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OKCID gears to welcome Workshop 17 to Kloof Street

The much anticipated opening of the 4th shared office space by Workshop17 is on track to open its doors in July, with the official launch scheduled to coincide with First Thursdays on 1 August 2019. The new location, along with The Harrington space, will add more than 60 private offices to the Workshop17 portfolio in the city centre.  

“There has been a demand for increased private office space as some companies have outgrown our other locations and are looking at moving into private offices and dedicated spaces,” commented Workshop17 Marketing Manager, Britta Dahms. 

The new space is being refurbished in partnership with Growthpoint Properties, the owners of the building currently under construction on 32 Kloof Street. Both parties agreed that the active business and tech culture coupled with the vibrant buzz on Kloof presented the perfect location for the latest shared office space in the Workshop17 offering.

Boasting a variety of packages to suit varying business requirements, there are a range of benefits to the different membership options:

  • Community Memberships are recommended for those that only need access to Wi-Fi and café areas with no access to meeting and board rooms required;
  • Occasional Memberships are suggested for members that are based out of town and travel often, requiring only 60 hours per month in the space;
  • Light and Full Memberships are similar in their offering, providing the member with meeting room credits to book rooms as well as a discount to additional bookings;
  • Full Memberships are recommended for teams, allowing reduced rates per team member with 24-hour access to all Workshop17 locations countrywide.

“We aim to be inclusive of all business sectors and be a part of the business journey, especially with startups and entrepreneurs,” said Dahms.

Commenting on the home for their new space, Dahms added: “The OKCID has played a great role in uplifting the area over the last couple of years and Workshop17 looks forward to assisting by adding to the already vibrant community. Members to Workshop17 are welcome to bring their bicycles and cycle to work if they live in the Oranje-Kloof area. Our other spaces in The Harrington and Watershed also welcome cyclists, encouraging members to get out into the open air, cycle between locations and enjoy our beautiful city.

With the digital nomad and shared office space trend on the rise, the Oranje-Kloof City Improvement District (OKCID) welcomes the new development on 32 Kloof Street. Marc Truss, OKCID Chief Executive, commented: “The Oranje-Kloof area is home to many thriving and up-and-coming businesses. The addition of such an innovative establishment not only increases our credibility as an on-trend, buzzing hub in the city centre, but improves the safety of the area through regular foot traffic and increased activity on the street. We look forward to assisting with ensuring the safety of our newest neighbours and trust you will enjoy the clean, safe space that is upheld through the service of the dedicated OKCID team.”


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