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The new hotspot on Bree Street is definitely something to experience. Recently opening it’s doors after years of market-selling, Sexy Food is the first of its kind in Cape Town according to the custodian of the brand, James Kuiper. They make food for a lifestyle of healthy eating – giving your body what it craves, food that is alive with cultures and probiotics. Ingredients include ‘superfoods’ like chia seeds, goji berries, maca, baobab, as well as sprouts, micro herbs and plenty of kombucha to wash it down.

What makes this café even more unique is the on-site fermentation of kombucha, as well as the growing of micro herbs in the kitchen behind the café. The fixtures inside the café are all made of natural wood as well, and no chemicals or preservatives are permitted to pass through the doors.

IMG_1094The tight-knit community of young people working in the kitchen and in the restaurant seem to enjoy the lifestyle as much as James does. He believes in working together for the cause and everyone pulls their own weight, so no hierarchy exists within the walls of Sexy Food.

The food is mostly plant based but they offer two meat dishes for those who prefer, and each dish comes in a nori wrap or an “abundance bowl” topped with different sprouts that are vibrant in colour. The café also offers a “Sexy Go Range” aimed at those who are on the move and don’t have time to sit down for lunch, or would like to try their hand at making their own meals with these fresh ingredients. “On Tap” they have a variety of Buchu water and Kombucha, as well as juices and smoothies for those that are more adventurous or tea served beautifully with honey and pecan milk.

On Tuesdays they have talks by people who live the “flexitarian” lifestyle and offer their bodies the flexibility to eat what they need from the earth, and they share their experiences with the community.

So, take a walk down Bree Street this summer and check out the cosmic journey of Sexy Food, if you dare.



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