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Voice Map – Stories that move you

Stories have been passed down from generation to generation, encrypted into who we are as humans and serve as part of our history. As the oldest established town in South Africa, Cape Town has an expansive archive of historical stories.

Walking through the streets starring at 100-year-old buildings or walking over bridges, you often wonder about the stories behind these masterpieces.

One of the latest digital technologies to grace the streets of Cape Town is Voicemap – a new way of telling old stories about places. So step into the shoes of a Cape Town historian and discover the city through a new set of eyes.

In a nutshell Voicemap is an app that allows you to be your own tour guide on your own terms; so whether you want to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee or take in the surrounding scenery, you can make your own journey. Their tag line Stories that move you encompasses exactly what they offer: their stories are ones which you will want to hear and the more you walk the more you will find out about the city.

The process of signing up for Voicemap is fairly easy, all you need is a smart phone. Then you can relax and enjoy the GPS based commentary, which plays automatically. So while you are gazing over the landscape it will let you know what you are viewing.

The stories are told from a variety of backgrounds, for example you can listen to immersive, intimate stories from journalists, playwrights, novelists, tour guides and passionate locals. Once you have downloaded the route, you don’t need to worry about high data costs while roaming the city as the map can be accessed offline. For tourists who are unfamiliar with Cape Town, this is the perfect app to make sure you can easily navigate through the various streets.

In Cape Town there are number voice map stories on offer, whether you want to explore the Bo-Kaap or take in the spectacular views on the Sea Point promenade. Put on a good pair of walking shoes and explore the city for yourself.

Security Update – February

Our GP/OKCID team made 18 arrests in February 2015, with the assistance of SAPS.

There was an increase in the number of vagrants in both Green Point and Oranje-Kloof, and two incidences were reported where vagrants became aggressive and had to be forcibly removed.  There are several noted ‘hot spots’ for criminal activity and regular joint operations with SAPS are conducted to address this. Unfortunately the number of car break ins continues to increase in both Green Point and Oranje Kloof. These usually occur when residents park in badly lit areas with their possessions in full view inside their car. Please avoid leaving anything in your car and park on a well-lit, busy street whenever possible.

There were also eight car accidents in February in the GP/OKCID area. A majority of the incidences involved reckless driving by cars and mini bus taxi drivers.

Here is a summary of some of the incidences that occurred:

A lady’s handbag was stolen on 12 February on the corner of Rose and Strand Streets in Green Point. Our Mobile 5 officers apprehended the three suspects and called SAPS Constable Vatsha and Makhuleni to arrest them.

On 16 February our Green Point officers received a phone call about three suspects attempting to open car doors and searching through cars with torches. Our Mobile 5 patrol team was on the scene to apprehend one of the suspects. The suspect was taken to SAPS Central for questioning.

The owner of Reds Hair Design on Main Road was assaulted by a vagrant on 25 February. Our Mobile 5 team was called and the officers assisted with the arrest of the vagrant at the Sea Point police station.  Sargent Smith assisted the owner by opening up a case against the suspect.

In Oranje-Kloof on the 21 February our OKCID officers received a complaint from a witness on De Lorentz Street where a lady was being robbed of her possessions. With the assistance of the witness, our OKCID officers managed to catch the suspect. He suspect was arrested by Constable Dude.

On Kloof Street on the 22 February a vagrant was stabbed by another vagrant. Our CID officers arranged for the vagrant to be taken safely by ambulance to Somerset Hospital. Sergeant Moleko was on the scene to investigate the situation.

On the same day our OKCID officers received a phone call informing our officers about three suspects robbing a pedestrian of his cell phone in Upper Orange Street. SAPS Constable Madotyeni apprehended the suspect.

There was an increase in the number of pedestrians being mugged while walking on the streets, so we’d like to remind you to stay alert and carry as little as possible with you when walking. As an extra safety measure we suggest that you carry pepper spray in your hand.  If you ever feel unsafe please call: 071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811 and we will be more than happy to walk with you to your car or home.

Just Skin Clinic

Nothing quite beats the refreshing feeling of a visit to a beauty clinic after a tiresome day of working in the office or running errands and looking after the kids. So grab a cup of coffee at Vida e cafeé in the Portside Centre and journey up the stairs to Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic where you can receive a makeover more rejuvenating than a caffeine packed cappuccino.

IMG_0503After opening their doors in March 2010, Just Skin had the pleasure of celebrating their fifth birthday this month, a true testament to the fact that their clients just can’t get enough of their spectacular services. Owner Carol Maccallum is truly a fundi in her field, having started off in Johannesburg and then running salons in Umlanga for 14 years.  Carol’s years of experience have all contributed to the success of Just Clinic in Green Point, with Capetonians constantly streaming through the door for their much needed beauty fix.

Just Skin Clinic offers some unique services including the latest skin care and rejuvenation treatments such as skin peels, where clients do not have to undergo any surgery to look 10 years younger. Resident doctor, Dr Thys Heyn, offers weight loss programmes for a number of Just Skin’s clients.  Joining their team of beauticians and therapists are three doctors that assist clients with skin problems, as well as dermal fillers and botox.

As one of the most popular places to get Radio Frequency Skin Tightening as well permanent make-up done in Cape Town, it’s no wonder they have customers sitting in the waiting room with smiles on their faces. To assist clients with damaged skin, they offer laser treatment to leave the skin looking and feeling healthier. Just Skin is currently running a special for hair removal laser treatments, where if you buy 10 laser treatments you only have to pay half price on each of the treatments.

If you are looking for a glowing tan before a matric dance or special function, Just Skin can assist with an air brush spray tan that will leave you looking like you have stepped out of the Caribbean. The clinic has also had to outsource some of their services by bringing in the popular FOX BOX team to assist clients with stylish manicures and pedicures.

Using only carefully selected skin care ranges from South Africa and abroad, they are passionate about bringing the best experience and products to their customers.  Every man and woman walking out of Just Clinic has a confident new look that they can’t wait to flaunt.

Commenting on being in Green Point, Carol Maccallum says: “We all love Green Point, especially our little centre with Nü, Woolworths, Vida e Cafeé, Barre Body, Hudson’s and Manos restaurant. The energy is amazing… the Green Point community is great, but our clients come from all over the Western Cape to be loved and cared for by the ‘Just Skin’ Team.”


Field worker report – February

Each month the GP/OKCID strives to keep our streets safer and cleaner, and part of this includes providing very necessary social support.

FieldworkersA constant improvement each and every year in both areas is all thanks to our social support team. The impact they make in these areas is increasingly noticeable, and this would not be possible without the motivated group of qualified and incredibly caring field workers Denaro le Roux, Geraldine Killian, Larochelle Muller and Shurnell Adams.

The field workers try their very best to resolve social issues in Oranje-Kloof and Green Point by visiting street people at numerous locations around the city. Their goal is to provide better paths for street people and encourage them to seek assistance. Typical issues include searching for suitable employment and tackling drug or alcohol addictions.

A considerable number of vagrants refused to get assistance or leave Green Point and Oranje-Kloof in February. Homelessness in an ever-growing problem in Cape Town and something our Field Workers handle with understanding and with compassion when trying to relocate street people to shelters. Quite a few vagrants reside in public parks, which can become a problem when our GP/OKCID officers need to lock up at night. Our field workers have mapped out ‘hot spots’ for drug activity and crime are in both areas, and both SAPS and GP/OKCID officers are informed of these areas and keep a close eye on them.

Problem areas in Green Point include the cut off bridge, the quarry, the corner of Chappini and Strand Streets and around the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village. The Green Point field workers interviewed 24 street people during February. Two people were placed in shelters and others were put in contact with organisations such as ACVV and Hope House. Our field workers also assisted five people to apply for identity documents.

Problem areas in Oranje Kloof include the area in front of Rafiki’s in Tamboerskloof, Kloof Street/ Upper Union, as well as lower gardens and De Waal Park. The Oranje-Kloof field workers interviewed 43 people during February, where they tried their utmost to assist them either to shelters or seek medical assistance. 7 people were referred to various shelters and 5 people received assistance to apply for identity documents.

Iziko South African Museum

Over 100 years ago, Capetonians and tourists alike took their first steps through the front door of the beaming white and cream building located at the end of the picturesque Company Gardens – the Iziko South African Museum – which is just as popular as it is truly magnificent.

As one of Iziko’s flagship museums, it attracts nearly half a million visitors annually and hosts more than one and a half million scientific specimens. The Iziko South African Museum & Planetarium demonstrated its central cultural role in the city of Cape Town during the Museum Night in February 2015, when more than 12 000 visitors were recorded among the four participating Iziko Museums in the area.

WhalesBeing new in town, I decided to find out what the Iziko South African Museum & Planetarium has to offer. Entering the Museum on a sunny morning, right after two primary school class visits, I immediately felt like a kid again. Called to choose which route to follow, I started my visit by admiring the wonders of the sky and the ocean exhibited along the Blue Route. After taking a walk through the Milky Way, I entered the Planetarium, a celestial theatre where the audience is transported by the wonders of the universe. With the blink of an eye I jumped from the sky to into the deepest ocean. Literally walking around gigantic whales, dolphins and stingrays I learned about the many fascinating creatures populating our oceans, all through my journey I was accompanied by the sound of whales embracing the main room.

PlanetariumEager to continue my exploration, our route took us back to the earth’s surface.  Jumping back in time with the Green Route, I was confronted by scary and interesting dinosaur specimens and fossils. Going through the various geological eras until the present day, the museum showcases an admirable variety of animals from mammals in the jungle, to reptiles and birds of every kind. Before moving to the last route offered by the museum, which was dedicated to rocks and human history, I began exploring the interactive earth, which is a fun way to observe the changes in our earth’s surface and atmosphere over the years.

Along the final Orange Route, rock carvings and paintings from our ancestors left me curious and fascinated about our roots. The entire route made one reflect on how quickly the human race has evolved over time – and just to think that we will one day be a small part of this evolution.

A bit more than hour after started my visit, I walked away from the museum with the same lingering enthusiasm of a child, as well as with a much greater appreciation of our art, natural history and cultural collections.

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Pic credit: Iziko Photographer, Carina Beyer

Yours Truly

Strolling down busy Kloof Street you can’t resist the buzz of the outside garden at Yours Truly. From the first breakfast served in the morning until the last beer handed out late at night, the wooden tables are always crowded with young professionals, tourists and guests of the nearby Once in Cape Town hostel. It’s also a local favourite for Capetonian hipsters searching for a place to grab a cup of coffee and mingle with friends.

With its red brick floors, big wooden tables and a mouth-watering selection of food, Yours Truly carries its very own unique character – not demanding but perfectly tuned with the latest city trends. Delicious sandwiches and homemade thin crispy pizzas are freshly made and can be picked up at the counter within minutes.

yours91The café is framed by green plants and black and white murals, with an energetic atmosphere that is kept alive with pop music as well as chatty tones of the conversations going on. Every new customer is greeted by the friendly young staff, as well as by the collection of customers eager to meet new people.

After ordering one of the tasty sandwiches up on the menu, which was presented on a wooden board, I decided to order a scrumptious berry juice to accompany it. I decided to join a table, where a group of friends were already enjoying their coffees, and the moment I pulled up a chair I was greeted by friendly conversation. Our table started sharing travel stories and our various impressions of the Mother City, and as I sat there I came to realise why most people choose to spend their afternoons here. Around six o’clock it starts to get busier, with people arriving after work to share a pizza and sip on an ice cold beer. With high speed Wi-Fi available, YoursTruly is also the perfect spot to get some work done, without conforming to the office lifestyle.

YoursTruly is friendly and warm and definitely one of the favourite spots in the city to enjoy a drink after First Thursdays.

Vega – School of Brand Leadership

Stepping through the doors for your first day of class at university can be a daunting experience. However this anxiety is likely to melt away as soon as you walk in to Vega School of Brand Leadership, as it resembles a hotel lobby and you are greeted by lovely staff that direct you to the elevator to the numerous levels of lecture rooms and state of the art laboratories this college offers.

IMG_0513Founded in 1988 on the basis that creative and innovative brand thinkers needed an institution that would accommodate them, it has grown in popularity since its very first lecture. The college founder Gordon Cook says: “a brand delivers a particular and unique meaning in order to add value and connect with people. Vega offers its students the ability to supply this meaning.”

Vega aims to graduate a new breed of thinker and leaves students equipped with various accredited degrees, which will guide them on their career paths. They carry their mantra – wisdomwithmagic –through in everything they do, creating a fun and engaging learning experience. From first year, students are given the responsibility to engage with various large brands, introducing them to what it would be like to actually work in the industry.

Their first campus opened in Cape Town, and Vega has since spread its magical wings to three other campuses in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban and accommodates over 1800 students eager to learn everything there is to know about Brand Innovation. Their Cape Town campus currently resides in Green Point in their very own newly furbished building.  The move for them to Green Point from Adderley Street was an obvious one, when they decided to broaden their offering to include Bcom Digital Marketing, BA Strategic Brand Communications and Bcom Strategic Brand Leadership. They needed a new space that they could truly call their own, which carries their identity and will accommodate the growth of students. Their new building on 130 Strand Street is strategically located near all the top agencies in Cape Town, shops and various public transport routes. It is also an added benefit that the area is located in the “hip and funky” De Waterkant, according to head of Vega Jan Horn. Their three storey building boasts a library with Mac Desktops which students can make use of to complete their various projects, as well as film and photography studios.

And what’s next for Vega? To focus on their purpose which is to create whole brain thinkers, who can actually make a meaningful contribution to the industry.  They will also be collaborating with prestigious academic institutions abroad and explore the idea of exchange programmes.

Commenting on being in the GPCID area Jan Horn, Head of Vega School of Brand Leadership, says: “ The security presence is a great peace of mind aspect for our staff and students. The GPCID is a wonderful support to businesses in the area.”

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Address: 130 Strand Street, Green Point, Cape Town

Load shedding survival guide

There is nothing worse than putting a load of washing on or a chicken in the oven and then the power goes off. Or is there? The devastating fires this week are a sobering reminder that there are far greater problems that the niggling irritations we are prone to complain about.

However, here are 5 proactive ways to beat load-shedding blues:

  • Be prepared. Sign up for alerts via Sharenet – you will get a daily email with load shedding scheduled for your area, as well as an SMS reminder 15 minutes prior to the power going off. Unplug electronics and make sure your torches, candles or solar lamps are close at hand.
  • Invest in portable chargers such as a Powerstick+  and remember to keep them fully charged so that you can use them when you need them.
  • Plan to braai or have a wholesome salad on evenings that you are likely to have load shedding. Take some time out and enjoy spending time with friends or family over a bottle of wine or game of cards.
  • Support local. Lots of restaurants and cafes stay open and serve limited menus during load shedding – so if you don’t feel like shopping and cooking then stroll down to an old favourite or try somewhere new. Have a look at our business directories for ideas on where to go – Green Point and Oranje-Kloof
  • From a security point of view, keep doors locked at all times. Remember to release automatic electric garage door mechanisms and security gates before load shedding starts, so you can still gain access to your property. Remember to keep a torch close by to avoid injuries in the dark. Please also be extra careful when walking to and from your car or home – keep valuables out of site and ask one of our patrol team to walk with you if you are nervous. GPCID Patrol Vehicle: 082 214 3228; OKCID Patrol Vehicle: 082 217 1386.


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.