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Salesians school shoes drive

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes – this month, the GP/OKCID are running a fantastic initiative that will hopefully see that every child at Salesians Institute, has school shoes by the end of the campaign. The Salesians Institute offers youth education and skills development to vulnerable and at-risk children, many of whom cannot afford the cost of school shoes. Recognising that Green Point and Oranje-Kloof are relatively well off areas, and that the privileged children who live or school there go through several sets of school shoes in their youth, the GP/OKCID is imploring its residents to help, by donating either shoes or money through Snapscan.

The GP/OKCID will be managing a drop-off zone at Spar in the Cape Quarter and Checkers on Kloof Street in the area on 22 April, where Capetonians can drop off their shoes before or after work. In order to encourage donations on the day, and for the following two weeks, GP/OKCID has pledged to donate R10 for every R150 raised, with all proceeds going toward new shoes for the children.

If you have a child with school shoes that no longer fit them, please help this fantastic cause by dropping them off at one of the locations. If you would like to make a donation please scan the QR code at the drop-zone, or on the GPCID Facebook page or OKCID Facebook page.

As Capetonians, let’s get behind this amazing cause and help put shoes on the feet of our nation’s future.


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