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Freedom of Movement in the modern world

Freedom. Movement. Quality. Authenticity. Innovation. South African. Leather. Passion. These are all words that are deeply entrenched in the Freedom of Movement (FOM) brand, their vision and their way of pursuing traditional craftsmanship while catering for the modern day. A company started in 2013 by two brothers, with a drive for entrepreneurship and design, FOM holds the promise of becoming a name on the lips of all those who consider themselves on the brink of bespoke fashion.

Each genuine leather product has its own identity, much like their owners… The Bobby, The Ralph, The Ted, The Marley. Walk in and dare to pick up your next best friend, so to speak. Whether you’re looking for a trendy bag, a classic timepiece, a new feature item for your wardrobe or a practical accessory, Freedom of Movement should be your first stop. Made with care, efficiency and the finest attention to detail, each product is an investment worth making and they’ll tell you how to care for it too.


FOM has recently established a Cape Town branch, after successfully maintaining their Pretoria and Stellenbosch store for the past few years. What is most intriguing about this shop is that all the while browsing, you’ll hear chatting and the soft hum of hands at work in the background. What is it? A small workshop, hidden behind the store’s enticing floor space. These bespoke leather products are handmade in store – each customised, giving them personality and an edge.

With summer creeping into the mother city, you’ll want to visit FOM as soon as possible and get ahead of the crowd. Find out more about the brand’s story by talking to Henning who’ll be more than happy to chat.

Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 08h00 – 17h00; Saturday, 09h00 – 17h00

Address: 190 Bree Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Contact: 021 422 2205

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