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How to cope with pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout

Living through a pandemic is no easy feat. While the coronavirus has been a part of our lives for almost 2 years now, we cannot deny its impact has been immeasurable. It has had effects on almost every aspect of our reality, from our physical health to our mental state and overall emotional wellbeing. It’s easy to forget that living through a global health crisis comes with its own set of side effects, like pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout. 


What are pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout? 

If you have been experiencing pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout you can probably relate to the feelings of extreme stress and exhaustion. This exists on both a physical and mental level which ultimately lowers your resilience, energy and mood. 

The reality, however, is that pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout do not happen in isolation. These feelings easily spill into your everyday lives. Including your work, home and social life. If we do not address these feelings, they can have long-term effects including lowered immune systems and chronic anxiety. 

Given its many consequences, we as a community should band together to create a happy, healthy and safe living environment. This can only start once we take care of our own wellbeing and learn how to cope with the side effects of living through a pandemic. 

How to cope with pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout

Exercise regularly 

It’s so important that you move your body regularly. Remote work, restrictions and curfews, can quickly become a crutch and easy excuse to stay put. However, your body not only craves exercise, but it also needs it. 

Get into the habit of incorporating exercise into your routine. Whether that is taking the pets on a walk, doing a virtual online class or getting the office involved in a weekly exercise challenge, the benefits are incredible. 

Exercise will help you boost your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, help shed weight and bring a sense of accomplishment to your day. We suggest visiting De Waal Park for some great outdoor fun!

Find a healthy (realistic) work-life balance

This one is admittedly tricky, but not impossible. Glorifying workaholic behaviour is not only toxic but is increasingly becoming the new norm. Overworking leads to increased stress, decreased productivity, disorganization and emotional exhaustion.

You deserve to take a break. It is not a luxury; it is a necessity. 

Even as an employer, it is crucial that you encourage self-care where you ensure that your team has professional boundaries. This will help keep everyone sharp, alert, happy and motivated. 

If you would like ideas on how to create a happier workspace, click here

Adjust your expectations

Do you remember at the very beginning of the pandemic when everyone set out to accomplish a long list of goals? Especially since they had all of this “extra” time? Well, then pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout kicked in. 

It is okay to remove things that do not serve you from your to-do list. Lower your expectations around what you ‘should be doing’. You already are doing your best. Chasing after these high expectations is not only exhausting but incredibly overwhelming – both mentally and physically. 

If you just survived another day, you are already doing amazingly! 

Opt for a healthier meal

As you already know, eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways you can protect your health. Good nutrition, mixed with physical exercise is a powerful way to help support your body and mind. Especially if you are experiencing pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout. 

This, however, isn’t to say that you should be following a restrictive diet. Be realistic, do not deprive yourself of foods that you love, but instead learn the art of eating in moderation. Add your daily 8 glasses of water to this and you will instantly feel the benefits. You can grab a great water bottle from Nap Living!


Take time out for yourself 

So much of our lives circles around being there for other people. And while they appreciate your love and comfort, you also deserve to give that love to yourself. It is important that you prioritise taking time out for yourself. This is where you allow yourself to recharge, disconnect and finally exhale. If you are experiencing pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout, take it as a sign that you need to show up for yourself first! The more me-time that you create, the more you will grow, thrive and enjoy your life. 

You can and will overcome pandemic fatigue and COVID burnout by integrating all of these tips into your life. Once you do this you will unlock a happier and healthier version of yourself! 


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