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The Fruit Cube

With most people trying to live a more active lifestyle, fitness gadgets and rewards programs are the new ‘it’ thing, with free smoothie and coffee rewards at the end of another tough week. Though being active is great, eating healthier is equally important, especially for those stuck behind a desk for most of the day. Cue… The Fruit Cube.

Situated in the Buitenkloof Studios on Kloof Street, The Fruit Cube was established in September 2014, by siblings Andrew and Lesley Scott. They deliver top quality fruit directly to the workplace, and with a number of large corporate clients already onboard, and distribution in Cape Town, the Winelands area and Gauteng, The Fruit Cube is fast becoming a market leader in supplying superior snack fruit to the workplace.

Committed to delivering a high quality product, The Fruit Cube puts all its energy into providing their clients with top quality fresh fruit to help them support healthy, productive and active staff. Your Cube (fruit box) will contain a variety of seasonal fruit ranging from apples, grapes and oranges to peaches, pears and plums, all dependent on availability of course. There’s even a helpful chart on their website to show you what you could get each month.

This all sounds great, but how do I sign up and how does it work exactly? How it works is really quick and easy too…

Step 1: Sign up online at and place your order.
Step 2: They deliver your office on a weekly basis.
Step 3: You and your staff enjoy healthy fresh fruit at the office or at home.
Step 4: Payment is made at the end of every month via EFT.

It’s that simple. Convenience, free delivery, no contracts, a cost effective employee benefit and healthier staff (which equates to less sick days and better productivity) are just some of the amazing benefits of this service. But don’t just take our word for it, hear what Derek Yach of the Financial Mail had to say:

“Forward-thinking business leaders understand that the health of their workforce is an asset, and that human capital is core to sustained competitive advantage. A growing body of research points to a correlation between healthy employees and improved financial performance.”

So if a convenient and easy to implement employee wellness strategy sounds like a great idea, then The Fruit Cube is your answer to healthier minds and bodies which in turn will improve your company’s bottom line.

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