GPCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 214 3228

OKCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 217 1386


The cold winter weather really has settled in, and there are limited daylight hours as we’ve just passed the winter solstice. So we urge you all to avoid walking on the streets alone at night and to always walk in groups. A problem quite a few areas face during load shedding is the lack of security when electric gates and garages are no longer able to open or close. We suggest installing a battery powered gate so that you are able to get home safely no matter what.

There was an increase in the number of car accidents in both Oranje-Kloof and Green Point in May, with four incidences reported. Remember to keep a safe following distance from vehicles and pedestrians, especially when the roads are covered in fog or rain.

The number of reported car break ins during May has decreased, with only four reported incidences in Green Point. To make sure this number stays on the decline, please park in well-lit areas, with your possessions safely stored away from sight.

If you see anyone suspicious, or if someone is breaking into your house or your neighbour’s house, please call our operations managers on 071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811 immediately. They will then contact SAPS as well.

Here is a summary of incidences reported:

On Hospital Street in front of Harbour Edge on 1 May, a lady was threatened and robbed of her handbag by a suspect carrying a knife. Our mobile 5 officers managed to apprehend the suspect, with SAPS Constable Conradie arriving on the scene to arrest the suspect shortly after.

On 19 May, with the assistance of our new CCTV initiative, our GPCID staff witnessed a car break in on Somerset Road next to Truth Coffee. The same two suspects were spotted on the corner of Rose Street and Strand Street later in the week; SAPS Detective Mlotsha was called to the scene and the two suspects were apprehended.

On Loader Street on 24 May a Jeep was broken into and everything inside the vehicle was stolen. Our GPCID officers tracked down the suspect and found the belongings. SAPS Constable Peterson arrested the suspect for theft out of motor vehicle and safely returned the belongings to the owner.

On the corner of Bree Street and Buitensingel Street on 14 May, one of the guests of the Protea Fire and Ice hotel was stabbed and robbed of his cell phone. Our OKCID officers were immediately on the scene to investigate the incidence, with Constable Morwenyane arriving soon after to take a statement.  The victim was taken to the nearest hospital to recover from the incident.

On  17 May, on the corner of Jamieson Street and Buitensingel Street, a suspect attempted to steal a motorbike. Our OKCID officers chased down the suspect who ran towards Loop Street. SAPS Constable Madotyeni was on the scene soon after to track down the owner of the motorbike and return it.

Know where your money goes – #CIDSoupDrive

After a few bouts of relentless rain and cold there’s no doubt that winter has arrived. We all know that homelessness is an on-going issue in Cape Town. Seeing people searching through dustbins in the early mornings, looking for leftover food and the last few drips of coffee in a take away cup or begging for a few rand to feed their child is heart breaking. Handing out money is often counter-productive, as it may not be spent on shelter or food. So what is the best way to address this problem?

DSC_0215One solution is to support organisations that are proactively helping to get people off the streets, give them a warm meal and help them find employment. This winter the GP/OKCID has pledged to support Bread 4 Life on Kloof Street and encourage you to do the same. Every R10 donation is enough to provide a wholesome meal for two people, but also possibly be a step to a better future.

Bread 4 Life was founded in 2005 at the NG Kerk  in Kloof Street and today feeds over 400 people every week. They strive to provide much more than just a warm plate of food however; addressing long-term reintegration by linking homeless people with potential employers and hosting a myriad of guest speakers, many of whom once lived on the streets themselves, to share their stories and inspire similar transformation among the guests.

To support this initiative scan the QR-code above or on one of the #CIDSoupDrive flyers with your SnapScan app. Feel good about being the difference in someone’s life today and make your R10 donation instead of giving a hand out or turning a blind eye.

Ome Demetriou, volunteer at Bread 4 Life, says; “Bread 4 Life would like to express its support for the #CIDSoupDrive initiative powered by SnapScan and the opportunity it presents for collaboration with the GP/OKCID, which provides a valuable service in our communities.”


After wandering around the Cape Quarter with a couple of friends and trying on nice clothes we would probably never buy, we grabbed a coffee at Vida e Caffè and finally sat down on a bench to catch up about work. Suddenly something captured my attention, a shop window I had never noticed before. We decided to take a closer look at this curious looking colourful shop called Photoblox. Muriel, the lady working in the store, was very helpful and kind. The shop only opened in Green Point a few months ago, however it has been an established business for three years now, boasting a website where people can create and order their Photoblox.

Photo 22-06-15 11 12 38So what exactly is Photoblox? The idea sparked by founder, Roché Du Toit, was driven by a necessity: her cousin needed to print some pictures on wood. Roché realized that many other people would be interested in the same thing and so she set up her business.

So if you are just as interested as many others in decorating your home with beautifully created unique masterpieces, here are some tips to get started.

In order to create your own personal Photoblox there are three main steps:

– Choose the shape (square, circle, triangle and hexagon) and the size that suits you.

– Pick an image from your camera, phone or any Instagram account.

– Place your order and checkout online, or collect directly from the cosy shop at the Cape Quarter.

Photoblox is a cute and original idea for birthday presents or to decorate empty walls in your house. Most of their requests, Muriel explained, come from families who choose to keep their holiday memories in a unique way, rather than putting them in some ordinary frames. Other requests come from newly married couples who have chosen to display some of their memorable wedding pictures on wood.

The best and most surprising part about Photoblox pictures is that they are completely waterproof, and cannot be easily damaged. Photoblox also adapt their offering to a wide range of uses, for instance printing an image on furniture – e.g. a stool –  in order to make it more interesting, or even a table since the maximum capacity of printing goes up to 2.4 meters.

On their website you will find many creative Pinterest ideas where you can get some inspiration.

Telephone number: 082 419 6280

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Walking down Main Road Green Point craving a healthy fix after a day of exercise? Osumo is a chain of natural healthy food cafes located in all the hot spots in Cape Town. Easily found by their distinctive blue and white logo, they boast four stores located in Sea Point, Cavendish Square, Canal Walk and on our doorstep in Green Point. Phillip, the manager of Osumo’s Green Point store, chatted with enthusiasm about his franchise, telling us about the strong philosophy this South African brand keeps.

Osumo was born in 2006, with a goal to provide fresh, nutritious and at the same time tasty food for gym junkies and sports fanatics who want to enjoy some sweet treats while keeping their diet balanced. The menu is exceptionally varied: from oats and eggs for an energetic breakfast to gluten, wheat & fat free rice noodles, or if you are looking for a quick snack for lunch they offer scrumptious salads and wraps.

Osumo is famous for their delicious smoothies and juices, all made with quality ingredients and fresh fruit. I tried the Cacao Bean super charged smoothie with whey protein powder, which is perfect if you need to recharge before a workout or after a nice run on the Sea Point Promenade, but still want to feel light.

I must admit it tasted amazing, and the best part is, you never have to feel guilty. Their Green Point location is easily accessible and the environment is cosy and super friendly thanks to the lovely staff. There is free Wi-Fi in all their stores, which is perfect for social media addicts like myself.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go and enjoy this innovative and functional alternative to fast food.

Website | Twitter

Instagram: osumo_sa

Telephone number : 021 434 0402

Europa Hair Studio

Making the leap to the big city, I found it a monthly struggle to find a hair salon that was welcoming, not too pricy and provided a good service. After months of research, and a couple of failed attempts with hair looking worse for wear, it was time to find ‘the’ hair salon.  Parking on Rheede Street, and walking to the Labia Theatre, I saw a decorated sign board that read Europa Hair Studio with a number underneath.

europaAfter a quick phone call I had an appointment made for the next day, and made my way to Europa. You’ll find this hidden behind the famous Sawadee restaurant in the Rheede Mall. Greeted by Doreen, their hair salon assistant, I was offered a glass of water or pot of tea. Seated in the salon chair, Johann, an extremely knowledgeable and friendly hairdresser, quickly came to the rescue to tackle my hair. I sat down and felt I just had to know more about this humble hair salon.

Europa has quite a story behind it, with the original owner moving from Europe in the 80s to open a store on Mill Street. After a successful run, present owner and hairdresser Ashley Horwood then took over the business in the 90s and helped grow its client base. In 2007 they moved to Rheede Mall, to its current quaint and cosy spot in the middle of the centre. The salon boasts old school appeal, with older clients coming in to get their weekly perm and chat with friends. They have a range of clients knocking on their door, from students to moms, from Sea Point and Camps Bay to the Northern Suburbs; it seems everyone wants a little piece of their Europa flair.

Their friendly team of four staff members enjoy working in the Oranje-Kloof area and pride themselves on offering affordable prices paired with a relaxing atmosphere, where you can enjoy reading the latest issue of Hello magazine while getting your hair done.

Whether it’s a husband looking for a clean cut, a little girl getting her hair cut for her first day of school, or highlights to look glowing for summer, Europa caters for every taste and style.

Contact number : 021 422 5058

Jerry’s Burger Bar

This buzzing bar and restaurant is the latest addition to trendy Park Road, just off Kloof Street. It opened its doors just over a month ago and hoards of Capetonians have been travelling from afar to enjoy a famous Jerry’s Burger and a glass of thirst quenching craft beer ever since.

After driving by a couple of times, with the crowds spilling onto the streets, I thought it was definitely time to try out this place for myself. Having visited their sister franchise in Observatory, which had just reached their one year milestone, I felt that the Park Road franchise had big shoes to fill.

I was greeted by the hostess, dressed in a diner-like outfit, and was escorted to my seat on their newly built patio. I felt as though I was at a café in downtown Brooklyn, with Harley Davidsons and Vespas resting against each other outside. Jerry’s Burger Bar definitely does not have a niche target audience; with students, bikers and businessman alike filling up the tables and creating a friendly, bustling atmosphere.

jerry2Ordering a coke (in an old school bottle of course) I admired their décor with wall art boasting pinup dolls and motorbikes. I sat down at the bar to chat with the warm and friendly bar manager Vincent, who embraced every guest walking in like an episode of Cheers.  Vincent further explained the name behind the restaurant franchise, pulling out a bottle of Jerry’s Rum. After chatting with one of the waitresses, who explained that the wall art played tribute to Norman Collins (AKA Sailor Jerry), a famous tattoo artist, it all made sense. It was fantastic to see a team of staff that are passionate about the food and vibe.

Their menu boasts an array of juicy burgers with firm favourites being the FAB (feta, avo and bacon), the Jerry and Pulled Pork. Having tried the FAB before I noticed plenty of other tables around me ordering the same thing, all of which were paired with CBC or Amber Weiss craft beer.

A unique pull factor to their Park Road franchise is pizzas; something I will have to try on my next visit with a group of friends.

Whether you are planning a birthday party or after work drinks, Jerry’s Burger Bar supplies a warm, friendly setting and could definitely turn into your local hangout sooner rather than later.

Website | Facebook | Twitter 

Tel: +27 21 4224415


GPCID continues to invest in Green Point

The Green Point City Improvement District (GPCID) is yet again ploughing money, time and service into the area to ensure regular upgrades and on-going safety in and around Green Point. The GPCID is part of the operation of reopening the de Smit Street steps and replacing several invasive trees with  indigenous trees which will be chosen by SanParks.

The de Smit Street steps, just off Waterkant Street in Green Point, were reopened on Thursday morning, 11 June, after being closed for just over five years due to the physical conditions of the steps. The steps have been renovated with granite and slate and look impressive. GPCID CEO Marc Truss says; “The GPCID will be redoing the lighting around the steps shortly to ensure that they are well lit and can be used at any hour. We will also continue our regular patrols in the area, paying particular attention to the steps, now that they will be used by pedestrians.”

trees2Cutting down trees will not have the approval of everyone around Cape Town, but replacing them with seven indigenous fully-grown trees might. A lane of Beefwood trees around Hudson-, Chiapini- and de Waterkant Streets will be removed and replaced by the beautiful Poplar tree, which is indigenous to South Africa.

“The Beefwood tree, very much pine-like, sheds a small brown woody crown as well as pines which constantly clogs the water flow and cause endless trouble when Cape Town is pouring with rain.” says Truss.

These trees can grow up to 40 metres tall and are native to Australia. The roots have already cracked the paving, which will also be renovated. Regenerating the area and redoing the paving is a joint operation by the GPCID (paving), Soho Body Corporate (paving) and Revelfox (Poplar trees). Walten Rodney, building manager at Soho, says that the upgrades will upmarket and enhance the Soho building and the area around the building.

“Replacing the trees is an upgrade to the area as well as a safety regulation.” Marc Truss.


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


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