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New home for pig’s paintings

Nestled among the public art at St Andrew’s Square is the work of an artist of a different calibre.

The Oink Gallery – the official travelling gallery of the world’s first ever painting pig, more fondly known as Pigcasso – is open at the square and the paintings, all created by the pig, are for sale, with the proceeds going to the Farm Sanctuary of South Africa.

St Andrew’s Square is managed by the Green Point City Improvement District (GPCID), and CEO Marc Truss facilitated the new addition to the area.

“It’s always a pleasure to support new projects and passionate entrepreneurs that are making a positive impact in our society.”

The pieces (and the pig) are well loved, with an international following to prove it – a few of the paintings have been sold to international customers online and at past international exhibitions.

Joanne Lefson, the woman behind the discovery of Pigcasso’s unusual talent, saw that when paintbrushes were put in the pig’s pen, she chose to delicately handle them while duly eating nearly everything else.

After being provided with paint and a canvas, this piggy proved to be unstoppable, even signing each painting with her trademark snout. It’s pretty remarkable when you consider that she was rescued from a slaughterhouse where her only purpose would have been to end up as a pork chop. Now she impacts many other animals by providing resources at the Farm Sanctuary, Lefson’s other great love.

Nestled safely in the valley of Franschoek, the boutique sanctuary nurtures and cares for about 100 farm animals of every kind. Every animal has a name and a story, from Baa-bara the sheep to Baloo, a big-eyed calf that will steal your heart.

Lefson had visited similar farm sanctuaries in the US and was inspired to start her own, finally opening the doors in 2016. Her objective is to facilitate a creative space to connect the animals and people and rethink support of the industries.

Visit the gallery at Prestwich Memorial opposite Truth Coffee on the corner of Somerset and Buitengracht roads.V Contact Lefson on 084 735 3303 or

Originally published on: News24 | People’s Post


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