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The Deckhouse: a mini holiday experience

So usually we use this spot to write about new businesses in the Oranje-Kloof district, and although The Deckhouse Crab Shack and BBQ has already been around for five months or so (where Jackyl & Hyde used to be), they did recently receive the award for EatOut’s best seafood eatery in the Western Cape. So we thought we’d check it out.

As you walk onto the deck, a wave of quiet relaxation washes over you. The décor and finishes, such as the sign on the wall reminding you to “Enjoy life. Enjoy the beach. Relax” make you feel like you’re in a beach house on a seaside holiday. Everything about the place serves to remind you that you aren’t here to hurriedly shovel food down your gullet before a night out. Rather, you’re here to take your time and soak it in, which is particularly helpful given that some of the crab buckets have an estimated eating time of about an hour. They’re hard work, but they’re worth it!


Cape Town, and particularly Kloof Street, loves a new style of restaurant or outing, and The Deckhouse certainly ticks that box. This magical place is where American style crab shacks meets the good ol’ country-style grill, with a chilled West Coast ambiance. It will almost definitely leave you wanting – not for better or more substantial food, but simply because there isn’t enough stomach room to try everything! One imagines that this is why the restaurant suggests that you dine in large groups, allowing for that sharing factor that we all so love.

What’s great is that if you aren’t fond of seafood you can opt for BBQ, and vice-versa. If you’re a fan of both, you’re in the right place. Both are phenomenal. Must try’s (other than the crab of course) are the popcorn shrimp and the buffalo wings in Jim Beam BBQ sauce, and the cheesy corn dogs are definitely not to be overlooked. While the restaurant is quite pricey, it’s well worth it, and this can be negated if sharing amongst a group of friends. The cocktail pitchers also might seem a bit over the top at first, but after a few sips you’ll appreciate splashing out for them. The Deckhouse have also managed to get SAB’s new micro brews (the Newlands Spring Brewery), which have only been around for a short while and are a must if you haven’t tried them already.


The hanging crab nets, cracking of shells, plastic bibs and unique presentation of food in buckets and crab pots make for a truly immersive and interactive experience. Very immersive. Wear the bib.

As such, it’s quite easy to lose hours (maybe days) on the deck, which of course doesn’t matter because you’re on a mini holiday, remember?




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