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Myog Frozen Yoghurt

Indulge in the ultimate guilt-free frozen yoghurt at this vibrant spot in the Lifestyle Centre. After a visit to Woolworth’s, walking past this brightly coloured store can become a bit of a challenge, especially if you are trying to stick to a diet. However to make your visit worthwhile, you can rest assured knowing that it was a healthy alternative to eating ice cream.

Myog started making their first batch of frozen yoghurt in 2011, with the idea that foodies needed somewhere that would offer only the best premium organic frozen yoghurt. Joris and Jean-Eric took their dream of offering wholesome delicious delights and brought the idea to Kloof Street in December of that year. The French duo were fascinated with Fro-Yo and decided captivating Cape Town would be the perfect place to start their business.

Walking into their store, their friendly staff couldn’t wait to help me with my order. Green and Pink splashes of colour are incorporated into every aspect of the Frozen Yoghurt bar, from their logo, to the stools to their delicious array of toppings. All yoghurt ingredients are sourced locally, are high in protein and calcium, and have both live and probiotic cultures. You can also take your pick from a colourful range of toppings – from fresh fruit to candy-coated treats.

Staring up at their menu, making a decision becomes a tough choice – would I go for plain vanilla yoghurt with loads of toppings or for something more daring on their flavour-of-the-month menu. As it was my first time I decided simple was probably best so I chose a plain yoghurt tub with Smarties, chocolate and Turkish delight.

Overhearing other conversations in the store, I realised that most of the customers were loyal visitors, all of whom were explaining to their friends what their favourite flavours are. The energy in the store is vibrant, with mom’s bringing their kids in after school and couples enjoying their first date. All of these customers carry a trusty loyalty card, so that they can get a free frozen yoghurt after enough visits.

The bar, which is Halaal-certified, features monthly flavours from Nutella to Rooibos to peanut butter. Every month a decadent surprise awaits.

Best of all if you are searching for an after dinner treat, Myog stays open until midnight.

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