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Put your pet up in a luxury hotel daily!

Our favourite pet playground cum pamper parlour has moved to a new part of town! The @Frits Pet Hotel and Day Care Centre relocated to 261 Bree Street Gardens at the beginning of November – still well within reach of Cape Town’s pet parents.

Bi-petsual play palace

The move isn’t the only thing that has changed about the @Frits hotel; in a rather thrilling turn of events, the space now caters for cats as well as dogs. To quote the new website, they are now ‘bi-petsual’.

The move has meant upgraded facilities and a possible spot in the Guinness book of world records for the biggest pet hotel in the world! According to Dante Ludolf de Koker, media manager of @Frits, the previous location became much too small. ‘We were there for about two and a half years and had out grown our capacity.’

He also shares that the move has allowed for even more room for fur babies to play. ‘There is a lot of room to implement new ideas – try things out. Plus, we have an indoor play area to cater for the rainy season!’ Of course they have room for kitties now, where previously that was just a fluffy pipe dream.

What’s all the fuss about?

So, what exactly do the new facilities offer? Scrumptious meals from an à la carte menu, DSTV (tuned to animal planet), webcams to give owners a view of their pet’s stay, themed movie nights and a snack bar. There is also a vet on-site and dogs get taken on a daily 45-minute walk in a nearby park. If your furry friend needs a pamper session, you can also book them in with a spa therapist for a ‘pawdicure’ or bubble bath.

Every room is themed and decorated with no holds barred. The ‘Austin Meowers’ room has brightly painted walls and actual lava lamps. There is a ‘Little Meowmaid’ room which looks just like a Disney themed wonderland and your kitty sleeps in a cushy treasure chest. De Koker says that the choice of room depends on the dog or the owner. ‘A lot of dogs would like to go to the same room because that is where they are most comfortable,’ says de Koker.

One benefit of all rooms is that there are live webcams where the clients can keep an eye on their dogs. Kitties are a little more difficult to keep an eye on, but you can trust that they are well fed and taken care of because they are returned to you happy, well fed and rested.

In terms of the safety of the hotel itself, it has comfortably transitioned from our GPCID officers to our OKCID officers and are just as content as before. De Koker says he has enjoyed working in the area as he has found the teams ‘very helpful and assuring.’ ‘They are great people. Hopefully we will be working hand in hand with them,’ he says, adding, ‘we have a few great things to come with them which is very exciting!’

We are just as happy to promote the hotel, as it is a great asset to our city. If you are someone who has a deep love for your pets but lacks time to pamper them, or if you live in a tiny apartment and want to give your pet space to roam, maybe give the hotel a try!

For a sneak peek of what it looks like inside, follow the link:



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