx of new arrivals onto the streets, this is done through early voluntary diversion or by alerting the GP/OKCID officers and law enforcement.

City of Cape Town and GP/OCKID field workers converse with street people to try and identify opportunities for them in the future. The beginning of this opportunity might be helping them apply for new identity documents.

During the month of November our Field workers have assisted a number of people:

Green Point has a number of problem areas, predominantly the cut off bridge, the quarry on the corner of Chapping and Strand Streets, and around the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village. Our field workers have interviewed 38 street people this month, in an effort to build a trusting relationship with them and try and understand their circumstances. This month we placed three people in shelters, and reunited three people with their families. The field workers also helped four street people find work with Straatswerk.


Green lawns, big windows and friendly staff are the first three things that come to mind when I think of Grind4Truth… and then of course there is freshly roasted coffee, sandwiches and an array of the most delicious sweet treats to complete the picture.

truthSituated at Prestwich Memorial on the corner of Somerset and Buitengracht Roads, this coffee shop and restaurant is the perfect spot for a breakfast meeting, catch up with friends or to sit and work remotely.

Over the past few months owner Keith Broad has increased the speed of the free Wi-Fi; redesigned the interior, including a stylish new wooden bar counter; revamped the menu and added table service. Next on the list is Sunday jazz shows from 10h00 – 12h00, featuring up and coming local artists. Watch this space for details once this kicks off.


Security Update November

During November 2014, our GP/OKCID team continued with regular operations and made six good arrests, with the assistance of SAPS.

There was an increase in the number of car break ins in Green Point. A majority of the incidents involved people leaving valuables (predominantly laptops and cell phones) inside their vehicles. This becomes a target for crime, and our GPCID officers cannot be everywhere at once. If you are going to leave valuables in your car rather leave them locked in your boot away from sight, or better yet, take them with you wherever you might be going.

There were also seven car accidents during November in the GP/OKCID area. Most of the cases involved reckless driving. Always remember to wear a seatbelt no matter the distance. If you are over the drinking limit, rather take a reliable taxi service home or phone one of our GP/OKCID officers to walk you home, if it’s within walking distance.

Here is a summary of some of the incidences that occurred:

In Green Point on 8 November, our GPCID Mobile 6 officers apprehended a suspect that had broken into a vehicle. SAPS Constable Potgieter was quick on the scene and arrested the suspect.

On the same day on High Level Road, three pedestrians were robbed of their cell phones. Our Mobile 5 and GP4 officers apprehended the suspect who had stolen the phones and SAPS Sargent Lindah immediately arrived on the scene to arrest the suspect. Pedestrians are advised to carry pepper spray with them for incidences like this.

On 11 November, at the Caltex Garage on Orange Street, a suspect stole merchandise from the Caltex shop. The manager of the shop phoned our Mobile 6 officers who responded and arrived at the scene to apprehend the suspect. SAPS Constable Madotyeni arrived soon after to arrest the suspect.

In Oranje Kloof on 2 November, inside the Lifestyle on Kloof parking lot, a lady who was walking back to her car was held up at knife point by two male suspects. The suspects then demanded money from the management office; however once the OKCID officers and SAPS were called out to the scene they had already run away. Constable Madotyeni and SAPS Forensic Sargent Burger were on the scene. This incident serves as a reminder that even in a closed parking you need to constantly be alert and aware of your surroundings.

The festive season has arrived, with Cape Town becoming busier as family and friends come visit for the holidays. We strongly advise our visitors to stay safe and aware at all times. If you are ever lost or feeling unsafe in an unfamiliar area, please call one of our GP/OKCID officers. As for residents in both areas, we suggest that you give your guests all of the useful contact numbers for emergency situations:

071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811.

The Haven Night Shelter

The GP/OKCID aims to keep the streets of Green Point and Oranje-Kloof as safe as possible. This can only be done through the combined efforts of other helpful organizations. One of which is The Haven Night Shelter, based on Napier Street, Green Point. Our GP/OKCID officers and field workers work tirelessly to ensure citizens feel safe in their neighbourhoods, but also to ensure street people find a safe place to sleep for the night.

The Haven Night Shelter aims to create temporary shelter for street people, where they can be in a safe environment away from the dangers on the streets. Part of the shelter’s services include reuniting street people with their families, very similar to what our field workers strive to do. Our team and theirs share a similar vision and through this our GP/OKCID team is always lending a helping hand. Recently our team offered assistance through the use of one of our vehicles and The Haven Night Shelter was incredibly appreciative for this help:


If you would like to get involved in anyway feel free to contact them.

Adriaan Kuiters

Walking down Kloof Street, you are guaranteed to walk past a number of stylish boutiques, with attractive window displays that are arranged just perfectly to draw you in. Peering around the corner from Yours Truly, in a charcoal coloured shop lies a boutique quite different to most on the bustling Kloof Street.

20141103_155402Adriaan Kuiters has become a household name among the trend setters of Cape Town. The garments are architectural master pieces, using the finest quality materials and tailored to fit perfectly on any physique. Designer and owner, Keith Henning, describes his pieces as showing “strong silhouettes, minimal details and contrasted by graphic prints”.

Henning wants each collection in his store to talk for itself; whether it’s a simple white shirt or a jersey covered with graphic prints, it must be something the person wearing it must absolutely fall in love with.

With an industrial design background, Keith launched Adriaan Kuiters as a menswear collection and sold it at a stall in Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill.  In 2011, the Kloof Street store came to life, and so did his stream of customers who followed him on his journey. He has a passion for collaborating with local artists, and for the last couple of years he has worked with graphic artist Jody Paulsen.

Together they have created fabulous pieces, and then two years ago they decided to take the leap into the realm of women’s wear. With jumpsuits, oversized dresses and fitted work shirts, women are going nuts for these versatile and extremely comfortable items.

Besides housing his own clothing range, Adriaan Kuiters also showcases some of the top young South African designers, which Keith has handpicked to be in the store.

Whilst browsing through the garments on the rack you feel as though you have a front row seat to the most glamorous and iconic clothing brands; Adriaan Kuiters really hits that international standard of style. Luckily for us locals, even though his garments could fall under the same category of top international brands, they still come at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for a statement investment for your summer wardrobe, then save up some hard earned money to purchase yourself a gift.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Address: 73 Kloof Street, Gardens Cape Town


Phone: 021 424 5502

Café Nu

After a fairly indulgent week of big lunches and long dinners, a healthy kick-start to the day was in order. Enter the new Nü Health Food Café in Greenpoint. A good friend had raved about their food so off I went, braving rush hour traffic in search of the ultimate good-for-you breakfast.

Situated on bustling Main Street alongside a string of foodie joints and bars, Café Nu stands out with its constant hive of activity. It’s a busy start to the day at Nü, with customers streaming in to revitalise their day. Whilst most movers and shakers take a few seconds to enjoy their morning coffee, power juices and breakfast smoothies, there are also those that take a break to sip on their cappuccinos and tuck into their wholesome breakfasts, to read the newspaper or socialise with friends. From businessmen, students, to mums running errands and seemingly lost-looking tourists, Nü’s clientele is anything but dull. In fact, the brilliant and bubbly manager, Faith, said they have all sorts walking through the doors. Since opening in September this year, they have built a strong local customer base with regulars in and out like clockwork.

The inspiration behind the ‘ü’ with two dots on top is supposed to resemble two people facing each other and chatting. I see it as a smiley face and that too encompasses the culture at Nü of happy socializing with great food.

Nu Breakfast SaladThe staff beamed their good mornings and were at the ready to take my order. I decided to go with the uber healthy Breakfast Salad of poached eggs, rocket, avocado, mozzarella and sautéed rosa tomatoes with a sweet glaze and olive oil. You can, of course, add any extra proteins such as tuna, chicken or smoked Norwegian salmon. Avoiding caffeine (brownie points to me) this was accompanied by a Green-Guru juice of wheatgrass, apple and ginger. According to Faith the most popular menu choices at Nü are the Powerhouse Salad/Wrap to eat, the green D-tox juice to drink, The Nutter ‘functional blend’ for the gym bunnies and the Strawberry-B for the youngsters. With only locally-sourced organic ingredients used, the food is fresh, nutritious and delicious. Faith emphasized that Nü embraced this as the new way of living and eating and aim to promote a healthy lifestyle for all.

With free Wi-Fi and a pleasing menu, customers are always coming back for more, there is no downtime in the café. After devouring my delicious meal, an elderly gentleman sits back doing a crossword in a sunny corner, while a bespectacled young lady furiously hammers away at her keyboard. A group of European tourists strolls in and two very happy little girls are slurping away at their Italian frozen yoghurts. I feel satisfied, energized and happy. I’ve achieved what I came for and more. And I’ll be back, there’s no doubt about that.

Operating hours:

Monday – Friday         07h00 – 19h00

Saturday                     07h30 – 19h00

Sunday                        07h30 – 18h00

Tel: +27 21 433 1429

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If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.