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5 tips to become more eco-conscious

Contrary to popular belief, creating a more sustainable tomorrow exists beyond solely disposing of plastic straws. As a community, it is our job to collectively contribute to the protection of our beautiful planet … and it all starts in our homes and workplaces. Becoming more eco-conscious therefore begins with this blog. By integrating these environmental tips into our everyday lives our community will become an exemplar in sustainable practices! 

The power of mindset

Before you can begin making these crucial changes, your mindset needs to change first. The reality is that many people make the common error of committing to too many eco-conscious practices at once. This often ends with people neglecting key practices early on after quickly feeling overwhelmed. 

There is nothing wrong with starting off slowly if you are in the process of restructuring your thinking. Long-lasting, consistent change takes small, intentional steps which we are all capable of making.

Holding an eco-friendly mindset is crucial to our success as a community. Permanent sustainable actions are possible if we remain committed to making a positive impact. If you remember that you are capable of immense change and influence, change truly is possible. 

Tips to becoming more eco-conscious

Get recycling

Actively participating in recycling reduces our pollution, conserves our natural resources and saves energy. When we commit to sorting through our trash, we are able to create secondary materials. This includes metal, paper, glass and plastic – all of which can be reused in new products. 

Keep in mind that you want to create a recycling system that works for you. Feel free to tweak your process to suit your office or home. This could mean colour coding bins, placing labels or even creating an incentive for those who recycle. 

Refuse plastic 

We cannot deny that plastic bags are a major ecological issue. Plastic bags take centuries to decompose. Worse off, they pose a threat to the animal life around us. Protecting the City Bowl means getting into the habit of refusing plastic bags when grocery shopping. 

Get into the habit of bringing your own bags to the store. Use and reuse the ones that have been accumulating in your closet over the years. 

Switch to energy-saving mode

It can be incredibly tempting to switch on our cooling systems this summer. It is convenient and a quick way to cool down … but at what cost? Fans and air conditioners are major energy wasters. In fact, so is excessively opening your fridge, using the stove and tumble drying. 

Remember that creativity is your friend in sustainability. 

Think outside of the box by finding ways to conserve energy in your workplace and/ or home. Embracing natural light instead of switching the lights on. Batch cook your meals instead of switching your appliances on and off. Open a window to let the cool air in. There are many ways to conserve energy, you just need to discover them. 

Let there be (efficient) light

There is no need to immediately run and replace all of your bulbs, but keep this in mind the next time you need to replace your bulbs. By replacing your existing bulbs with eco-friendly brands, you are saving not only the planet but your bank account. 

Compact, fluorescent light bulbs last five times longer than your average bulb but also use less energy to switch on and off. More so, they offer a greater glow that is not only brighter but has a warmer undertone which decreases the likelihood of eye strain. 

Support, support, support

Living in the City Bowl means that we have a plethora of incredible eco-friendly businesses. Supporting these local companies is a great initiative that helps our community and our planet. Their efforts are one of the quickest ways to embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle. 

When we part with our money, we should feel confident that it is positively contributing to our immediate surroundings. Supporting local businesses is a great way to do that! 

The secret to becoming more eco-conscious is thinking long-term. If every single person and business in our community commits to these daily practices, we will significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Remember that reversing climate change is possible and it truly does start with us.


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