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Drought crisis: level 4 water restrictions recommended

The City’s Mayoral Committee has today recommended that Council adopt Level 4 water restrictions which would ban all use of municipal water for outside and non-essential use.

The City warns all water users to use municipal water for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes only as dam levels are critical and consumption remains far too high.

It has been recommended that the associated Level 4 water and sanitation restriction tariffs be implemented as of 1 July 2017, subject to approval as part 2017/’18 Budget Process by Council.

This table provides a comparison between Level 3b and Level 4 water restrictions:

Categories Level 3b Level 4
Irrigation with municipal drinking water Tuesday and Saturdays for an hour, before 09:00 or after 18:00using a bucket or watering can

-Prohibited within 48 hours of adequate-saturation rainfall

Irrigation with non-potable water -Strongly encouraged to follow same rules as potable water

-Prohibited within 48 hours of adequate-saturation rainfall


-To be used by City departments

-Strongly encouraged only on Tuesday and Saturdays before 09:00or after 18:00 for an hour

-Discouraged for 7 days after adequate-saturation rainfall


-To be used by City departments

Bathroom No restriction Flushing toilets with non-potable water (e.g. greywater or rainwater) encouraged
Water features Use of municipal drinking water strongly discouraged Use of municipal drinking water prohibited
Swimming pools -Manual top up only if fitted with pool cover

-Use of portable play pools prohibited


– Pool covers for public swimming pools strongly encouraged

-Top-up, filling or refilling prohibited

– Use of portable play pools prohibited


– Pool covers for public swimming pools strongly encouraged

Washing vehicles – Commercial car wash industries must comply with industry best practice norms– Informal car washes to use only buckets and not hosepipes – Prohibited with municipal drinking water– Car wash businesses may apply for exemption
Facilities -Spray parks to be strictly managed

-Golf courses, sports facilities, parks, schools and learning institutions are not allowed to establish new landscaping or sports fields, except if irrigated only with non-potable water

– Operation of spray parks prohibited

-Golf courses, sports facilities, parks, schools and learning institutions are not allowed to establish new landscaping or sports fields, except if irrigated only with non-potable water

Indigent water allocation Free 350 litres Free 350 litres
Overall consumption per person No restriction 100 litres/person/day strongly encouraged

‘Use water only for drinking, cooking and essential washing. The intensified restriction also specifically makes reference to a limit on water use for these purposes to 100 litres or less per person per day. Please don’t flush your toilet unnecessarily as 10 flushes per day, for example, would almost be your entire water allocation for the day.

‘Furthermore, we expect water users who are making use of borehole water for irrigation to do so only on designated days as uncontrolled use of non-potable water affects us all. The City does however not regulate borehole use and it is a national government competency. Filling or topping up of pools is prohibited under Level 4 restrictions.

‘We need all Capetonians to pay heed to our warning that we are in a serious predicament at the moment. We cannot watch four million water users in the city 24/7. Behind closed doors is also where many misuses and contraventions will occur, as we’ve seen from the previous restrictions. Every single drop that is wasted or saved, is making a difference to our dam levels,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy, Councillor Xanthea Limberg.

The proposed fines to accompany Level 4 restrictions are subject to Council and the Chief Magistrate’s approval. It ranges between R1 000 and R5 000. Most of the fines have been increased from R0 and R2 000 to R1 000  and R3 000 to R5 000 respectively because of the severity of the situation at hand. The City hopes that the Magistrate will determine the fine schedules as suggested.

The limit for a spot fine is R5 000, but the courts may determine a fine of up to R10 000 on conviction.

The City continues with its pressure reduction programmes across the metro which forcibly reduces supply at a given time. Other emergency interventions are under way, and if required, the City will start to implement a lifeline supply of water across the metro.

Over this coming week consumption must be brought down by 100 million litres of water per day.

Residents may contact the City via email to for queries or to report contraventions of the water restrictions (evidence should be provided to assist the City’s enforcement efforts) or they can send an SMS to 31373.

For further information, residents should please visit the water restrictions page on the City’s website: Alternatively you can view and download the following documents:

Water restriction guidelines

Water restriction FAQ

Water restriction special exemption application form

Newly opened Sorbet on Kloof Street nails it

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – a Sorbet nail bar has opened on Kloof Street! Getting your nails done in your lunch break is now a real thing. They offer Manis, Pedis, Gelish, Bio Sculpture, Acrylics, Tips, Soak Offs, Nail Art and more, so the promise of quality time in the salon and beautiful nails is enough to make us brave the chilly winter. Owner, Alex Pletts, says that she is super excited to meet all their new clients and to start building the Sorbet on Kloof community.

Sorbet’s motto is: “In our world we do colour. Loads of colour! Pink. Blue. Purple. Red. Matte. Chrome. Nude. Glitter. From Dew, Morgan Taylor, OPI and the Sorbet Nail Polish collections. And that’s just for starters. You want gelish? We’ve got gelish. You want French? We’ve got French. How about some chips with that? Nah, we don’t do chips. We repair them. So your fingers and toes are always in tip top shape.”

Everyone who has visited one of Sorbet’s 170 spas across South Africa knows that the employees are not just a team, they’re like a family. They ask about your favourite colours, your friends and your weekend plans. Sorbet is not just a brand, it’s an attitude – one with confidence, a sparkling personality and a passion for life. Most of the staff who have joined the Kloof Street salon previously worked at other branches, so they already live the brand, know the clientele and are passionate about every treatment.

The new nail bar has recently opened its doors on the ground floor of the Lifestyle Centre, and is offering an opening celebratory special of 25% off all treatments from 15 June – 15 July 2017. Currently, the closest other branches are in Sea Point and the Garden Centre, so this is a very welcome addition to the Oranje-Kloof area for city workers.

Note that it’s only a nail bar, so you’ll have to stick to your current beautician for waxing and facials. With a prime location in the Lifestyle Centre, though, you can also pop in to Wellness Warehouse, Present Space and Woolworths – which means groceries, shopping and nails all in one go! Plus, there’s plenty of parking at this mini mall, so you can be in, out and back at work in no time.

The shop has four manicure and four pedicure stations, so why not take your favourite colleague and get your nails done during your lunch break? Whatever your needs, Sorbet’s got you and your nails covered this winter and will make it easy to keep your fingers and toes in tip top shape.

Give Sorbet Nails a call on 021 422 0009 to make your next booking, and remember to make use of their opening special!

Adress: 50 Kloof Street, Lifestyle on Kloof, Gardens

Contact:021 422 0009


Sweet 16 for district

It’s been 16 sweet years since the Green Point Improvement District started serving the suburb. And while its drive to make Green Point safer stays the same, the years have brought numerous changes.

“We were pioneers of the CID model – it was something new and untested,” recalls CEO Marc Truss.

“During the first few days, and even weeks and months, we had to try to put a service into motion that no-one had taught us how to do. This new service comprised street sweeping and visible policing in the form of branded security officials. Then just like magic there was a sudden leap forward and a clear visible difference could be seen. “We were travelling into uncharted waters which was no easy feat, but here we are – oceans ahead of where we were.”

The improvement district has seen its relationship with local businesses evolve into friendships and partnerships, says Truss. “We have become more effective because of this, and we’re learning more and more how to work with and integrate modern technology into all these areas. We have never been a fixed organism and we’ll continue to keep up with the times, so we maintain relevance. We’ve spent the last 16 years creating better services across the board,” he adds.

“We incorporated an added value component so businesses were getting complete value for their money. We started to fulfil different roles like working with key role players to tackle incidents like broken lamp posts, fixing potholes, clearing refuse and monitoring movements of the homeless.”

The improvement district now also fulfils a social development role, with partnerships with NGOs like Straatwerk to improve the lives of street people.

Looking back, one of the highlights for Truss is the establishment of St Andrews Square Prestwich. This is closely followed by the growth of the team – which has more than doubled in size.

“Marius Swanepoel, security manager, has been with us for 14 years. Dolph Venter, contract manager of Securus Protection Services, has been with us for 11 years,” he says. Venter adds: “When I started here there were only about four people on the team. We’ve more than doubled since then to include a staff complement of 11 dedicated staff. It shows growth – internally and in terms of the impact we can have in the Green Point area.”

Truss forecasts that the next 16 years will hold “growth, expansion and extension”. “We want to create more job opportunities for the unemployed. Internally we want to increase the training of staff so we can offer better services. We want to not only make a positive impact, but tell people about the impact we’ve made. We want to expand and assist other CIDs that set up and get started – so they don’t have to struggle like we did; we can guide them.

Originally published on People’s Post here.

Lou Lou’s restaurant promises to be a roaring success

Cape Quarter in Green Point has a new king of the restaurant jungle. It’s called Lou Lou’s and it promises to be a roaring success. This local bar, lounge and eatery, opened in May 2017 by owner Sergio Zurini, guarantees delicious food and live music with a new flare. Sergio says he loves the energy surrounding the people in Green Point and it’s an awesome buzz to be around.

So nice they named it twice

Lou Lou’s is all about class. They say you can’t buy happiness, but at Lou Lou’s you can buy class – sometimes it’s served on a plate, sometimes it plays on the stage and sometimes it’s in a glass. Whether you’re lapping up carefully crafted cocktails or devouring flavour-filled mains, you’ll feel like you’re the life of the party.

Dress up and get down

While Cape Town is known for its laid back attitude to pretty much everything, Lou Lou’s will entice you to throw on something nice. Their attire is described as “dressy” which  means you should look a little fancier than your Saturday relax-at-home pants. Don’t panic men, you don’t have to wear a frock!


What’s cooking, good looking?

You can snack at the bar, share tapas between friends or indulge in rich desserts. If you’re just there to have a romantic drink for two, order a glass from their fabulous champagne selection. If you plan to stay a while, try this array of dishes to satisfy your appetite: crumbed mushroom tapas, followed by beef fillet with Porcini sauce and finished with a tantalising passion fruit panna cotta.

Chef Jason Kosmos uses only fresh seasonal ingredients and has international experience in the culinary industry. He has worked in France, London and Italy to name a few, and this diverse range of influences comes through in his beautiful dishes of interesting flavours. Rumour has it, the seared tuna is Sergio’s favourite dish off the menu.

Green Point has a myriad of restaurants where you can wine and dine, but Lou Lou’s stands out as a welcome addition with an upmarket edge. No time to stay? Grab a coffee on the way. Looking for a good time? DJ Bryan Farrow is on at nine (check their Facebook page regarding the music line-up just in case). Lastly, it’s a delightful cove to shelter you from the colder days in the Cape.

Address: 27 Somerset Road, Cape Quarter, Green Point

Contact: 021 418 0015


Security report – May

Even though there were a number of incidents during May, our officers managed to make 13 successful arrests! The infographic below highlights the categories of incidents that took place and identifies the hotspots to be on the lookout for.

Keep in mind that the sun sets early and you’ll most likely have to get home in the dark. Please keep all your belongings safe and in your bag to avoid theft. If you pick up trouble or need one of our officers to help you get home safe, don’t hesitate to call us.


082 214 3228


082 217 1386

The Stack – Garden’s brasserie and member’s club

Located in Gardens is Leinster Hall, the beautiful historic Victorian manor which most of us remember as The Cape Town Club. Within the hall is The Stack – a brasserie and bar that offers a gorgeous dining experience. The building endured a scorching fire that consumed the second floor only days after their grand opening, but a year later The Stack has risen from the ashes to provide us with an experience you won’t forget.

The club was started by the power-duo of Nigel and Sarah Pace, a hotelier and designer who combined their talents to offer delicious food in an extraordinary and opulent interior. This duo created a space where people can come together and share their love of all things that epitomise stylish living. The result is a combination of Nigel’s great understanding of excellent service and Sarah’s colourful and eclectic style which will make your jaw drop on arrival.

Now, to the food… As the term ‘brasserie’ suggests, The Stack offers authentic unpretentious French cuisine that is delicious and stylishly presented. They pride themselves on offering proper food to be enjoyed and appreciated inside the alluring Gregorian structure or outside on their terrace surrounded by a beautiful array of flowers. Enjoy the perfect cocktail while you wait for a table at the brasserie next door, or enjoy a more informal dining experience by enjoying your meal at the spacious counter. Offering tranquillity and stunning features, The Stack’s incredible bar has also become the ideal spot to enjoy a drink on your way to another destination.

The Stack also includes an exclusive private members club, offering benefits to the fortunate few who have membership. Members can enjoy The Stack’s premium lounge for a more intimate experience, and access to a breath-taking veranda.

If you’re running a business and need a space to host meetings, the top floor has three amazing meeting venues which can be rented for your convenience.

They have recently launched a winter special for lunch from Monday to Saturday, and dinner from Monday to Thursday. This includes two courses for R195, or three courses for R235. So, if you’re ready to enjoy delicious French cuisine in a beautiful location, or if you’re interested in becoming a member of this fine establishment, visit their website for more details and menus.

Contact: 021 286 0187


Address: 7 Weltevreden Street, Gardens

Be entertained by these three indoor markets

Winter is here and we’ve discovered the solution to your FOMO during these cold days – indoor markets. Cape Town is known for its gorgeous local markets, and while sunny shopping days may feel far away, you can still find some fun at indoor stalls. So throw on a jersey or jacket, get the kids to put on their wellies and head out to meet local artisans and to try something new.

These three markets offer food, fun and the Cape Town vibe feeling even on dreary days:

Neighbourgoods Market

This glorious gourmet market warms up every Saturday at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock between 09h00 and 14h00. You’ll find fresh vegetables, seafood, heart-warming goodies, artisan bread, organic ciders, craft beers and the best coffee in town made by local baristas. It feels like a market you’d visit on holiday in an old town you haven’t explored before – lots of stories and fascinating people. We advise early arrival to find parking and avoid the rush around this trendy area.

Market at The Palms

Woodstock is hot and happening, and Market at the Palms is no exception. You’ll find possibly the best sushi of your life, and simple treats like cheeses and chocolates. Of all the indoor markets in Cape Town this one has the homeliest feel. Each vendor is welcoming and honest about their trade – there’s a true passion you’ll find in every dish. There are about 40 vendors, who cook up tasty treats such as coq au vin pie, angelfish pâté, flavourful mushroom skewers, organic tabouleh and dulce de leche. All of this takes place against the background of live music and laughter. The market runs from 09h00 to 14h00 every Saturday, and underground parking is FREE at 145 Sir Lowry Road.

Mojo Market

The newest kid on the block is open seven days a week on 34 Regent Road, Sea Point. This inner city gem has become the talk of the town thanks to gourmet cheese sandwiches, South African cuisine, fabulous affordable fashion, local produce and world-renowned Baskin and Robins ice cream. (Something you can’t leave before trying is a waffle bowl – it’s a bowl made from waffle filled with ice cream!) Whether you’re going out for a warm breakfast, a cup of coffee with friends or to buy a birthday gift, this is where you should head. More than that, do a fresh fruit and vegetables shopping trip or take the kids for a sweet treat.

Don’t hide at home just because the cold threatens outside. In such a beautiful bustling city, there is no excuse for you to miss out on any of the action with these three indoor markets.

Experience meat like never before at Primal Eatery

Primal Eatery has taken the classic South African passion for braaiing and turned it into a classy affair. It’s not your average steakhouse – in fact they pride themselves on being called a meatery, and encourage an attitude which nears meat obsession!

Everything they do revolves around meat: live fire, innovative cooking techniques and food styling with a twist. Primal Eatery lets you indulge in the sensory experience of a braai while enjoying the service and comfort of a restaurant.

The owners, husband and wife Brynn and Kristina, spent four years coming up with this concept. With their combined experience of travel and restaurant background, Primal Eatery came to life. They come from two very different cultures – Greek and South African – but share a love of family and food. That’s why they put their staff first, food and drink second, and everything else third.

The décor is warm (think fire!) with wooden tables and textured walls. There are a few booths for you to cosy up in if you’re looking for an intimate evening. The bar is inviting and in slightly warmer weather, the terrace is the perfect spot to sip on something cold. No matter where you sit, you’ll be taken care of with special treatment.

Primal Eatery will make you feel like a primal, carnivorous caveman in the best sense. Meat means survival. What kind of meat? Tomahawk steak in the shape of an axe, 28-day aged fillet and 35-day aged rib-eye. Dinner for two? Grab their winter special of  two 35-day aged sirloin steaks, a bottle of wine and dessert to share for just R450.

There are plenty of meat-centric restaurants in Cape Town so what makes Primal Eatery different? The fact that your glass will never be empty, the meat is cooked exactly how you want it and everyone has a good time – just like a braai, but classier, and without any of the work.The colder weather has pulled into Cape Town and a hearty meat dish is just what’s needed. Primal Eatery will look after you this winter.

Address: 50 New Church Street, Cape Town

Contact: 021 422-3232



If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.