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getTOD: on-demand home maintenance

Just four months since its inception in Cape Town, getTOD (Get Tasks on Demand) has over 250 registered tradespeople and an exciting exclusive partnership with Builders. It’s all set to become a game-changer for South African homeowners and tradespeople.

“getTOD is on an exciting path to deliver excellent service standards to key industries in terms of price and quality, to the benefit of all customers and service providers. We are excited to be an exclusive partner in walking this journey with the getTOD team,” Andre Steyn, Director, Massbuild.

Developed in Cape Town, getTOD is an innovative mobile application offering reliable on-demand services. By allowing you to book trusted suppliers in your area, in real time; it’s quickly removing the frustration of finding reliable plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and handymen. Available immediately and free to download, getTOD takes the hassle out of home maintenance with the tap of a button.


Four Cape Town entrepreneurs; Daniel Marcus, Shannon Mackrill, Grant Bergman and Bradley Elliott recognised the need for tradespeople that could not only be booked on demand but that were punctual, reliable and cost effective. getTOD aims to modernise the professional trades industry by providing confidence and convenience to end users, while at the same time empowering tradespeople with the tools to be more efficient. Angus Lovitt, founder of the marketing team at King Digital Entertainment (creators of Candy Crush), has recently joined the team as consultant, board member and investor.

“Much like Uber changed the taxi industry, we want to disrupt an industry that is fraught with irregular pricing, poor service and inconsistent quality,” says co-founder Shannon Mackrill. “getTOD is not a directory or future-booking tool, it’s a 24-hour on-demand service.”

getTOD is safe and reliable as all suppliers are pre-screened and carefully monitored via a client rating system. All jobs are insured and pricing is standardised in each service category so that the end user is aware of the cost upfront. All consumers have to do is to simply download the app and log a request. Invoices are sent directly to your email and pre-loaded credit cards allow for easy, cash-free transactions.

“Finding the right tradesperson is often daunting,” says Shannon Mackrill. “We hope to remove all trepidation and procrastination! We’ve been working collaboratively with our network of tradespeople for almost two years to create getTOD. I’m thrilled it is now live for people to try out.”

Nationwide supplier sign-ups are increasing on a daily basis. getTOD is the first of its kind. Through helping one consumer and tradesperson at a time, getTOD aims to create an African tech business that will soon be able to compete on the world stage.

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