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What’s new on Kloof?

It’s always difficult choosing where to eat out or grab a drink in Oranje-Kloof. Here are a few of the latest introductions additions to the area: Wolf House, Rick’s Café Americain and a completely revamped Bacini’s all open near you! These passion-driven restaurants offer some of the best quality food and service in one of Cape Town’s most trendy areas. So – who exactly are these newcomers on the scene?

Wolf House 

(Source: Wolf House, 2020)

Wolf House is a new spot on the block, and a prime location for everything from ribs and, burgers to and pizzas – also, did we mention they have a rooftop bar? This gem offers a scenic outdoor experience to go with rustic urban design. You can never go wrong with a mouth-watering burger and beer on the spirited Kloof Street.

Rick’s Café

(Rick’s Café Americain, 2020)

A cheeky change of location for Rick’s Café into the vibrant and lively Kloof Sstreet is the go-to place for drinks, dinner and dancing. It sStill has the same diverse menu offering a range of dishes from Moroccan, Mediterranean and American cuisines to satisfy your palate. The Victorian style atmosphere takes you back into the 1940s, distinctly reminiscent of the classic movie Casablanca.



(Source: Bacinis )

Bacini’s is a Roman inspired, family-owned restaurant that offers quality food, and service, and a brilliant overall dining experience. With a new fresh look after a complete revamp, you can be rest assured that you’ll get the same quality pizza tossing since 1989. 

We would recommend their menu’s Nono’s Carbonara Pasta and Meterazzi Pizza if you ever make a visit.

Point of Fitness

Green Point is an ideal location to get active, work out and break a sweat! Taking a step away from life’s daily stresses can improve your quality of life and well-being – it’s the natural mood lift we all need right now. Yoga Life Is a brilliant spot to free your mind and tone your body with a wide range of classes available. Best part? They’re offering free yoga classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. All you have to do is download the Mind Body app and book now. Two alternative Green Point gems – Zone Fitness and Planet Fitness – offer all the gym facilities you need to get into shape.

Yoga Life

This studio space has created an atmosphere that nurtures a lifestyle embodied by community, courage and compassion. Yoga Life, situated in De Waterkant Village, is a centre where all your yoga requirements are met with a variety of training programmes. We mean it when we say all your needs are met – they even have a range of vegan and refined sugar-free treats from Thank Goodness Foods, as well as a range of yoga gear from various brands. Classes such as Power Yoga and Vinyasa help build core stability, stamina and strength through staying tuned in to the present moment by connecting breathing to movement.

(Source: The Yoga Life)

Zone Fitness

Located in Cape Quarter, this multi-purpose fitness studio offers you all the facilities you need to get in shape. Zone Fitness Green Point’s mission is to be a national fitness club and offers all premium facilities ranging from electronic cardiovascular equipment to group training and personal trainers, to provide personalised fitness programs. This makes Zone Fitness the perfect place to blow off some steam in a workout.

Try the 1 day free pass for first time users or get your membership here.

(Source: Zone Fitness)

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is the place to ramp up your exercise routine, whether it be an early morning hustle before work, or a late evening wind down. It is not too late to get the physically active lifestyle that will boost your mood and energy to improve your quality of life beyond just your body frame.

(Photo by: The Planet Fitness 2020)

The De Waterkant gym has scheduled classes headed by trained instructors ranging in categories from strength and conditioning, to martial arts and more. With sessions available all day bookings are available here.


GP/OKCID security report – November 2020

The number of reported crimes increased slightly, from 18 in October to 19 in November, however, as we enter the festive season and more local tourists make their way down to the Cape, this was expected. We had an impressive 88% increase in arrests in November, with 32 arrests. 6 of these were for general theft, while other arrests included those for drinking and driving, armed robbery, attempted housebreaking and suspicious persons.

There has been a spike in incidents of remote jamming in Green Point; specifically in and around Hudson, Strand and Waterkant Streets. We urge you to please always double check that your car is locked before walking away, even if you only plan to step away from your car for a moment.

Oranje-Kloof is currently experiencing an increase in theft out of motor vehicles. To prevent theft out of your motor vehicle, please ensure that any of your possessions are hidden from plain sight, and avoid keeping any valuables in your car. Also note that, should you wish to store items in the boot of your car to keep them out of sight, it is recommended that you place these items in your boot before reaching your destination to do so, to prevent criminals from targeting your vehicle after observing your valuables being placed there.

In order to further prevent criminal activity and petty theft, there has been an increase in general security presence in and around the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas, with officials patrolling our streets on foot in order to stop and challenge suspicious characters.

Lastly, we would like to reiterate the implementation of a zero-tolerance policy around drinking and driving. If your blood has an alcohol content of over 0.05%, you will be considered as being over the limit. To put this into perspective, for many, this equates to a 350ml beer or a single tot of any spirit, however this varies from one person to the next. For the safety of yourself and your fellow South Africans, we urge you to catch a cab or Uber if you feel that you might be over the limit.

Remember to keep our 24 patrol vehicle numbers on hand for assistance, and don’t hesitate to contact them if you ever feel at-risk:


082 214 3228


082 217 1386


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.