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OKCID gears to welcome Workshop 17 to Kloof Street

The much anticipated opening of the 4th shared office space by Workshop17 is on track to open its doors in July, with the official launch scheduled to coincide with First Thursdays on 1 August 2019. The new location, along with The Harrington space, will add more than 60 private offices to the Workshop17 portfolio in the city centre.  

“There has been a demand for increased private office space as some companies have outgrown our other locations and are looking at moving into private offices and dedicated spaces,” commented Workshop17 Marketing Manager, Britta Dahms. 

The new space is being refurbished in partnership with Growthpoint Properties, the owners of the building currently under construction on 32 Kloof Street. Both parties agreed that the active business and tech culture coupled with the vibrant buzz on Kloof presented the perfect location for the latest shared office space in the Workshop17 offering.

Boasting a variety of packages to suit varying business requirements, there are a range of benefits to the different membership options:

  • Community Memberships are recommended for those that only need access to Wi-Fi and café areas with no access to meeting and board rooms required;
  • Occasional Memberships are suggested for members that are based out of town and travel often, requiring only 60 hours per month in the space;
  • Light and Full Memberships are similar in their offering, providing the member with meeting room credits to book rooms as well as a discount to additional bookings;
  • Full Memberships are recommended for teams, allowing reduced rates per team member with 24-hour access to all Workshop17 locations countrywide.

“We aim to be inclusive of all business sectors and be a part of the business journey, especially with startups and entrepreneurs,” said Dahms.

Commenting on the home for their new space, Dahms added: “The OKCID has played a great role in uplifting the area over the last couple of years and Workshop17 looks forward to assisting by adding to the already vibrant community. Members to Workshop17 are welcome to bring their bicycles and cycle to work if they live in the Oranje-Kloof area. Our other spaces in The Harrington and Watershed also welcome cyclists, encouraging members to get out into the open air, cycle between locations and enjoy our beautiful city.

With the digital nomad and shared office space trend on the rise, the Oranje-Kloof City Improvement District (OKCID) welcomes the new development on 32 Kloof Street. Marc Truss, OKCID Chief Executive, commented: “The Oranje-Kloof area is home to many thriving and up-and-coming businesses. The addition of such an innovative establishment not only increases our credibility as an on-trend, buzzing hub in the city centre, but improves the safety of the area through regular foot traffic and increased activity on the street. We look forward to assisting with ensuring the safety of our newest neighbours and trust you will enjoy the clean, safe space that is upheld through the service of the dedicated OKCID team.”

Going big: what are you planning for Mandela Day?


‘There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.’ – Nelson Mandela

The 18th of July is officially Nelson Mandela Day. The birthday of the legend himself has been officially recognised internationally as a day for giving back in honour of what Tata Madiba sacrificed for us as a nation.

It may seem like a long way off but let’s be honest, this year has flown, we’re already almost half way through June! As the Green Point City Improvement District, we have decided to get the ball rolling and inspire our local residents to plan in advance. Take a look at some of the amazing initiatives that have happened in our area in the past.


Food first

Everybody knows that a nutritious meal can make a world of difference in difficult circumstances. The Yumcious kitchen located at the Cape Quarter certainly does. That’s why they put together delicious meals for the homeless. Last year, the public came together to make 1 000 litres of soup or bake muffins to be sold on the day to raise money for The Haven night shelter.

Armed with knives, chopping boards, potato peelers and ingredients, all vounteers met at the Cape Quarter – headquarters of Yumcious.

Last year the event ran from 10am to 2pm. Granted this slightly exceeds the allocated 67 minutes of giving back but every year the result is a delicious and nutritious meal for the many struggling citizens in our city.


Lend an ear

Atlantic Hope, a safe house for vulnerable babies, annually requests trauma counsellors, psychologists, nurses, night carers or secretarial workers to step in and assist them on Mandela Day.

olunteers that work with this organisation take in vulnerable babies. The support is always greatly welcomed in this highly emotional environment. If you have a free moment this Mandela Day and this cause is close to your heart, consider sending them an email. If you aren’t able to offer physical expertise, nappy donations are always welcome!

Get in contact with them by visiting their website:


Mzananda animal clinic kennel building

Granted this is not located anywhere near Green Point, we selected this initiative as an option for the animal lovers amongst us. The Mzananda animal clinic has spent the last few Mandela Days building kennels for the pups in the townships.

If you don’t mind a bit of sweat and elbow grease in the name of a good cause, then get involved. Bring a hammer per person, measuring tape, pencil and paint brushes. The wood, kennel building designs and other essential materials will be supplied.

For more information on helping man’s best friend visit their website:


100 Opportunities for Mandela Day

To sum our Mandela Day suggestions, if none of our aforementioned suggestions catch your eye, there is an online platform that is dedicated to making the search a little easier. Take a look and get involved:


Remember that what you do for Mandela Day is not as important as the heart behind it, whatever you choose to get involved in on the 18th of July, make sure it is aligned with Madiba’s rules:

  • Free yourself.
  • Free others.
  • Serve.
  • Get everyone involved… (okay we added this one, but still great advice.)

Have fun!


OKCID welcomes 117KLOOF

What do antiques, interiors, plants and good food all have in common? The answer is

117KLOOF, of course! This new kid on the block challenges the traditional dining experience, providing a sanctuary where you can feast on artisanal food whilst enjoying the calming greenery that this refurbished auto workshop space affords.

Daniel Holland is the owner of the esteemed YOURS TRULY group, which has been known to create inviting spaces for the stylish Capetonian local and visiting tourist alike. YOURS TRULY and Today and Tomorrow are two thriving restaurants on Kloof Street, which are now joined by their new sister restaurant, 117KLOOF.

Have you ever had that feeling where you just really like the chair you’re sitting on and wouldn’t mind taking it home? Well, now you can, as this nursery/ café is furnished with a quirky collection of décor and furniture that is available for sale. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think antiques is old stuff, auctions and grandma’s garage…well think again, because antiques just got a whole lot cooler. Can I have a takeaway rug with that latte?

Holland’s creative juices seem to be at an all-time high – with suspended chairs, ever-changing antique furniture, and an inviting “kombuis-tafel” style table running down the length of the interior – many a friendship is destined to be born in the space that feels more like a friend’s yard on a summer’s day, than it does a restaurant. Can you hear the birds and water features?

And that’s not all – the food itself won’t leave anything to be desired. The chef’s table menu is changed weekly depending on availability of fresh local produce. Dishes are described as ‘uncomplicated’ and there is always be a vegetarian option available. Delicious croissants are available daily, offering the perfect accompaniment to your hot beverage of choice. This unique space offers an experience not to be missed.

117KLOOF is open from Tuesday to Friday from 8am – 5pm, closing at 3pm on weekends. The coffee hatch is open from 6am – 3pm and the venue is available for hosting events too.

Put this latest Kloof Street gem on your June ‘to do’ list today!


GP/ OKCID security report – May 2019

The bustling city is an exciting place to live, work and play but amongst all the enjoyment, there can be difficulties.

Last month there were 9 incidences of theft out of motor vehicles and 4 incidences of house break ins. Please be sure to check that your vehicle is locked before walking away and don’t leave anything visible on the seats. Take a minute to set the alarm system at your house, it could make a big difference.

Lastly, winter this year is particularly cold, we want to encourage donations to local shelters. It is a simple process, for only R60 you can secure a bed for someone for 5 days. Alternatively, blankets and warm clothes are also appreciated.

Contact them here:



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