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Five places to host your festive party

As the year speeds towards its end, festive party season is in the air. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be planning an end-of-year bash, family reunion or some sort of festive celebration this summer. Cape Town has so much to offer, especially around this time of year, and it can be hard to decide what kind of jol you want to host. To help, we’ve gathered five suggestions of the best places for you to host your do:

Take it back to the beach

This seems like an obvious choice, but the beach is perfect for any kind of party. Whether you’re going to host a small, intimate picnic in the sand or a lively gathering with music and lights, the beach is a hot spot. The beach is also a cool spot though – the sun is setting later and what could be better than the glow of dusk under a clear night sky. There is no cost to hire the venue (obviously!) and you can stay as late as you want (as long as you’re safe and don’t drink alcohol on the beach).

Take me home country road

They say that home is where the heart is. They also say that home is what you make of it. They also say that home is where you get to lick the bowl! So send out those invites and invite your loved ones – friends or family – to join you for a night of homemade food and good wine (hopefully not homemade) in the comfort of your home. It’s safe, cost-effective and you’ll have a blast. Bring out the board games, turn up the music, have a braai and celebrate the festive season your way.

The roof is on fire

The Mother City is scattered with serene sweeping landscapes and majestic mountain views – make the most of them! More and more we’re seeing rooftop bars popping up all over the place and why wouldn’t they? With amazing scenery and photo opportunities, your festive party will be one to remember as the trendy Christmas occasion everyone loved. There’s Tjing Tjing Bar, Cloud 9, Up Yours at Yours Truly Café, Sky Bar at the Grand Daddy Hotel, Rick’s Café Rooftop Bar, La Bottega, Harald’s Bar and Terrace, The Waiting Room and Zenith Sky Bar and Pool Deck. The options are almost endless.

Teddy bears have their picnic

When you think of summer you think of being outdoors. If beach sand in your sandwich is not what you’re looking for then find a spot of green and get comfy. Cape Town boasts many wide open spaces (though not quite like the hills in The Sound of Music) like Green Point Park, Company Gardens, the lawns at the Promenade… Why not add a twist and make it a dress-up picnic or turn it into an outdoor dinner – tables, chairs, napkins, décor and all! Get each of your guests to bring a dish or drink to contribute and get into the spirit of sharing this festive season.

All about that bass

Looking for a bit of culture? Art? Music? A festive party wouldn’t be complete without a good playlist to go with it – better yet, live music! The Mother City is bursting with artists from a range of genres and styles with stories that will leave no audience member dissatisfied. If you’re into classic sounds, gather your friends at The Piano Bar. Turn it up a notch and head to The Crypt where each act brings something surprising. The Waiting Room on Long Street and Blah Blah Bar on Kloof Street invite a vast array of artists to entertain. In fact, there are so many music options you may not be able to choose!

If you have any other suggestions for inclusion on this list, comment below or on this post. The festive season deserves a good party – with laughs, memories made and  time to reconnect. We wish you all a blessed holiday!


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