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Sweating for clean streets

The global trend of ‘plogging’ has swept into the Mother City through the Green Point City Improvement District (GPCID) clean-up team. Originating in Sweden, the first part of the name “plogging” is derived from the Swedish phrase “plocka upp”, which literally means to pick up litter. The next part of the word comes from the English word: jogging. Plogging is a way to keep the city clean and work out at the same time.

In partnership with Straatwerk and Averda, GPCID has started implementing this trend to keep the fan walk clean four times a week.

Hannes van der Merwe, the manager of Ophelp Projekte under the Straatwerk umbrella, had the idea to incorporate plogging into the GPCID’s cleaning endeavours. Straatwerk is a multi-faceted organisation that focuses on the reintegration of disenfranchised individuals back into society. The GP/OKCID and Straatwerk have a long-standing working relationship.

Van der Merwe had seen the phenomenon online and recommended it to GPCID Chief Executive Marc Truss as an affordable and effective solution to keep the fan walk clean. He oversees the work done by waste management company Averda in Green Point and Mouille Point, so put them forward as a service provider.

The initiative is a great way to approach the often ‘mundane’ task of cleaning. Truss believes that exercise is vital to maintaining the health of employees and is impressed by their hard work. “I am proud of the team’s dedication and willingness to participate in this fun new venture.”

The cleaning team had a regular exercising regimen, which included jogs to and from the stadium. Subsequently, this has been replaced by plogging the length of the fan walk, collecting litter as they go.

The challenge is to complete the course in the fastest time possible, leading to a full cardiovascular workout as plogging burns more calories than the average jog and employs more muscle groups through bending and reaching for litter.  Cleaners receive a score based on their time and how much litter is picked up. Those that complete the route in the stipulated time frame receive an extra monetary reward on top of their shift payment. “That amount of sweat deserves to be rewarded!” adds Van der Merwe.

Originally published in People’s Post: 26 June 2018

TDY & TMRW – Good times all the time

Yours truly… This could be the sign off on a note from a close personal friend, or a hand-written letter from a distinguished gentleman circa the late 19th century.

Either way, these two words have a way of making you feel special. And that is exactly what the YOURSTRULY brand aims to do. Their relaxed, ever inclusive franchise has expanded yet again into a new sit down restaurant/ wax bar with an equally wistful (yet powerful) name – TDY&TMRW – located on Kloof Street opposite the Lifestyle Centre.

We chatted to general manager Georgia Steytler about good vibes, multi-functional spaces and

making more room for diversity.


YOURSTRULY has really grown from its early days in Long street. What would you say has made it such a popular brand?

GS: It really has! As someone that used to frequent the Long Street store and later joined the team, I think YT is what it is because of our team. We have the most incredible people working in the stores day to day who remember your order, genuinely care when they ask how you are, and are invested in what they do.

The other thing that sets us apart is the focus on local musicians and artists. We have created a platform for local DJ’s and bands to build a following and find their feet. We’ve also collaborated with VANS to provide a platform for artists, photographers and illustrators to exhibit their work with our VANS series at our Loop Street store.


That sounds incredible, so the creative element is what draws people in?

GS: That, and we have also worked hard to create a space where everyone is welcome. The plants also play a pretty big role in drawing people in – the owner has always said, “if people see that we can take care of our plants, they’ll know we can take care of them.”  I think we’ve managed to do that to the best of our ability.


What makes TDY&TMRW different from the regular YOURSTRULY branches?

GS: TDY&TMRW is a proper sit-down restaurant and wax bar. It’s the first time we’ve ventured into an actual restaurant as opposed to our usual café/ beer garden style.  We have also made TDY&TMRW a vinyl-only bar with a permanent set up encouraging local DJs and musicians to share their vinyl collections.


What do you value most as a brand?

GS: Inclusivity – YT is for everyone. We purposely use the hashtags #thisisyours and #allyours to make people feel it is a space for everyone.


The DJ sets are an amazing idea, what is the vibe like on the nights that they play? Does the music mix well with the food?

GS: It’s a wax bar which makes it a little more relaxed than YT. The DJ’s only start playing at 9pm and our dinner service ends at 10pm, so by the time the DJ’s really find their groove, TDY&TMRW turns into more of a bar. We have always focused on making our spaces multi-functional and this is no different. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner which later turns into a really rad space to have a few drinks and listen to some really great music.


Who is your ideal customer?

GS: Anyone that really appreciates diversity and has respect for the space and people around them. YOURSTRULY is for everyone, we don’t have an ideal customer. If you have a rad vibe and you’re keen to hang out in a little garden oasis then you’re our kind of person.


Where do you source your coffee? (very, VERY important)

GS: We get our coffee from the amazing humans at Deluxe Coffee Works!


The most popular dish right now?

GS: Currently, the house burger is super popular and also our classic wood-fired Margherita pizza.


What would you say is your busiest day of the week (and why)?

GS: Probably Friday and Saturday evenings – DJ’s are playing, we have a few drinks specials and Cape Town is always looking to have a good time over the weekend.


What do you see the next 5 years looking like for TDY & TMRW?

GS: I think we’d like to build up a really solid clientele and host as many DJ’s as possible, maybe even some exhibitions. We’d like TDY & TMRW to have the same appeal and comfort as YOURSTRULY Kloof Street. Who knows? We are always trying something new!

Eskom implements shock loadshedding

Eskom has declared a power system emergency at extremely short notice and implemented loadshedding for the second time in less than 24 hours. 

The City of Cape Town advises residents that it is able to operate the schedule as before, and avert low levels of loadshedding if consumption remains low. Residents are, however, advised to be prepared for periods without power.

Due to spare generation capacity available at the Steenbras pumped storage scheme at the time, residents of Cape Town were spared the first two blocks of outages, between 12:00 and14:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00 as these were applicable to off-peak times. But when consumption increases during peak periods it is likely that power will need to be conserved. Residents are advised to familiarise themselves with the schedule available on the City’s website to know when to expect their area to be without power and to prepare accordingly.

‘We are entirely dependent on Eskom informing us of what their generation capacity will be so unfortunately we are at this point unable to provide residents with more detailed information on what to expect. However, we believe that there is a risk that loadshedding will continue to be implemented throughout the next week,’ said Cllr Xanthea Limberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy.

‘Our teams were given a few minutes’ notice yesterday evening that they would need to trigger loadshedding operations, and this was amidst conflicting messages from the parastatal, so we urge residents to be on guard and prepared for this eventuality at all times.

‘We ask that residents please do everything possible to keep consumption to a minimum. If residents are using a lot of energy then there is not much left to spare of the Steenbras surplus. We are especially grateful for the power generated by the Steenbras pumped storage scheme as it allowed our Muslim residents to celebrate Eid without having to sit down to a cold lunch.

‘We further ask that residents please do not phone the call centre about power outage unless more than 30 minutes has passed beyond the scheduled period for their area, as this will overload the staff.

‘We are hopeful that, given the typically reduced loads of consumption over the weekend, we will not need to resort to loadshedding. We will continue to monitor the situation and our electricity control centre remains on standby. We will continue to do everything possible to reduce the impact on Cape Town’s residents,’ said Cllr Limberg

Preparing for an outage

  • Charge your phone
  • Fill your tank – petrol station pumps don’t work during outages
  • Have some cash handy as ATMs won’t work
  • Switch electric garage doors and security gates to manual operation
  • Make sure you have torches, batteries, candles and matches, and put them somewhere where they can be easily found in the dark
  • Keep boiled water in a thermos flask for hot drinks

Outage tips

Switch off and unplug all electronics and appliances when the power is due to go off as it may come back with a spike in the voltage, which can damage electronic devices such as computers, television sets, DVD players, etc.

If your electricity remains off for longer than the period specified in the schedule, SMS the City’s technical operations centre on 31220. The restoration of power sometimes results in what is described as ‘nuisance tripping’, which often goes unreported due to the assumption that the outage is due to loadshedding.

The City of Cape Town will communicate further as and when more information becomes available.

Please find your area schedule for download at the following link:

Published by:
City of Cape Town, Media Office

CHAPEL – carry your journey

“Owning one of our bags is a lifetime commitment, so put it in your will.”

– CHAPEL Goods

You may have never have heard of this incredible brand, and if not, we are excited to introduce you. Nothing about CHAPEL goods lends itself to mediocrity. From the neat display to the crisp white backdrop of the walls, clear intention and specific choices are evident. The brand has a carefully curated style that feels simultaneously exclusive and comfortable.

Take your pick of duffels, moonbags and everything in between, because CHAPEL has it all. All of their products are handmade and the materials used range from canvas to 100% bovine (cow), Kudu or Eland leather, sourced locally or in Namibia. The leather is available in 12 different shades and it is possible to order a bespoke bag made specifically.

Aside from the quality, it is the story that sets this brand apart. The founder and owner, Caleb Pederson, is a fashion designer and avid traveller. He was inspired by the intersection between the different functions of bags in his everyday life, and the function of bags in the different cultural contexts he came into contact with on his travels.

In fact, the brand’s name comes from a trip to India, where the inspiration for his own creations first took root. Initially, Pederson wanted to make shoes and chose the Hindi word for sandal, “chappal”. In 2009, he transitioned to making leather bags after seeing a gap in the market. The name CHAPEL   stuck. To celebrate the birth of his brand, this year they recreated their first manufactured backpack, almost a decade after the journey began.

Currently, there are six employees that put the bags together at their factory in the Woodstock exchange. Many of these are original team members who have been joined by a sales team and their own graphic designer, Simone van der Spuy. Although the brand is committed to its own aesthetic, van der Spuy shares that there is always room for collaboration if the concept serves both traders. “In the past we have done colabs with other designers and artists for limited edition bags.”

All of the bags they produce have an authentic feel about them, and owning one makes a lifestyle statement. To quote the website: “We ride, explore and take journeys to stay inspired. The risk is to start.” They are for the traveller, investor, and above all for the lovers of experience. They suit those who prioritise style and sustainability over fast fashion.

This business proves that our country houses great talent, with heart and care behind what we produce. CHAPEL is right up there with the luxury leather brands, and should they fulfil the goal of expanding their online store reach, it will be an export we can be proud of.



INSTAGRAM: @chapelgoods

176 Albert Road

Woodstock, Cape Town


Prashad café – home to the best vegan curry in the business

Prashad café may be in the most unassuming location but it is everything but your everyday restaurant. Not only is the menu a mix of authentic Indian cuisine, it has a distinct Durban edge to it, which makes for bursts of flavour. If the rich, aromatic smells drifting across the room are anything to go by, you know that it will be a satisfying experience.

The room is painted a warm fuschia and is decorated with simple tables and chairs that still somehow speak of the rich opulence of east. The owner/manager, Krishan Peters stands proudly by the counter, ready to be involved with every aspect of service. It is clear that he is deeply invested in the restaurant. Prashad café is his first self-owned place, and he has the privilege on partnering with his mom, Theresa, who happens to also be the brilliant chef behind the flavours.

The restaurant’s lineage is impressive, with Krishan and his mother owning a restaurant in the Baxter Theatre as well the Maharaja Vegetarian restaurant in Rondebosch. They also have family ties to the age-old Maharajah restaurant located in Tamboerskloof.

All of the restaurants aside from the original boast strictly vegetarian menus. Krishan proudly shares that of the dishes on the menu, about 70% are vegan and they are continually trying to move towards that mark of a fully vegan menu. “Because of our spiritual beliefs, we don’t sell meat, and even though we initially experienced a drop in sales, it is so much more rewarding than making a profit off of meat.”


Added to this is the fact that veganism is significantly on the rise, especially in Cape town. More and more people are realising the affect that excessive meat consumption has on your body as well as the environment. Krishan is going to make it much easier to say no to animal products by slowly incorporating more vegan desserts (such as vegan chocolate cake= yum) and experimenting with the regular Prashad recipes to create a vegan friendly option.


Eventually he would like to open another Indian restaurant that uses no animal products whatsoever, even finding a delicious alternative to the well-loved naan bread. “You won’t find our naan breads anywhere else, we will be the only place that sells vegan naan bread.”

All that said, what other delicious options are on the menu? The most popular is their vegetarian butter chicken, which one customer claimed was “even better than traditional chicken curry”. Wow – what a claim. When we asked what the most underestimated dish was, Krishan claimed it was the chickpea Chana Masala. It is definitely going on our list of dishes to try. Did we mention that Prashad café also serves Origin coffee? That’s right, Indian food and good coffee, the peak of happiness.

If you work in the city and need a nutritious lunch, take a stroll to the center on the corner of Kloof and Weltevreden street (where the Checkers is) and treat yourself to something spicy and satisfying. Look out for future R50 lunch specials and vegan delectables on their social media pages.


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Security Report – May 2018

We are so proud of the GPOKCID safety officers for their continued deliverance of good service to the public. They have faithfully applied themselves to improving safety as the year goes, which is clear in the significant lowering of criminal incidences this month.

Theft out of motor vehicles and cell phone theft are rivalling one another for the most common occurrence this month with 4 incidents each. These are both cases that can be solved through extra vigilance when hiding belongings and making sure to stay in a safe area. We especially encourage those that go out at night:

  • Stay in a group of friends
  • Try not to wait for an Uber in a secluded area
  • Do not text while walking alone – this is when criminals tend to grab phones.

If you care about your community and would like to be part of our continued efforts to improve the area, why not become a board member? You can make a real impact and stay abreast of what’s happening in the area. All we need from you is attendance at four board meetings a year. Find out more information here.



If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.