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Engen opens its garage doors on Kloof Street

The road to completion has been a long one, but Engen has finally opened its garage doors on Kloof Street. The neighbourhood reall does have everything you need – grocery stores, a pharmacy, furniture shops, restaurants, bars, coffee spots, entertainment and now Engen! Think of Engen as the necessary pitstop en route to those places.

Some quick facts about Engen on Kloof Street:

  • The closest coffee shop – Knead Bakery – is approximately 18 steps away.
  • The nearest bar – Yours Truly – is approximately 21 steps away (if you’re going upstairs to the deck it’ll be a few more).
  • There is a quick-stop 1-plus shop for you to buy essentials.
  • The next closest Engen garage is 240 m away on Orange Street.
  • There is an ABSA ATM on site.
  • You can spend your eBucks at Engen.

This is a great addition to Kloof Street for residents and businesses alike. That said, with new business comes new risks. For example, we must be aware of the potential for greater traffic congestion and busier intersection. However, there’s no need to be paranoid, especially if you play it safe with these few tips:

  1. Turn off your engine when you stop to fill up with petrol in case there is any static electricity which could cause a spark.
  2. Avoid smoking while your tank is being filled to avoid risk or fire or explosion.
  3. Check your tyres, oil and water once a week.
  4. When you draw money from the ATM be aware of who is around you, and don’t get distracted while completing the transaction.

The staff are friendly and quick to help when you pull up. We’d love to hear about your experience at this convenient petrol station, so feel free to leave a comment below. If you experience any security issues while you’re there, alert one of the attendants and call our 24/7 patrol vehicle on 082 217 1386.

Address: 61 Kloof Street

Contact: 021 424 5407


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


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