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Salesians Institute Youth Projects take part in first-ever virtual World Education Week

Studies show that around 120,000 young adults and children live on the streets of the Western Cape. Much of South Africa’s youth is in crisis and Salesians founder, St. John Bosco, recognised this and formed the Institute over 110 years ago, with a core focus on safeguarding and improving the lives of young people in order to create a better future for our country. In the Western Cape alone, 44% of the population are under the age of 25 and nearly a third of these young people live in poverty, with many suffering from severe deprivation.

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects is a local NGO, located on Somerset Road in Green Point, that exists to serve vulnerable children and youths at risk, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality. They do so by providing them with education, shelter and emotional support, and equipping them with the skills required to for them to stay out of danger, find employment, and lead a happy and positive life.

The Salesians programmes have classes offered to children and youths who have left the South African schooling system or those who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They offer basic skills to those who have been unable to pass their matric exams, such as woodcraft, electrical and hospitality skills, and train disadvantaged individuals to become employed in the automotive service and maritime industries.

Photo: Frieda Pehlivan

Additional life skills are passed on to at-risk youths, in order to instil self-confidence and social skills, and to teach them about budgeting, time and stress management, violence sensitisation, goal-setting and positive thinking, to name just a few.

Their Learn to Live School of Skills recently took part in the first-ever virtual World Education Week conference, where 100 schools from around the world were invited to speak on a variety of topics, and were one of only seven schools in South Africa asked to speak. The Institution shared their insights on the implementation of project-based learning, being one of just a few schools in this country piloting this methodology.

Photo: Frieda Pehlivan

Project-based learning encourages learners to think interdependently, communicate clearly, manage impulsivity, take responsible actions and apply past knowledge to new experiences and real-world challenges. This learning takes place in a dynamic classroom environment and aims to encourage better work habits and attitudes toward learning.

For more information on their programmes or to find out how you can get involved, visit or read more about them here.

Cape Town’s first COVID-friendly food hub is here!

Africa’s first dining experience designed specifically to be COVID-friendly has just launched on our very own Kloof Street! The Real Foods Group’s latest creation, Kloof Street Village, is a community of four of their food brands – Nü Health Food Café, Schoon Bread Café, and the group’s newest additions, Free Bird and Kofi.

This innovative COVID-inspired establishment has been specifically designed to abide by national COVID-19 rules and regulations, and used the latest technology to enable contactless transactions on self-order kiosks (a mobile app that allows customers to order from either of the restaurants using a QR code), socially distanced tables, and large windows, allowing for more than enough air circulation. Customers are also able to order ahead using the Mobi app, and can collect takeaway orders from a dedicated contactless area.

In a Bizcommunity article, Dean Kowarski – CEO of Real Foods – states: “COVID-19 has changed casual dining, so we’ve embraced the new requirements for a safe dining experience at Kloof Street Village and have considered how people want to socialise. Although the site was secured prior to lockdown, we completely redesigned the restaurant during lockdown by conceptualising what it would take for maximum health and safety. The store features perspex screens to cordon off certain areas, while still allowing for a social vibe between socially distanced tables. Technology is used to facilitate contactless transactions and there is a large outdoor seating area for fresh-air and summer socialising.”

The new establishment was a collaborative effort from four award-winning local architects and designers, who joined forces to create a clean and modern space that allows each brand to uphold its unique identity, yet still compliment the overall design. Their intention was to create a beautiful space where customers enjoy spending their time, and feel safe while doing so.

So, what exactly can you find in this culinary hub?

Nü Health Food Café

Image source: Nu’s Facebook page.

Nü has been around for a few years now, scattered around the Atlantic Seaboard or in select Virgin Active Health Clubs. Nü’s philosophy is centred around food as a source of medicine for the body, and follows forward-thinking science and food trends, sourcing nutritionally-dense ingredients from the best local suppliers.

A few menu highlights include a delicious Vegan Burrito, an Asian-inspired Salmon Bowl, and of course, their range of fluffy flapjacks and waffles. Have a look at their menu – you won’t be disappointed!

Schoon Bread Café

Image source: Schoon’s Facebook page.

Previously only located in Stellenbosch and Somerset West, Schoon is finally making its City Bowl debut. This Café regularly collaborates with the best local artisans and farmers, using their products to create high quality, clean food. While its focus is on bread and pastries, its chefs are passionate about good food and always experimenting with new concepts to bring unique café-style dishes.

We recommend their Mosbolletjie French Toast and Chickpea Smash Sandwich. And you have to grab a few pastries on your way out, of course! You can browse their menu here:

Free Bird

Image source: Freebird’s Facebook page.

Free Bird was launched in the midst of the national lockdown, when Real Foods CEO, Dean Kowarski, noted that the South African food scene lacked a premium free-range crispy chicken burger and strips concept. This crispy fried chicken is different from the greasy chicken that we’re used to, as only locally-sourced clean, wholesome ingredients are used when making it.

Our menu favourites have to be their Kimchi Burger, their Crispy Strips, or their hand-cut Waffle Crisps. Take a look at their full menu here:


Lastly, what would a Cape Town culinary village be without a source of premium small-batch roasted African coffee? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Real Foods’ new concept, Kofi, along with a wine, beer and spirits list curated by Publik Wine.

Kloof Street Village can be found in the new development on the corner of Kloof and Rheede Street in Gardens. Pay them a visit and let us know what you think!

GP/OKCID security report – October 2020

18 incidents of crime were reported in October, of which 17 resulted in arrests being made! 4 arrests were for general theft; 3 for theft out of vehicles; and 3 for incidents of drinking and driving.

SAPS is planning to enforce a zero-tolerance policy, and your blood may not have an alcohol content of any more than 0.05%. This means that if you have had more than 350ml of beer, or more than a single tot of any spirit, you are likely to be over the limit. Please do not take chances, for the safety of yourself and your fellow South Africans.

Further arrests were made for being in possession of a dangerous weapon, being in possession of an illegal substance, for shoplifting, and for being in possession of possible stolen goods.

In October, we achieved 18 municipal services – a 200% increase from 6 in September. Municipal services are the actions we take to cleanse and uplift our areas and include (among other services) miscellaneous pothole repairs, line painting, signage, electricity outages, damage to infrastructure, water leaks, cleansing-related illegal dumping, and stolen bins.

We also had a 60% increase in the number of pro-active actions taken by our team (8 compared to 5 in September). A pro-active action is any direct interaction of one of our team members with a member of the public, for example, if we notice an unlocked car door/garage/gate/house door which could very likely attract unwanted attention, we will notify an individual about this.

Remember to keep our 24 patrol vehicle numbers on hand for assistance:


082 214 3228


082 217 1386


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.