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Call it Sorbet … Sorbet Man

Introducing the first of its kind, Sorbet Man is situated in the trendy Cape Quarter in Green Point. Home to a diverse market which resonates with the brand, Nicole Johnson (owner of Sorbet Man) says “Cape Quarter is the place to be, with multi-racial & multi-class men, I think I can satisfy each & every guys needs in many different aspects”.

A journey through the Sorbet Man experience.

Having launched a day prior to my visit, Sorbet Man certainly hit the mark in terms of appearance. The small space has been designed in such a manner that it appears to be larger inside with colours and textures which are pleasing and relaxing.

Upon entering the establishment, staff await you and welcome you with a “Hello Sir” and warm, friendly smiles. Once you have selected your treatments off the menu, you are escorted to the waiting area where you are invited to have a beverage of your choice (tea, coffee, water or whiskey) while your area gets prepared. The highly trained and professional staff deliver a service of excellence and attend to your every need. The franchisee – Nicole prides herself in delivering the most noteworthy service an establishment could ask for.

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When asked “Why Sorbet Man? And what sparked the idea?”

Nicole Johnson said “I was very interested in the beauty industry and knew something was lacking. With much research & reviewing of the industry, little was shown that caters to men. Not many places were available for men grooming at all, and if there is, the prices are ridiculous. With much thought, together with SORBET we decided to introduce Cape Town to an exclusive but much affordable grooming salon for all classes of men. A place where a man can feel comfortable, relaxed & enjoy our selection of coffee, tea or even a whiskey while being groomed”

The SorbetMan promise? If you do not like it, you don’t have to pay for it – But let’s be honest, you will never not like it.


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