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Café Extrablatt: a forgotten treasure

As opposed to focusing on a new restaurant or location in the Green Point district, as is often the case, this week let us rather focus on a spot that has been around for some time, yet may have been forgotten; Café Extrablatt.

As Green Point is such a trendy and cultural hub, there are continuously new and exciting places to visit popping up, each somewhat trendier or more hipster than the last. This is why the GPCID is able to feature new hotspots so often, yet at the same time we feel that the old faithful locations might get forgotten amidst all the clamour to be the first to visit the new must-see pub or restaurant about town. Café Extrablatt was established in late 2011, on Somerset Road opposite the stadium, and credit must be paid to them for being able to stay for so long, especially with the likes of Slug & Lettuce and Hussar Grill closing shop. Clearly, the café-by-day and restaurant-pub by night is doing something right.


For starters (not the food kind), the German franchise café is one of the few restaurants on that particular drag that offers televisions to watch one’s favourite sports events, a must when located so close to an iconic stadium. Then there’s the food. Whether you’re in the mood for the simple stuff done right, or have a craving for a seafood platter, everyone will be able to find something on the diverse and very reasonable menu. Whilst ordering or waiting for food, sitting back and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the busy area, the friendly staff help subtly remind you that there is no such thing as rushing in Cape Town, so why should dining be any different? Patrons are encouraged to dine and to drink at their own pace, and the waitrons tread the fine line of looking after them well without smothering them like that overbearing aunt that you only see every three years. It truly is a casual (and delicious) dining experience.

If a solid 3.7 on Zomato isn’t enough to get you in the door, Café Extrablatt offer two pizzas for R99 on Monday nights and a two-for-one special on burgers on Wednesdays. And these aren’t Steers burgers. They also appreciate the art of happy hour, in that they have it for three hours from 5pm to 8pm every weekday!

Whether you need a quick breakfast, a casual lunch or a dining and drinking experience by night, don’t fall in line and try be the first to visit the trendiest new spots in Green Point. Remember the old favourites from time-to-time and have a meal you won’t forget.


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