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A day of well-needed ‘me time’ on Kloof Street

Making time for yourself is tricky when you have a seemingly endless list of work and family obligations, but it’s a crucial part of living a fulfilling and healthy life. When you look after yourself and treat yourself well, it seeps into all other aspects of your life too.

This is especially important amidst the current Corona Virus concerns, which inevitably puts things into perspective, and places the need for self-care and time with the ones you love as a top priority. You don’t even need to venture out too far, as there are plenty of options to fill your ‘time out’ schedule right on your doorstep!

Begin your day of holistic therapeutic care at Revive Studio

Revive Studio offers you the very best holistic, therapeutic, aesthetic care, where you can relax and unwind in their beautiful studio. Even better: their extended trading hours are especially designed to cater to your busy schedule, making spending some me time all that simpler. Choose between treatments such as their Swedish Full Body Massage, their 30% Facial Peel, or simply go to get your nails done.

Revive Studio is owned by Nadine Iqani, who has over 12 years experience in the industry. “I love the buzz that the city has to offer, it’s central and people can walk to me, and I love the energy that the city offers. There’s lots to do in the city after leaving me or before coming to me,” commented Nadine.

Get your creative juices flowing at Salon Ninety One

After unwinding at Revive, give your mind time to wander and generate those long-lost creative thoughts with a visit to Salon Ninety One to view their latest exhibition of contemporary art. The exhibition combines knowledge with beauty, provoking those reflective, creative thoughts that work often doesn’t allow time for.

Coffee and journaling at Today & Tomorrow

If art isn’t really your thing, treat yourself to a cup of coffee and some reflective journaling at Today & Tomorrow, because a good cup of coffee is the perfect way to tell yourself “I love you”. Try to leave your phone face-down on the table and take a moment to absorb your surroundings and practice mindfulness. Watch what goes on around you and think critically about what you see.

We miss a lot in the world, too busy getting from one destination to another and buying into the overload of information coming from all devices. Training yourself to observe may have a positive impact on all-round creativity, and, if nothing else, it can at least help to expand your world view.


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