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OKCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 217 1386

The Pink Panther visits colourful Cape Town

Just weeks before the exciting national Pride march in the Mother City, The Pink Panther social club has opened on Kloof Street. Their happy hour specials are already enough to make them the talk of the town and with Pride happening on 4 March, there’s no question about where the party is going to be! Think bright lights, music, drinks, laughter, entertainment and a whole lot of fabulous.

Cape Town is known for its iconic LGBTQ scene and the city’s nightlife is an accurate reflection of this vibrant community From Beaulah Bar and Crew Bar in Sea Point to the newly opened Pink Panther, there is somewhere for everyone to feel at home. Whether you’re looking for a drink with friends or an opportunity to dance the night away, Pink Panther is the place to be. While these spots might be seen as disruptive, they are rather places for people to celebrate being themselves in an environment where they are welcome.

What was previously Loft on Long, Pink Panther has quickly become the CBD’s hottest happening social club for the LGBTQ community. Filled with good-looking people and the latest top-of-the-chart dance tunes, the doors are open to everyone, without discrimination. The opening night and Valentine’s Day bashes were a great success and there is much talk on the street about what this new club is going to do next.

Seated on one of the busiest corners of Kloof Street, Pink Panther opens its doors every Tuesday to Saturday from 20h00 till 02h00. The owners want you to think of this club as a home away from home – where everyone knows your name and you feel safe to be who you are. This is a space where there is love and respect for all. Why not pay them a visit on your next night out and be your own kind of fabulous at this Cape Town social club?

Address: 115 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Contact: 082 332 9051

4 places to grab a bite without breaking the bank

We’ve rounded up the most affordable restaurants in Oranje-Kloof. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to make a wallet-savvy decision. This way you can grab something to satisfy that craving without breaking the bank. Take a look:

Da Vincis

Satisfy that craving for a homemade dish at Da Vincis. Famous for their thin-based pizzas and juicy burgers, you won’t be disappointed. They have a lunchtime special which gives you the choice of a burger, steak, chicken, pasta, lasagne, wrap or salad for just R50 between 11h30 and 16h00. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for their latest specials and featured menu items. Delicious Da Vincis!

NY Slice

Have you watched an American sitcoms where your favourite characters are always grabbing a quick slice of pizza as they make their way across the city? Well, we’ve got a little New York flavour right on our doorstep. At NY Slice which sits on Kloof Street you can get a tasty pizza treat for as little as R24. Talk about a bite on a budget! Take a cheat day and tuck into pepperoni, cheese and other exciting ingredients all wonderfully combined on a thin base.

Crust Cafe

Dig out the small change from the bottom of your bag and hit Crust Cafe! You’ll be able to afford a scrumptious tuna-mayo toasted sandwich for just R30. Red onion, lemon seasoning and mayo will spice up your life without burning your bucks. If you don’t want to confirm to normal breakfast boundaries, they serve a hearty all-day breakfast that you can have at lunch! It’s really up to you – pick and choose without breaking the bank.

Stacked Diner

Stacked Diner serves fast food prices with real fresh food and fries on the side (if you want, of course). Their claim to fame is high-quality meat and ingredients: “Our beef is free range and grass fed. Our frankfurter is pure pork with natural seasoning and no preservatives. Our fries are twice crisped and our shakes come in 11 mouth-watering flavours. And then there’s the all day breakfasts, flap jacks and waffles.” Grab a burger for as little as R40 or a breakfast roll for just R25 – served all day.

As you can see, it’s possible to eat your fill without emptying your wallet. Next time you’re at one of these spots, why not tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to hear about your experience in our beautiful community.


January has come and gone, the Mother City is operating at full tilt again and we’ve resumed our regular security stationing. As promised by security manager Marius Swanepoel, our security officers, along with Law Enforcement and SAPS, have recommenced their daily duties as per the schedules assigned to them. In the months ahead, we’re seeking to increase the security team to ensure that 2017 is a safer year than any before.

The month of January saw a total of 58 incidents. While 23 of these incidents related to general operations, public safety and municipal services, 35 were crime related. Theft out of motor vehicle remains the most prolific criminal activity. How can you avoid being the next victim?

  1. Don’t leave valuables in your car.
  2. Ensure that your car is locked.
  3. Park in a well-lit area at night.
  4. Do not store things in the boot.
  5. Be aware of the security personnel in the area.

There were several important arrests made in January. One of these was the perpetrator of a robbery on Park Road. The suspects took R5 000 and a phone, and one of them was apprehended and arrested for possession of stolen goods. Another arrest was made on Kloof Street following a suspect taking some goods from a local store. On this occasion, the manager confronted the suspect and contacted SAPS for the arrest. This is a fine example of the great collaboration between local businesses and security teams which we’re happily seeing more and more of.

Going forward we’d like to encourage all of you to do your part in looking after our city. Cleaner and safer streets are up to all of us. If you see any suspicious activity in your area – near your home or your business – call one of our emergency numbers to report it. We wish you all a worry-free February.


Patrol vehicle (24 hours): 082 214 3228

Operational managers: 071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811


Patrol vehicle (24 hours): 082 217 1386

Operational managers: 071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811

Sit back and enjoy the Vue

“With The Vue, we think we have created something special for those with a taste for the finer things in life, and we would love to share it with you.” – The Vue Sky Bar Lounge

Get high on life and enjoy the finer things at one of Green Point’s latest additions, The Vue Sky Bar Lounge on the top floor of the Mirage building in De Waterkant. With the perfect setting, exquisite interior and a 360-degree view of Cape Town you’ll struggle to find a more ideal venue for a party, corporate event or romantic date.

The restaurant consists of a large indoor area encased by glass windows so you can see the city from every angle, and a large open-air deck filled with tables, couches and a luxurious swimming pool to relax in while you enjoy a delicious cocktail or a glass of their finest bubbly. Sophisticated and artistic lighting, design and furniture create a unique space, and set The Vue apart from other rooftop bars. It has a fancy, yet fun, feel.

The food and drinks are top class and the portions offer more than enough, yet the prices are very affordable. The menu, inspired by international flavours and served stylishly, includes light dishes, main meals and desserts. To make the choice a little easier, and to whet your appetite, we would suggest having a look at their menu before you go.

To make a booking, give them a call on 021 418 3065, send an email to or book online. We advise keeping an eye on their Facebook page for regular news and updates on the events they host, too.

P.S. They also have a breakfast buffet served daily – something to keep in mind for your next breakfast date 🙂

Thali, tapas and good times

Tucked away on Park Road in Gardens, you’ll find Thali – the neighbourhood’s latest (and word on the street says greatest) Indian restaurant. Even in a city full to the brim with places to eat and drink it can be hard to find a spot that offers something unique. Thali offers food lovers a platter of experiences: Indian tapas, beautiful décor and great service.

Dimo Papachristocoulou, owner of the existing favourite Long Street Café, and renowned chef Liam Tomlin have come together to bring Thali to life. The interior walls are splashed with bright colours and you’ll find the same kind of vibrancy in their food. The layout of the restaurant allows for intimate meals but can also accommodate larger dinner parties for those slightly rowdier celebrations.

Drawing from Indian culture and history, seen in the food and decor, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a street restaurant in the cities of Mumbai or New Delhi. Think: tandoori lamb, paneer, chickpea fritters, naan, bon bons, masala chai and gulab jamun. You will not be disappointed. Feel free to drink local wine but stretch yourself a little and take a bite of something exotic and exciting. In fact, we’d recommend listening to the chef when he suggests a certain dish paired with a particular bottle of vino.

If you have little ones in tow, Thali opens at 17h00 so you can have an early feast with the whole family and still get home for bedtime. The service is of the highest standard, and a great level of care is put into each dish. With exciting dishes expertly cooked and delivered with beautiful service, Thali suceeds in adding something unique to the Gardens dining scene.

Operating hours: Monday – Saturday: 17h00 – 21h30; Sunday, closed

Address: 3 Park Road, Gardens, Cape Town

Contact: 021 286 2110


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.