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TDY & TMRW – Good times all the time

Yours truly… This could be the sign off on a note from a close personal friend, or a hand-written letter from a distinguished gentleman circa the late 19th century.

Either way, these two words have a way of making you feel special. And that is exactly what the YOURSTRULY brand aims to do. Their relaxed, ever inclusive franchise has expanded yet again into a new sit down restaurant/ wax bar with an equally wistful (yet powerful) name – TDY&TMRW – located on Kloof Street opposite the Lifestyle Centre.

We chatted to general manager Georgia Steytler about good vibes, multi-functional spaces and

making more room for diversity.


YOURSTRULY has really grown from its early days in Long street. What would you say has made it such a popular brand?

GS: It really has! As someone that used to frequent the Long Street store and later joined the team, I think YT is what it is because of our team. We have the most incredible people working in the stores day to day who remember your order, genuinely care when they ask how you are, and are invested in what they do.

The other thing that sets us apart is the focus on local musicians and artists. We have created a platform for local DJ’s and bands to build a following and find their feet. We’ve also collaborated with VANS to provide a platform for artists, photographers and illustrators to exhibit their work with our VANS series at our Loop Street store.


That sounds incredible, so the creative element is what draws people in?

GS: That, and we have also worked hard to create a space where everyone is welcome. The plants also play a pretty big role in drawing people in – the owner has always said, “if people see that we can take care of our plants, they’ll know we can take care of them.”  I think we’ve managed to do that to the best of our ability.


What makes TDY&TMRW different from the regular YOURSTRULY branches?

GS: TDY&TMRW is a proper sit-down restaurant and wax bar. It’s the first time we’ve ventured into an actual restaurant as opposed to our usual café/ beer garden style.  We have also made TDY&TMRW a vinyl-only bar with a permanent set up encouraging local DJs and musicians to share their vinyl collections.


What do you value most as a brand?

GS: Inclusivity – YT is for everyone. We purposely use the hashtags #thisisyours and #allyours to make people feel it is a space for everyone.


The DJ sets are an amazing idea, what is the vibe like on the nights that they play? Does the music mix well with the food?

GS: It’s a wax bar which makes it a little more relaxed than YT. The DJ’s only start playing at 9pm and our dinner service ends at 10pm, so by the time the DJ’s really find their groove, TDY&TMRW turns into more of a bar. We have always focused on making our spaces multi-functional and this is no different. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner which later turns into a really rad space to have a few drinks and listen to some really great music.


Who is your ideal customer?

GS: Anyone that really appreciates diversity and has respect for the space and people around them. YOURSTRULY is for everyone, we don’t have an ideal customer. If you have a rad vibe and you’re keen to hang out in a little garden oasis then you’re our kind of person.


Where do you source your coffee? (very, VERY important)

GS: We get our coffee from the amazing humans at Deluxe Coffee Works!


The most popular dish right now?

GS: Currently, the house burger is super popular and also our classic wood-fired Margherita pizza.


What would you say is your busiest day of the week (and why)?

GS: Probably Friday and Saturday evenings – DJ’s are playing, we have a few drinks specials and Cape Town is always looking to have a good time over the weekend.


What do you see the next 5 years looking like for TDY & TMRW?

GS: I think we’d like to build up a really solid clientele and host as many DJ’s as possible, maybe even some exhibitions. We’d like TDY & TMRW to have the same appeal and comfort as YOURSTRULY Kloof Street. Who knows? We are always trying something new!


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