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Safer CID: new cameras installed to accelerate fight against crime

After nearly 17 years in the business of keeping the GP/OKCID districts running smoothly, our champions in the security sector show no signs of slowing their efforts. Word on the street is that they have introduced state of the art tools to further curb criminal activity in the area.

We asked our Chief Executive Marc Truss a few questions to find out more about the latest developments:

What is the latest update in terms of security measures for the GPOKCID areas?

We have installed brand new Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras.

Why do we need LPR cameras?

The cameras will benefit all law enforcement agencies, by helping to capture information about cars which may have been involved in illegal activity. LPR can also be used to monitor the movements of vehicles to and from an area.

They can also provide live data to assist with traffic management and even be expanded to include traffic offences – so in a nutshell, installing them enhances our crime prevention techniques and methods.

When did the cameras become operational?

All cameras are now fully operational, providing law enforcement with a live feed.

Who will be managing the cameras?

Sea Point CID in conjunction with other LPR Group users including the City of Cape Town, SAPS and other CIDs.

What impact do you hope the cameras will have?

We want to take a proactive stance against acts of criminal intent. These cameras will afford us early warning by allowing us to keep an eye on vehicles we are wary of. As soon as the registration has been logged in the system as suspicious, we can track their movements, even when they leave our area.

The LPR cameras are crucial for intelligence gathering. They are integrated within a larger network of users so that we can track vehicles of interest or concern further away.

They will enable law enforcement members and responders to act efficiently, effectively and most importantly pro-actively. This will, in turn, streamline the process leading up to a stop and search, detention, profiling, arrest and then hopefully sentencing where a crime has been committed.

This step forward has proved again that our GP/OKCID team has some of the most progressive minds around, always looking for innovative ways to further protect our safety.

We salute the team, and look forward to increased safety in our city.


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


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