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Unframed: The ice cream artistry

Welcome to Kloof Street’s very own artisanal ice cream gallery – Unframed. This is not just any ice cream parlour like the many that crowd the corners of Cape Town; this is something you haven’t seen before – or tasted! You’ll find this alternative hot-spot right next to Molten Toffee and you should go find it.

Yann Rey, French-born owner, wants to change the face of artisanal ice cream, or in his words “ice cream artistry”. Yann previously worked as an investment banker in New York, but when he visited the Mother City he fell in love with it and decided to pursue his dream. Yann talks passionately about ice cream, the process of making it and where he sees his brand in the future. Make sure to chat to him – he’ll have you trying every flavour in the shop and wanting to buy it all too.

Upon entry, the difference is immediately noticeable. This ice cream artistry is quite literally unframed; it’s minimalist, almost cold interior is a dramatic change to a lot of ice cream spots you’ve likely visited. The design is inspired by an art gallery and they started to play around with the idea of “framed art” and “unframed art”… It’s clear where they fell in terms of the name. The bold design is something that Yann is very proud of.

Something else that this team of ice cream connoisseurs boasts about is their range of ice cream options. They have straight-up dairy, a line of sorbet and even vegan options – because no one should miss out on the joy of ice cream. Their vegan ice cream is made from a buttermilk base and is truly a tasty treat. They have some bold flavours all round, incorporating the striking tastes of basil, jasmine rice, lemongrass and matcha tea. Don’t be alarmed though, they also have flavours for the traditionalists among you, with their interpretation of vanilla, salted caramel and you can top it all off with “new classics” (their toppings): dirty sea salt caramel, raw date caramel, cookie crunch, pink pralines swirl, cardamom dark chocolate and toasted coconut chips.

All the things we haven’t yet said can only be experienced through taste. So don’t wait any longer – pop into this ice cream artistry for your very own encounter with a delicious new creation. Make sure to buy a 1 litre tub to take home with you – you’ll want more!

Lastly, Unframed just upped its game with a Vespa side car that you can hire for private events. Email for the details!

Location: 45C Kloof Street, Cape Town, 8001

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11h00 – 23h00

Contact number: 063 601 0287



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