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Go on and pamper yourself

Life can be overwhelming and sometimes you just need a little rest and relaxation – a little down time after a long day. Fortunately, The Pamper Room on Kloof Street, nestled next to The Godden Gallery, is open and ready to treat you to a spa experience like never before.

The Pamper Room launched earlier this year in May and has become the latest beauty hotspot of the bustling Kloof street. In their own words, “our nail and skin salon has been designed specifically for you” and they mean what they say. When you enter the salon, you’re met with a minimalist space that welcome calmness and serenity. This atmosphere is only further enhanced by the vintage furniture and modern art – a perfect fusion for this beauty bar.

It goes without saying that the launch was a huge success – women and men alike came to celebrate this new space where you walk in needing a little TLC and leave feeling confident and refreshed, stylish and fulfilled. You can rest assured that when you make an appointment, you are in the hands of experts who have your peace of mind, nails, muscles and skin at the heart of all they do.

The Pamper Room offers a wide range of beauty services that include Dermalogica, Environ, facials, massages, waxing, manicures, pedicures, elemis and most importantly, taking care of you. They also offer great specials that you can keep up to date with on their website or Facebook page. If you aren’t looking to fly solo, then why not make your visit to The Pamper Room a group activity. Invite your friends around for bridal showers, kitchen teas, baby showers or even someone’s birthday.

Location: 62 Kloof Street

Shopping hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat: 08:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sun: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Contact number: 021 811 6603

Email address:



Our latest statistics indicate that the crime rate has remained relatively stable in June, with 46 reported incidents taking place compared to 48 in May. As shown in the graph, we continue to take a pro-active, preventative approach wherever possible, and all parties are working hard to address the current issues in the city.

Although the number of incidents remained almost the same, the graph indicates that only 24 of these incidents were crime related, in comparison to 34 crime related incidents during May. Out of these 24 crimes, 14 were related to theft out of motor vehicles. We urge every single one of you to please make an effort to remember to remove everything from your car and to never park anywhere that you feel vulnerable. When driving alone at night and parking in areas that may be unsafe, consider rather making use of other transportation services such as Uber or a registered taxi or consider carpooling.

On 3 June an argument between a Cubana customer and another person took place on the corner of Somerset Road and Hudson Street. The customer took out a pistol and fired one shot in the air. SAPS was quick on the scene to arrest the suspect and take a statement. If you see an argument or suspicious behaviour taking place, please be careful, remove yourself from the situation and call one of our GP/OKCID officers immediately.

There have also been two hit and run incidents in the past month, which took place on 19 June and 26 June. If you see this happening, please try to take a photo of the vehicle or write down their registration number to help us find the suspect.

Lastly, four planned operations took place during June to make sure all areas in the Oranje-Kloof and Green Point areas are cleaned up and safe. Vagrants and informal settlements were removed and relocated.

Once again, please make sure the correct GP/OKCID contact numbers are saved on your phone so that whenever you feel unsafe in any situation or area, you can give one of our officers a call on 071 670 3019 or 072 944 6811 for assistance.

La Petite Tarte

La Petite Tarte is a home away from home for many Green Point residents. It’s been in the same spot for 13 years and has only changed ownership twice in this time. That said, it has unwaveringly remained true to its French roots and still boasts the same bit of Paris that it did when it first begun.

It is a quaint little café – much like you’d find on the streets of France. That’s their secret, they always have French on the brain. From their coffee, to the pastries, to the conversation you’ll have with the servers, you’ll be transported without even having to get on a plane.

In Summer, you’ll find the place flooded with tourists who always manage to make their way to this spot despite the possibility of getting lost in the grandeur and bustle of Cape Town. Like we said, this is “home away from home” and not only for the residents. Winter sees a lot more of a local crowd – some of whom have been coming to dine for the better half of ten years.

Antonio, the current owner, says that the most interesting thing for him at the moment – and almost amusing – is the number of women who are found in La Petite Tarte. The days are filled with chattering and laughter and kitchen teas and baby showers. He laughs as he talks about how some days it’s hard to even spot one man in the shop – but he doesn’t mind one bit.

Their food is always fresh, the coffee is always hot, and the atmosphere is always welcoming. It has an element of sophistication that can’t be mistaken and yet anybody is invited in with a smile. The café has received so much attention that last year October, they had to expand their hours to include dinner as well. If you do find yourself there at night, you can expect a fusion of Latin American food and Mediterranean food – a delicious mix.

Antonio recommends though, that no matter the time of day, there are two must-try menu items: the first is their chicken pie – it’s nostalgia and happiness in a mouthful, and secondly, the carrot and walnut cake. If you’re feeling adventurous on a cold winter’s day, this is where you want to be. In fact, instead of having just one, try both!


Address: Cape Town Quarter Lifestyle Village, Dixon St, Cape Town

Phone: 021 425 9077

Hours: 8h30am – 10h00pm


Situated on Green Point Main Road, Mano’s is the ideal spot to stroll into if you’re looking for a hearty meal. With beautiful, large art-deco windows it is very inviting. Once inside, there is a large bar that dominates the middle of the room, and tables are simply laid with white cloths adding some class. There are black and white photographs of Mano and his family on the walls, enhancing the family atmosphere and homey environment.

The food is simple and tasty. What you’ll find on the menu at this family-friendly joint  is humble, homemade style food. Classic bistro dishes such as fillet medallions with pepper sauce, Mozambican-style prawn curry and Mano’s famous chicken liver pasta make up the offering. They have old faithful’s like the light-and-lovely chicken limone and fantastic lamb chops. The creamy chicken limone is rich and satisfying. They also have daily specials that are definitely worth a look . The dessert menu only has four options but these are all a delicious way to end your Mano’s meal. The wine list has a few local favourites and of course a selection of beers. The pricing at Mano’s won’t shock your wallet and they pride themselves on having excellent value for money as you can get a two- course meal for only R100.

The staff are friendly and Mano’s is often seen chatting to customers and socialising with his guests, some of whom are local and international celebrities. This creates the aura of a well-run, family restaurant, which has become an iconic little place for the Green Point locals. Mano’s does not take bookings, so you are normally guaranteed a table but if they’re full, don’t worry! The turnover is quite quick so grab a drink and wait at the bar until a table is ready.


Address: 39 Main Road, Green Point

Phone number: 021 434 1090

Monday – Saturday – 12h00 until late

Welcome to Paradiso

From the first moment of walking into their open-plan garden, Café Paradiso boasts a classy ambience and stays true to its rustic and antique roots.  Raymond, the manager, is very friendly and is more than happy to chat about the history of the café and show guests around. Café Paradiso opened 25 years ago; the building was previously an old house that was renovated and turned into the space it is today. In keeping with the times, the Madame Zingara group bought the restaurant over four years ago and added their quirky touch to the décor and menu.


As you enter, there is a typical restaurant seating arrangement, with a vintage wine room to the right. What people don’t know is that all of their bread, pizza, butter, sauces and spices are made and grown on site, and the majority of other menu items are locally sourced. There is a bakery in the back that doubles as a “play” area for children to go and bake their own bread or make their own pizza. The meal specials change weekly, ranging from pastas and fish to steaks. There is also a delicious winter buffet from Monday to Friday, 12h00 – 14h30 at R68 per plate.


They have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that all have their own little touches. It’s the attention to detail that makes every meal special. They are open from 09h00 till 22h00, Monday through Saturday and on Sunday they close at 14h30. The breakfast is served until 10h00, with options such as truffled black mushroom with herbed goats cheese & rocket on home baked bread or banana French toast with bacon, berries, cream cheese and maple syrup – you can also get traditional bacon and eggs! In the evenings you can enjoy the view sipping on a cocktail outside on their patio, looking out over the garden in the front of the café. They are well known for a variety of cocktails – such as their Makers Mark Old Fashion and their Long Island Iced Tea.


As it is very popular with locals and tourists, it is important to make a booking before you arrive. In fact, it’s so popular that even some celebrities such as Denzel Washington and Sean Penn have been spotted there. It is clearly a Kloof street café worth visiting.

110 Kloof Street, Tamboerskloof

Email | Facebook 


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