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On Safari – wildlife photography

Renowned for its creative flair, from art galleries and museums to furniture stores, Kloof Street has become the go-to spot to give your home a fresh new look. In an area filled with so much talent, it becomes quite difficult to stand out from the crowd, however not many share the same drive and passion as Nigel Whitehead from On Safari.

Having driven past Picturesque a number of times, l thought I would stop by to see if I could get one of our family paintings framed. The store was filled with locals from the area, all looking for top quality framing without a hefty price tag. Every customer leaving the store walked out with a grin on their face, holding their new masterpiece ready to be hung up in their home.

I’d heard about the new photo gallery next door, so decided to stop by to have a browse. The owner happily welcomed me inside his new space, showing me around and telling me a bit more about his photography background. Nigel, who is the owner of both Picturesque and On Safari, has always had a keen eye for photography and turned this once hobby into a career – even though he doesn’t really consider it work.

His passion started with various expeditions around Africa, where he would sit for hours taking in Mother Nature’s beauty and capture the moments on film. Nigel has quite the collection, with each piece carrying a phenomenal story, and his photos range from elephants roaming in Etosha to hyenas hunting in the Kruger Park. Each of his wildlife photos captures a dramatic scene, where the landscape and scenery is just as much part of the photo as the animal.


Nigel has a long-standing relationship with the OKCID and has been part of the community since opening Picturesque in 2003. He has always loved the bustling vibe that Kloof Street brings, and believes it’s a great spot to be based for both tourists and locals.

With Christmas around the corner this might be the perfect sentimental gift to give to a loved one, one which they are bound to cherish forever.

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