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Bakos Brothers CT wants you to get comfortable

Bakos Brothers wants you to make yourself comfortable in their new Cape Town branch. Bakos Brothers was started by five brothers, and since its establishment in 1971 has established a strong reputation for providing finely crafted, South African made furniture. In 2014, CEO Ryan Bakos, then aged 29, said that having honed their brand they planned to take on the world. Their dream was first to establish a branch in Cape Town (at that time there was only one in Johannesburg) and then expand into Durban, Lagos, Nairobi, and beyond!

Bakos Brothers’ new Cape Town showroom opened on 7 April with a boom! You can find this quality furniture on 9 Somerset Road, De Waterkant. There is no limit to what can be created behind this family’s doors. If you’re looking for any iconic furtniture to complete your dream home look, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Though what if you find the furniture you love but can’t figure out how to place it in a room or space? Bakos Brothers can help there too! Not only do they custom craft each piece of furniture, they have a team of expert interior designers to help you transform any area into an iconic part of your dream home. It’s called the Design Lab, and there is definitely a science to their understanding of creating beautiful spaces you’ll want to make yourself comfortable in.

We’re not saying walk through the doors, kick off your shoes and settle into a bed for a nap… but we are saying walk in like you’ve just arrived home. Take a deep breath, relax and browse their superior products at your leisure. Don’t rush. If you need any help getting a flavour for their ranges, the staff will be delighted to assist, and if you want to go home before making any decisions they can direct you to a detailed website with extensive information to inform your choices, item specifications and product care options here.

If you’d like to talk to one of their experienced team members, send an email to or, better yet, visit the Cape Town branch today.

Address: 9 Somerset Road, De Waterkant




There was a significant decrease in the number of security incidents in our areas during March, and we’re determined to keep it that way!

In March there were 52 incidents reported within the GP/OKCID area, with 14 successful arrests made. In a report by one of our Sea Point/ Mouille Point fieldworkers, it was reported that the hot spots can be divided into three categories:

  • Criminally orientated hot spots (drugs, prostitution and criminals who mask themselves as vagrants).
  • Vagrants who disturb the public and whom community members report as being possibly dangerous.
  • Vagrants and beggars who sleep at particular hot spots but no complaints have been received.

Although we try our best to help these people get off the streets and back to their homes, being reunited with their families is something they hardly consider, and therefore it is difficult to assist them if they do not want to be helped. Unfortunately, some vagrants could be dangerous to the public and we’d like to encourage everyone to be careful, particularly at the following hot spots: Hamilton Rugby Fields, The Pavilion Beach, The Radisson Hotel area, Rocklands sub station, Sea Point open gym, tennis courts opposite SAPS and the Sea Point library area.

If we can assist you in some way, whether it is to help your business, clean up a certain area or even just walk you to your car, let us know. If you want to get more involved with what’s happening in the Green Point or Oranje-Kloof areas, why not become a board member? The only requirements for you to have a say in your area and contribute to society, is to attend four board meetings a year.

As we head into winter, there are many projects planned to look after the homeless and make the winter time a bit easier for them, so keep an eye on our social media pages and newsletters for ways to get involved. Stay safe and call us anytime for anything.


Patrol vehicle (24 hours): 082 214 3228

Operational managers: 071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811


Patrol vehicle (24 hours): 082 217 1386

Operational managers: 071 670 3019/ 072 944 6811

Harley-Davidson Cape Town: hold onto your hats

Adventure. Adrenaline. Another road for authentic rider. Harley-Davidson is an unrivaled brand that has its name all over the world. They’re bold. They make a statement. They’re so badass, the sound of their exhaust pipes have even been patented. They’re legendary and don’t apologise for interrupting a crowd. What makes this even better? There’s a local Cape Town dealership and they’ve just moved to 2 Hospital Street in De Waterkant.

Harley-Davidson has a rich 100-year history and made its first machine in the 1900s. In 1901 William S Harley drew the first blueprint of the motorcycle; now a century later Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand for all those seeking adventure. In World War II, Harley-Davidsons were used as army transport. Even Elvis Presley landed one of these fine specimens in the 1950s and Justin Bieber tried to up his “bad boy” game in early March 2017.

Most recently, Cape Town’s Eyewitness News team took to the streets to explore life from a different angle with the roar of the bike as a backdrop. You can also book yourself a tour trip with a price range from R880 for an hour to R2 200 for 8 hours. Not a bad deal for improving your reputation among friends – imagine the stories you’ll tell!

If you’re about that bike life, you won’t want to miss these beauties on display at the 2017 South Africa Bike Festival from 26 to 28 May. If you’re looking to take a ride to the show, make sure to service your bike, explore the range, customise your bike or just get a good clean at the Cape Town branch. The team on the ground are experts and will have your Harley spick and span in no time.

Address: 2 Hospital Street, Harbour Edge Building, Green Point

Contact: 021 418 1602


Roastin’ Records – Representing vinyl since 2012

Many believe that when the digital age started to catch up with us, we didn’t quite realise what we had left behind until the past started repeating itself. CDs replaced vinyl records in the early to mid-90s, and although our listening experience became more convenient and portable, most vinyl enthusiasts agree that the sound quality has just never been the same.

Luckily, over the past few years, vinyl made its way back into our lives. Older consumers started investing and recollecting for a sense of nostalgia, while younger audiences got to experience music in its most perfect form for the first time, adding on to their parents’ collections. Cape Town-based individuals have especially shown a massive interest in vinyl over the last couple of years, and with countless second-hand record stores in the city, especially in the Woodstock and Observatory area, there is one vinyl specialist who positioned himself at the forefront of the Cape Town vinyl movement. Presenting, Roastin’ Records.

Wentzel van der Gryp was working as a barista at Deluxe Coffeeworks when he rediscovered his love for vinyl. With access to second hand vinyl records from retailers like Revolution in Observatory, as well as trading with other enthusiasts in the area, his hobby soon turned into a business. In 2012 he started selling records from the Deluxe Coffeeworks branch he worked at, and this went on for two years before he opened up a store in Loop Street.

This venture was in collaboration with his friend, Hein, at a spot many of us are familiar with, called The Eye. In 2016 he moved his business to 11 Buitensingel, and now shares a property with the Apple repair store, WeFix. When asked what Wentzel enjoys most about his current location, he highlighted that the area has a lot of tourists, which is great for business as there is a constant inflow of traffic.

What makes Roastin’ Records so unique, apart from promoting fresh local music, is the fact that the stock on display simply can’t be found anywhere else. Being a boutique record label store, he prides himself on keeping it niche and mainly offers vinyl to two strong target markets. These include slightly older, die-hard vinyl enthusiasts who have been collecting vinyl for years (and have the budget to do so), as well as younger consumers who only recently started their vinyl collections.

He also has a convenient online platform for consumers that can’t access the store or want to secure a purchase while stocks last. If the product you’re looking for is listed on the website it most likely will be in store, otherwise consumers are encouraged to request orders for import which will be subject to availability. We also highly recommend following the Roastin’ Records Facebook page for promotions, discount codes for his online platform, and also giveaways every two weeks for lucky vinyl fans.

Roastin’ Records is open from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and from 8am to 2pm on Saturdays, so pop in to enjoy a delicious coffee and experience what they have to offer. Alternatively, you can visit the online store at and follow Roastin’ Records on social media at

YUZU: Cape Town’s kick-ass Japanese-American food

YUZU is the most rock and roll fusion restaurant on Kloof Street at the moment. Opened on 30 March, it’s just a pup, but don’t underestimate this kitchen-and-bar combo. While the name might not roll off your tongue just yet, you’ll want it on the tip of your tongue in conversations going forward. Recommend it to friends, take your colleagues there or shuffle in for a romantic evening in this rustic, Kill Bill influenced hideaway joint.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” and it rings true behind the bar at YUZU. A fine selection of wines meets a Japanese twist on traditional American cocktails. You haven’t seen anything like this before. If that wasn’t kick-ass enough, choose your beer on tap as your “weapon of choice”. The taps are fitted with hammers, knives, cleavers and other heavy metal handles. Don’t be intimidated though, you’ll find familiar names on the end of these taps – Hansa, Black Label, Striped Horse, CBC, Castle Lite, Heineken, Passionate blond and Amstel.

Get this: the head chef and main man, Rich Ó’Donnchü, a Michelin chef, says his ramen noodles are the best you’ll ever have. Stacked on top of that is a killer special (excuse the Kill Bill pun) – for just R100 you get any craft beer with any bowl of ramen. You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else. Join YUZU on Sunday afternoons for live local music and enjoy this deal or look out for screenings of Japanese movies in future. What a cultural disruption of the “what you see is what you get” restaurant experience.

The wooden tables, burnt floors, chairs and countertops are all made from wood that was part of buildings that used to exist in Japan. Glorious history! A sword hangs above a door entrance – it belonged to the only South African to ever appear in a Japanese Kung Fu movie. Old-school (internet-salvaged) prints of movie posters, Christopher Walken profiles and beer ads line the walls adding colour to an underground-looking area.

Let the small sketches of humour be the je ne sais quoi to what promises to be a tasty culinary and sensory experience. Find them at 75 Kloof Street, Gardens right next to the local favourite, Yours Truly. Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting and YUZU punches the restaurant industry in the face with an unconventional approach to stylish dining, sushi, comfort food and the drinks your need at the end of a long day.

Address: 75 Kloof Street


Contact: 021 422 0322


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