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Voice Map – Stories that move you

Stories have been passed down from generation to generation, encrypted into who we are as humans and serve as part of our history. As the oldest established town in South Africa, Cape Town has an expansive archive of historical stories.

Walking through the streets starring at 100-year-old buildings or walking over bridges, you often wonder about the stories behind these masterpieces.

One of the latest digital technologies to grace the streets of Cape Town is Voicemap – a new way of telling old stories about places. So step into the shoes of a Cape Town historian and discover the city through a new set of eyes.

In a nutshell Voicemap is an app that allows you to be your own tour guide on your own terms; so whether you want to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee or take in the surrounding scenery, you can make your own journey. Their tag line Stories that move you encompasses exactly what they offer: their stories are ones which you will want to hear and the more you walk the more you will find out about the city.

The process of signing up for Voicemap is fairly easy, all you need is a smart phone. Then you can relax and enjoy the GPS based commentary, which plays automatically. So while you are gazing over the landscape it will let you know what you are viewing.

The stories are told from a variety of backgrounds, for example you can listen to immersive, intimate stories from journalists, playwrights, novelists, tour guides and passionate locals. Once you have downloaded the route, you don’t need to worry about high data costs while roaming the city as the map can be accessed offline. For tourists who are unfamiliar with Cape Town, this is the perfect app to make sure you can easily navigate through the various streets.

In Cape Town there are number voice map stories on offer, whether you want to explore the Bo-Kaap or take in the spectacular views on the Sea Point promenade. Put on a good pair of walking shoes and explore the city for yourself.


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