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Fior di Latte – an Italian taste sensation

To most of us, cheese is a delicious food that goes with just about anything. To Italian born Davide and Fabio, seasoned professionals of the food industry, it’s so much more

These specialist foodies are known for fresh, artisan Italian cheese and have given Mozzarella a new meaning. They have become famous for their Puglia Cheese Burrata, a handmade mozzarella ball filled with ripened mozzarella, soaked in double cream ‘stracciatella’. It’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before!

Their latest venture, cheese deli Fior di Latte, opened on 6th April 2018 in Cape Town. They offer over 60 different cheeses, most of them homemade, and also make hot food, serving dishes such as folded pizza to baked Burrata. Their idea? To make showcase just how versatile cheese is and demonstrate how it can be used.

Davide explained to us that the word “fior” or “fiore” is used in Italian to describe everything that is of the best quality and that, directly translated, Fior di Latte means ‘flower of the milk”. It is also the proper name of Mozzarella made from cow’s milk.

There are two distinctively different Mozzarellas in Italy. The more common one is made from cow’s milk, and the other is made from Italian water buffalo milk. The latter is much rarer as they don’t exactly roam the South African countryside! Both cheeses are ivory white, preserved in water and made in the same manner, using rennet and cultures. They differ in acidity, nutritional values and fat content.

Fior di Latte is located at 304 Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, in the same building as Cause and Effect Cocktail Kitchen with whom they share an entrance; just hang a right when you walk in.

They offer freshly made Mozzarella Fior di Latte, made to order every day from 11.30 to 2pm right in front of you. Any of their friendly, knowledgeable, staff members will happily explain what’s on offer that day from Treccia to Nodini to Burrata. They also offer charcuterie and a large variety of health drinks, freshly squeezed, frullati (an Italian fruit smoothie), frappe’s and mocktails. Their menu is exciting, out of the ordinary, and made using predominantly free range and organic products.

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next dinner party, or simply want to indulge your senses in tastes of authentic Italy? Look no further than Fior di Latte and let your taste buds be tantalised by the wonders of handcrafted cheese.


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