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Burgers taste better when made with love – robinhood restaurant

Kloof Street is one of the places with the most variety in Cape Town. There is everything from Indian cuisine to New York style pizza, but we guarantee that the recent addition is unlike anything else.

‘robinhood’ is a burger joint located toward the top of the road near the intersection at Jan van Riebeek high school. You can’t miss it. Mostly because the staff are so friendly and welcoming, you almost have to take a detour to enjoy a meal before continuing to your destination. We spoke to Una Neethling, the spokesperson of the restaurant about what Robinhood is all about.

OKCID: It’s quite an unusual name, even a little cheeky! What was the inspiration behind it?

UN: Admittedly it isn’t novel, but certainly a first in Cape Town. We are a burger joint that gives a part of the profit made to the charity of the moment. Our aim is to create amazing burgers and also serve a social purpose. The name came up in a brainstorm session and we felt it tied in well with the African spirit of Ubuntu. We married the concept with our medieval namesake, creating a unique concept, and idiosyncratic approach to restaurant retail. We hope this will inspire other establishments as well.

OKCID: We hope so too! But then again you have only been in the area for a short while, correct?

UN: We only opened on 3 October 2018, so we are still brand new and stretching our business legs. We have been active at the premises for the last 4 months creating a truly rustic, soulful space.

OKCID: So, there is time yet to generate true waves of influence! What is your favourite part of being located on Kloof street?

UN: Our favourite part of Kloof Street without a doubt is the people, from all backgrounds, preferences and cultures, sharing and enjoying life to the full. We are lucky sods to call this street home.

OKCID: Agreed, diversity makes us whole. Have you managed to meet any of our OKCID officers? If so, what was your experience?

UN: We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the officers yet, but know their operation from Green Point, where they have done a great job for many years.

OKCID: How would you describe the vibe of the restaurant?

UN: Our vibe is rustic, simple décor with sassy music in the background, sometimes showing a soccer or rugby game on the telly in our main room. Our fully stocked bar makes cocktails to die for and we have a huge local craft beer selection as well.

You can sit outside street-side at our burger bar, inside or in our quaint courtyard at the back, complete with tree stump seats and oodles of atmosphere. The vibe is casual, chic and fun. Our food vibe is ‘only the best will do’ – grass fed beef, free-range chicken and the freshest vegetarian and vegan options.

OKCID: Sounds delicious. Who are the people behind this great restaurant?

UN: The management consists of Guido Dierschke, who has more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He started out in Germany many moons ago and is now co-owner and manager of two establishments in Cape Town, the other being Café-Extrablatt in Green Point. Some of our staff has been with us for the last seven years. When we opened in Green Point, we were already a family of sorts. We have a great dynamic and work for good service and easy communication.

OKCID: Can you explain a little how the charity contribution works?

UN: We give part of our profit over a certain period of time to a chosen charity. We hope that these donations will make a difference in the long run. We also feature our charity of the moment in our social media feed so that people become more aware of their needs.

We also make once off donations to crisis situations such as the Khayelitsha fire victims in the last month. It is not a monthly rotation as some charities will get less than others. We work up a good amount so we can really make a difference – hence a the approach of ‘charity of the moment’. We are also an active member of Streetsmart SA. This allows patrons to make a voluntary donation of R5 when paying their bill.

OKCID: How do you decide which charities to donate to?

UN: It’s difficult to decide on a charity as there is so much need in our country, but we have obtained lists from various platforms. From there we just go with our gut. (pun intended)

OKCID: What is the most the most ordered item on the menu?

UN: The most ordered burger is our Little John Burger (which is a double of everything burger for super hungry Capetonians:  2 x grass-fed beef patty, brioche bun, homemade burger sauce, lettuce, 2 x cheddar cheese, 2 x crispy bacon, tomato, gherkins & fried onions).

The second favourite is our Skinny Prince John burger (without a bun) with plenty of filling tasty ingredients. Grass fed beef, cheddar cheese, roasted veg, homemade burger sauce, feta cheese, fried onions and fancy lettuce with Parmesan dressing on the side. We have vegetarian and vegan burgers as well.

OKCID: And what is your personal favourite?

UN:  My favourite is the mildly spicy Azeem the Sarazin burger: brioche bun, homemade burger sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese, chilli con carne, sour cream, jalapeños, nachos and chilli flakes.

OKCID: When is the best time to pop in for a burger?

UN: The best time is from 11:00 in the morning to late at night. Whenever our bustling burger kitchen is open! The kitchen closes at 11pm weekdays, and 12pm weekends.

OKCID: Are there any specials you can tell us about?

UN: Our lunch specials are R60 – Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:30. These include:

Robinhood Burger (Beef, Chicken or Vegan bulgur patty) with Fries OR

Chicken Salad with Boiled Egg and Feta Cheese OR

Oven baked Chips with Chilli con Carne and Cheese, served with Guacamole

We also have daily meal specials. Every day a different Burger meal is on special for under R85 for a burger and side.

And finally, drink specials:

Happy Hour is on Thursdays and Fridays from 17:00 to 20:00. All cocktails are R40 and jugs are R 119. Margarita hour is on Thursday and Friday from 23:00 too 24:00. Single Margaritas are R40 and jugs are R119.

Mouth watering yet? We thoughts so! Take a wander up Kloof Street in your lunch break or after work, and let us know if Robinhood gets your stamp of approval.

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