GPCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 214 3228

OKCID 24/7 emergency number: 082 217 1386

GP/OKCID security report – October 2019

This past month there has been a decrease in emergencies, medical matters, and assistance required, as well as removals on the homeless, with one fewer incident of each compared to September.

We still encourage you to be aware of your surroundings and to not carry valuables in full visibility, and don’t leave anything on a seat in your vehicle.

In October alone, our law enforcement officers issued 699 fines and made 11 arrests: four in the Green Point area and seven in the Oranje-Kloof area. They also had arrests where complainants didn’t want to open criminal charges against suspects, so there would’ve been more arrests in total. We encourage you to open a case for every incident, to ensure that suspects don’t become repeat offenders.

We’re very proud of our Law Enforcement Officer Amanda George, who received her certificate of excellence and a R3 000 voucher from MEC Alfred Fritz, Western Capes Community Safety Minister, on October 9th. Keep up the incredible work, Amanda!

Keep our 24 patrol vehicle numbers on hand for assistance:


082 214 3228


082 217 1386



If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.