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New home for pig’s paintings

Nestled among the public art at St Andrew’s Square is the work of an artist of a different calibre.

The Oink Gallery – the official travelling gallery of the world’s first ever painting pig, more fondly known as Pigcasso – is open at the square and the paintings, all created by the pig, are for sale, with the proceeds going to the Farm Sanctuary of South Africa.

St Andrew’s Square is managed by the Green Point City Improvement District (GPCID), and CEO Marc Truss facilitated the new addition to the area.

“It’s always a pleasure to support new projects and passionate entrepreneurs that are making a positive impact in our society.”

The pieces (and the pig) are well loved, with an international following to prove it – a few of the paintings have been sold to international customers online and at past international exhibitions.

Joanne Lefson, the woman behind the discovery of Pigcasso’s unusual talent, saw that when paintbrushes were put in the pig’s pen, she chose to delicately handle them while duly eating nearly everything else.

After being provided with paint and a canvas, this piggy proved to be unstoppable, even signing each painting with her trademark snout. It’s pretty remarkable when you consider that she was rescued from a slaughterhouse where her only purpose would have been to end up as a pork chop. Now she impacts many other animals by providing resources at the Farm Sanctuary, Lefson’s other great love.

Nestled safely in the valley of Franschoek, the boutique sanctuary nurtures and cares for about 100 farm animals of every kind. Every animal has a name and a story, from Baa-bara the sheep to Baloo, a big-eyed calf that will steal your heart.

Lefson had visited similar farm sanctuaries in the US and was inspired to start her own, finally opening the doors in 2016. Her objective is to facilitate a creative space to connect the animals and people and rethink support of the industries.

Visit the gallery at Prestwich Memorial opposite Truth Coffee on the corner of Somerset and Buitengracht roads.V Contact Lefson on 084 735 3303 or

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Enjoy shimmering sunsets along the Promenade, dance to the rhythms of the colourful festival strip, cheer for your team at the Cape Town Stadium or stroll away time in Green Point’s Urban Park.

From R3.65 million to R15.75 million. VAT inclusive.

169 on Main is perfectly positioned along what many call the ‘Silver Mile’, equidistant from the eclectic hustle and bustle of Sea Point and the central business precinct of Cape Town.

Masterfully designed with 50 architecturally superior apartments and one luxury penthouse over 11 floors, the elegant interiors of these impressive apartments have been fitted with stylish, high quality finishes.

Green Point lies between, Sea Point, Mouille Point and the Cape Town CBD. Due to its central location, Green Point is an attractive option for working professionals as well as holidaymakers who are drawn in by the area’s expansive views and ease of access to a host of restaurants and amenities.

This vibrant suburb is home to the Cape Town Stadium, the popular Sea Point Promenade and the newly established Green Point Urban Park, adding value to long term property investments in the area.

Occupancy planned for approximately end 2019.

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First drinking water from desalination a step toward greater resilience

We are very proud to announce that our temporary desalination plant in Strandfontein is now delivering high-quality, treated desalinated water into our supply system.

This plant is injecting 4,7 million litres per day into the reticulation system and is being delivered to customers. It is foreseen that full production of 7 million litres will come online during June 2018.

Our reverse osmosis desalination plant in the Waterfront area is close to producing two million litres of drinking water per day while progress on the desalination plant at Monwabisi is also progressing well, with first water expected to be delivered by June and full production to be reached by July, if all goes according to plan. This plant is also set to produce 7 million litres per day.

It is important to note that these projects provide only a small contribution of our daily water requirement as a city. It forms part of our efforts to make additional water available without only relying on rainfall to fill our dams. However, our most effective tool to keep Day Zero away is to continue to reduce our usage. We have done well so far, and we must keep up our savings efforts during winter and in preparation for Summer 2018/19. We must continue to stretch our existing water supplies as we simply do not know what the actual winter rainfall will be.

Latest dam levels Weekly dam level change Average consumption for the previous week
21,1% -0,3% 525 million litres of collective usage. Target remains 450 million litres of collective usage.

The desalination projects, in conjunction with our groundwater and water re-use programmes, are part of our efforts to make our city more resilient to future drought shocks and to ensure that we thrive despite climatic uncertainty. To get through the current drought, however, it remains essential that we reduce our water usage and manage the water that we have left in our supply system through the City’s pressure management programmes and our continued emphasis on fixing leaks to reduce water losses.

The resilience programme, which came into effect in May 2017, has evolved considerably over the past year – with each evolution better reflecting the current reality based on the latest information as it becomes available. Substantial changes to the initial programme were announced in December/January 2017/18 and further amendments have been made since February and March, culminating in the New Water Programme.

For details about this programme, please see here

Much experience has been gained over the past year through the development of the various projects, and advice from professionals and subject matter experts, both locally and abroad. This knowledge is informing the current programme and priorities, for example:

  • Sustainable groundwater extraction is cheaper, specifically for large yields. Our approach remains conservative to ensure we maximise the water yield sustainably at the lowest possible cost. Importantly, the system design for groundwater extraction can only be finalised once yield and quality are established in the various clusters.
  • Temporary desalination and re-use should not be pursued further as emergency solutions as this is not affordable, and rarely provides the promised volumes of water.
  • For future resilience, permanent desalination and water re-use are recommended as alternative sources of water to add to ground and surface water supply sources.

The City’s augmentation programme has achieved in four months what would usually take two years in terms of project development and progress.

We intend to produce close to 100 million litres per day of additional water available by December 2018 and to ramp this up to over 150 million litres per day by April 2019.

Project Date first water expected based on current information Date full production expected based on current information
Temporary desalination:Monwabisi temporary desalination plant


Strandfontein temporary desalination plant


Waterfront temporary desalination plant

June/July 2018





May/June 2018




May/June 2018

June/July 2018





June/July 2018




June/July 2018

Groundwater programme: Cape Flats aquifer and TMG aquifer


Atlantis aquifer

Timeframes are dependent on variables such as water quality and land access.  





Atlantis Aquifer – 12 million litres per day is currently being supplied from groundwater sources. Atlantis is thus off the grid already.

Water transfers:


Groenland Water Transfer has been completed. A total of 7.3 MCM was released to Steenbras Upper Dam

Albion Spring – 2.4 Ml/day


Main Spring (Oranjezicht) – 1.2 Ml/day


Albion Spring – 2,4 million litres per day



Main Spring (Oranjezicht) – 1,2 million litres per day



Lourens River – Currently treating 3,9 million litres per day at Helderberg water treatment plant Lourens River – Currently treating 3,9 million litres per day at Helderberg water treatment plant
Water re-use projects Under way


Going forward, the City will continue to work together with water users to reduce water usage while also doing everything we can to conserve and diversify our water resources.

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Janse & Co – an authentic taste experience

Janse & Co is a relatively new addition to the greater city bowl restaurant scene, and it arrives offering bite and beauty. This new dining spot has the balance of elegance and interesting cuisine without the slightest hint of pretension.

Located on Kloof Street near the Lifestyle Centre, they opened their doors on 14 December 2017 to serve up what founder Arno Janse van Rensberg describes as “casual fine dining”. This combination of the best of things with a relaxed vibe carries through the entire restaurant, from the charcoal interior with warm, natural wood flooring, to the food itself. The staff embody the relaxed yet refined feel of the restaurant, offering efficient service without the austere air of some white linen table cloth establishments.

Janse van Rensberg’s impressive résumé explains the informed choices about who to include when forming a new restaurant. He successfully ran The Kitchen at the upmarket Maison wine farm in Franshoek for six years prior to Janse & Co. It is clear that the standards of up-market dining have lent themselves well to his new establishment, with a slight twist – rules no longer apply.

With the emphasis on “casual dining”, this restaurant offers a unique experience which allows the customer to take the tasting menu into their own hands and curate which dish they would like when. “There are no rules around the order that you eat (the dishes),” says Janse van Rensberg, adding “if you want dessert first then by all means, have it first.”

Should one choose to have dessert first, can the rest of the dishes hold their own and follow, though? Apparently so! The focus of each dish is on no more than three to five fresh, sustainable ingredients, and there are a number of interesting combinations to challenge and tempt your taste buds. Two of the most popular dishes are the octopus, sharron fruit, lime, coriander and curry leaves and the sunchoke, leek, buerre noisette, hazelnut combination.

All ingredients are sourced as close to home as possible, with the emphasis on sustainability. Guests have the option of three to seven courses with a wine pairing that introduces boutique wineries and winemakers from the Western Cape.

Their ideal customer? “Definitely someone who loves food,” Janse van Rensberg confidently replies, adding “though we do not limit this to ‘foodies’, those who are excited to try new things are welcome!”

The ideal time to visit the restaurant really depends on the experience that you are looking for, as there is a difference in atmosphere between lunch and dinner. For a relaxed time, Saturday lunch in the courtyard is best (weather permitting). For a busier, more electric feel at this urban spot, go for a Friday night.

Whichever you choose, book ahead to avoid disappointment and food envy. If done early enough, the restaurant can accommodate up to 18 guests at the long table, situated near the display of house-made charcuterie and the wine fridges. That, and their philosophy is enough make us dedicate a Friday night to this fine establishment.


Open –  Tuesdays: 6 – 9pm

Wednesday – Saturday: 12 – 2pm and 6 – 9 pm

Closed – Sundays and Mondays


Contact – Email:  

Call:                021 422 0384

Fior di Latte – an Italian taste sensation

To most of us, cheese is a delicious food that goes with just about anything. To Italian born Davide and Fabio, seasoned professionals of the food industry, it’s so much more

These specialist foodies are known for fresh, artisan Italian cheese and have given Mozzarella a new meaning. They have become famous for their Puglia Cheese Burrata, a handmade mozzarella ball filled with ripened mozzarella, soaked in double cream ‘stracciatella’. It’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before!

Their latest venture, cheese deli Fior di Latte, opened on 6th April 2018 in Cape Town. They offer over 60 different cheeses, most of them homemade, and also make hot food, serving dishes such as folded pizza to baked Burrata. Their idea? To make showcase just how versatile cheese is and demonstrate how it can be used.

Davide explained to us that the word “fior” or “fiore” is used in Italian to describe everything that is of the best quality and that, directly translated, Fior di Latte means ‘flower of the milk”. It is also the proper name of Mozzarella made from cow’s milk.

There are two distinctively different Mozzarellas in Italy. The more common one is made from cow’s milk, and the other is made from Italian water buffalo milk. The latter is much rarer as they don’t exactly roam the South African countryside! Both cheeses are ivory white, preserved in water and made in the same manner, using rennet and cultures. They differ in acidity, nutritional values and fat content.

Fior di Latte is located at 304 Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, in the same building as Cause and Effect Cocktail Kitchen with whom they share an entrance; just hang a right when you walk in.

They offer freshly made Mozzarella Fior di Latte, made to order every day from 11.30 to 2pm right in front of you. Any of their friendly, knowledgeable, staff members will happily explain what’s on offer that day from Treccia to Nodini to Burrata. They also offer charcuterie and a large variety of health drinks, freshly squeezed, frullati (an Italian fruit smoothie), frappe’s and mocktails. Their menu is exciting, out of the ordinary, and made using predominantly free range and organic products.

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next dinner party, or simply want to indulge your senses in tastes of authentic Italy? Look no further than Fior di Latte and let your taste buds be tantalised by the wonders of handcrafted cheese.

Security Report – April 2018

We are fast approaching the middle mark of the year which means that we are all falling into a rhythm and are likely to relax our approaches to safety. We want to encourage residents to maintain an attitude of vigilance as the year continues, as well as keeping us informed should any incidences occur which we can assist with.

Currently, theft out of motor vehicles has escalated dramatically with 11 incidents last month, followed closely by motor vehicle accidents of which there were nine. Please do not take risks if they can be avoided. Take safety precautions by:

  • Always making sure that your vehicle is securely locked
  • Be aware of the area you are driving through – especially at night
  • NEVER leave items visible in your vehicle – even for short periods of time
  • Try not to leave items in your vehicle overnight, even in the boot.

If you care about your community and would like to be part of our continued efforts to improve the area, why not become a board member? You can make a real impact and always be abreast of what’s happening nearby. All we need from you is attendance at four board meetings a year. Find out more information here.



If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.