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Know where your money goes – #CIDSoupDrive

After a few bouts of relentless rain and cold there’s no doubt that winter has arrived. We all know that homelessness is an on-going issue in Cape Town. Seeing people searching through dustbins in the early mornings, looking for leftover food and the last few drips of coffee in a take away cup or begging for a few rand to feed their child is heart breaking. Handing out money is often counter-productive, as it may not be spent on shelter or food. So what is the best way to address this problem?

DSC_0215One solution is to support organisations that are proactively helping to get people off the streets, give them a warm meal and help them find employment. This winter the GP/OKCID has pledged to support Bread 4 Life on Kloof Street and encourage you to do the same. Every R10 donation is enough to provide a wholesome meal for two people, but also possibly be a step to a better future.

Bread 4 Life was founded in 2005 at the NG Kerk  in Kloof Street and today feeds over 400 people every week. They strive to provide much more than just a warm plate of food however; addressing long-term reintegration by linking homeless people with potential employers and hosting a myriad of guest speakers, many of whom once lived on the streets themselves, to share their stories and inspire similar transformation among the guests.

To support this initiative scan the QR-code above or on one of the #CIDSoupDrive flyers with your SnapScan app. Feel good about being the difference in someone’s life today and make your R10 donation instead of giving a hand out or turning a blind eye.

Ome Demetriou, volunteer at Bread 4 Life, says; “Bread 4 Life would like to express its support for the #CIDSoupDrive initiative powered by SnapScan and the opportunity it presents for collaboration with the GP/OKCID, which provides a valuable service in our communities.”


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