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Let Junior’s burgers transport you to your childhood

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, there’s something special about getting your hands around a meal in a bun! Some burgers are simply delicious and that’s the reason you would return for another, while others go the extra mile and make you smile for a different reason. This is why we want to introduce you to a little gem on Kloof Nek Road called Junior…

On a first visit to this small and colourful spot, you’ll immediately feel a sense of nostalgia. Just as their name suggests, the interior, simple menu and friendly staff will transport you to a time when you were younger. Why? They have achieved the impossible and found a way to offer the delicious flavour you tasted in the junk you ate as a child but without having to feel even the slightest bit of guilt. Why? Just bite into one of their four delicious burgers and you’ll experience real and unpretentious food that is both fresh and delicious.

The restaurant is owned by the same minds that brought us the Mexican El Burro, and the amazing Royale Eatery in Long Street. Each of these restaurants has their own claim to fame. The meals at El Burro are packed full of authentic flavours and we can all agree that the milkshakes at Royale Eatery are about as good as they get.

At Junior, these two worlds meet as they give you unpretentious and delicious burgers with a secret Junior sauce, as well as a selection of milkshakes. With flavours like fresh banana, peanut butter and banana, and fresh strawberry, their shakes are worth a try.

Junior kept true to an American diner theme, and no American meal is complete without a portion of fries on the side. And yes, their light and crispy fries are up there on the podium with the likes of Steers and McDonalds, but once you try their cheese fries, we think you’ll agree that Junior deserves the gold medal.

Junior also has a special policy so you can bring all of your friends, even the four-legged ones! If you’re a craft-beer or red wine lover, you’ll be excited to learn that a refreshing pint of Citizen Patriot Light Lager, or glass of Pandora’s Box Merlot can accompany your meal.

What are you waiting for? Junior is located right between El Burro Taqueria and the Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa on Kloof Nek Road and they are open from Mondays to Saturdays to make you feel like a kid again!

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