GPCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 214 3228

OKCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 217 1386



The crime rate decreased significantly in April, with 32 reported incidents compared to 91 in March; so a big thank you to all the role players that are really putting in a joint effort to make Cape Town a safer place for all. Various joint operations have been done in the last month to seek out the places that are the most dangerous in order to take steps and do something about it.

A planned operation took place at the Quarry on 6 April at 06:00 where 12 people were arrested and one person caught in possession of drugs. Another operation took place on 7 April in Green Point and Bo-Kaap – again leading to the arrest of 12 people. A large number of vagrants were removed from various areas in Cape Town during April and we ask everyone to please inform our GP/OKCID officers if you know of any areas that should be investigated.

As indicated on the graph, the incidents that occurred most regularly are theft out of motor vehicles, as well as housebreakings. We urge everyone to put in extra effort to ensure your vehicle is always parked in a safe place and that you never leave anything behind in your car. Do not park somewhere if you feel the area is unsafe.

We want to continue to bring the crime rate down and our officers need the assistance of all role players in the community to be aware of hotspots and dangerous areas in the city. If you ever see something that looks odd or feel unsafe in any situation, give one of our officers a call on 071 670 3019 or 072 944 6811. Help us get everyone in Cape Town involved and spread the word by sending this number to friends and family, as well as tourists.

Table Thirteen

Walking into this cosy nook you are greeted by friendly staff offering old-school hospitality and wholesome food. It’s quaint, cosy and unforgettable… all you need to do is try their food once and you’ll be coming back for more soon after. Table 13 at many restaurants doesn’t exist and it’s a long known myth that’s it bad luck to have this number in your establishment, with many restaurateurs jumping ahead to 14. However, this eatery is giving superstition the boot and whipping up delicious meals for Green Point locals. Owners Claudio and Leanka wanted to create a restaurant that was personal while still offering food you could eat day in and day out.

Young professionals working in the area can pop in for Deluxe coffee made using a vintage Italian Crema Caffe machine, and either pair it with a delicious breakfast (served all day) or a light lunch. Whether it’s for a business meeting or a casual lunch with friends, the restaurant offers an informal setting with seating that makes conversation much easier. Take a window seat and watch the bustle on the streets while sipping on a cappuccino or read the newspaper and tuck into their onion and tomato Portuguese roll toastie, served with sweet potato fries.

If you haven’t visited them before we suggest popping in between 11h00 to 15h00 and taking your pick from their array of scrumptious lunch items such as chicken pie or gourmet pizza. The eatery also offers the option of creating your own meal – be it pizza, an omelette or a sarmie, their fresh ingredients add the perfect gourmet touch. All their food is homemade, even their breads, which give the entire restaurant an authentic and wholesome feel.

If you are wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth they are renowned in Cape Town for their decadent chocolate brownies and ‘healthy’ carrot cake. Don’t forget to take home a couple of their freshly baked biscuits to get you through a long day in the office.  And if you’re hosting a party, Table Thirteen offers trays of assorted light snacks for your event.

Now that we’ve tantalised your taste buds, you’ll need to find this Green Point eatery and try it out for yourself.

Loft on Kloof

Just when you thought Kloof Street couldn’t get any better – another new and trendy lounge opens its doors, offering Capetonians an even wider variety of places to choose from.

Loft on Kloof is a family business that just opened at the beginning of this month. The owner, Srdjan Jablanovic, came up with the idea to open the restaurant and the rest of the family jumped on board to completely renovate the space. Since then, the whole family has been involved from start to finish. “Loft on Kloof is very dear and personal to us as everything in the restaurant, from décor to the menu design, has been made with all of our heads and hearts brainstorming in our backyard,” says Novena Jablanovic.

The family feel that this is the perfect spot as all locals and tourists find themselves in Kloof Street at one point or another, and that it boasts a local community, great shopping spots and a large selection of dining and entertainment. In the few days that they have been open, they’ve met people from all walks of life and this is why they have chosen this spot in particular. Loft on Kloof wants to add to the taste of Kloof Street – and we are positive that they will.

Even though they welcome anyone to join them, the main target market will be the locals. Loft on Kloof wants to be seen as a place where people can enjoy good music, great food and a warm welcome from the team – basically, a home away from home.

Keep an eye out for their half price cocktails every day between 5pm and 7pm, as well as the burger & beer special every day from 5pm – 7pm and Saturdays all day. In the future we can look forward to live entertainment such as comedy acts, 1-2 man bands and acting performances – all with the goal of promoting local artists and the amazing talent that we have in our country.

In terms of the menu, Loft on Kloof has great prices and specials, which means that customers can get quality standards and generous portions for less. With a great open space, scenic views of Cape Town and a team that is extremely enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming – Loft on Kloof has the perfect recipe for success and we are excited for what they have to offer.

Next time you’re in the area, stop by for a drink and say hi to the new faces on Kloof Street! Have a look on their Facebook page for more information and updates.

Address: 115 Kloof Street

Contact: 021 424 5108

Arabesque – a Kloof Street treasure

Offering customers a unique, friendly and personalised experience of style and class, Arabesque on Kloof Street is one of the top go-to places when looking for exclusive and stylish items. This family owned business was founded in 2007 by Zelda Strauss as a small shop in Mossel Bay on the Garden Route. The third and fashionable Kloof Street store was opened in 2014 by Zelda’s daughter – a decision that many Capetonians have been very grateful for ever since! After nine years, Arabesque now owns five stores and is constantly expanding and improving – offering us a space to browse through only the best quality fashion and home items.

The shop offers products ranging from fashion and jewellery to décor, gifts and furniture, and the items are sourced from international as well as local suppliers and manufacturers. Their dynamic range of products are in line with current fashion trends and every store is personalised and suited for the audience they’re targeting.

To ensure they stay on top of current local and international trends, and to offer unique and exceptional products, stock is handpicked and sourced four times per year by the owners themselves – ensuring consumers have a wide range of stunning and exclusive products to choose from.

Arabesque’s success comes from a combination of factors, including selling unique and quality items, offering something for every class and style, setting trends and extensive marketing efforts specifically done to target the right customers.

If you haven’t stopped by this Cape Town gem – be sure to work in a visit to Arabesque next time you drive through our beloved Kloof Street, and  add a unique touch of exclusive style to your closet or home décor.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm

Shop number: 021 424 1234

Cellphone: 061 072 1054


Shego – traditional Middle Eastern fare in Green Point

Shego is the latest addition to the ever-changing restaurant strip situated on street level at the five-star hotel, Cape Royale in Green Point. Shego is a small intimate restaurant that serves Middle Eastern Cuisine. Middle Eastern Cuisine is known to be packed with flavour, and that, Shego has got covered.

Every bite is delicious and the presentation is very good as well. I would highly recommend ordering the tapas platters to share. Not only is sharing a plate of food part of the Arab culture, but believe me, it would not be possible to only choose one dish on that menu. The menu is well priced and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Middle Eastern Cuisine includes food from various countries. The menu at Shego has influences of Arab cuisine, Persian cuisine, Kurdish cuisine and Turkish cuisine.  Owner Huseyin Batkin, originally from Turkey (he still has the accent) came to South Africa a few years ago and started a food truck. The success of the food truck was the start of his new restaurant in Green Point. Shego opened its doors in March 2016. Huseyin says that Shego is for the locals. “I welcome tourists, especially being situated at Cape Royale, but I’m doing this for the locals. I want them to experience my home cuisine and have a fun time at my restaurant”

Huseyin grew up in a family who has always had a hospitality interest. His family, who still reside in Turkey, run a successful restaurant over there. They specifically operate for tourists by making traditional Turkish meals the main attraction on their menu offering.

So stop by Shego for a lovely dinner between friends, or a quick bite to eat. They do not have a liquor license yet, but encourage people to bring their own alcoholic beverages, and do not charge a corkage fee. They do supply glassware and goodness, do they have spectacular wine glasses! I bet they can’t wait to pour a spicy Shiraz to pair their flavoursome dishes with.

Opening Hours: 10am – 11:30pm

Address: Cape Royale Luxury Hotel

47 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town.


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.