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One step closer to Cape Town going green with this generous donation

We’re delighted to share this well-received good news with you, residents of the City of Cape Town. 

According to the City’s Sustainable Energy Markets Department, there are a number of projects, centred on the generation of green energy, renewable energy purchase and other sustainable energy-related interventions, currently on the go. Including: 

  • Improving energy supply through the purchase of green and renewable energy solutions
  • Assessing climate investment opportunities
  • Implementing a green pricing approach – an option offered by electricity suppliers that allows consumers to support their investments in renewable energy technologies
  • Working to improve the efficacy of energy usage in municipal buildings and government-owned-or-run initiatives

With these projects underway, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) donated R5.9 million in funds for the technical assistance and furthering of these projects. 

Upon accepting this donation, Beverley van Reenen, Councillor on the Mayoral Committee for Energy, said the following: 

“We thank the IFC for their generous donation of assistance. We can see how these project area outcomes will benefit our residents and how the IFC’s generosity will enhance our ongoing work in these areas. We are committed to doing everything we can, and with all partners, to achieve cleaner, more affordable and secure energy for our residents.” 

So, what does a green energy transition mean for the residents of Cape Town? 

To add to the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of our global economy, load shedding is back with us – although, technically it never went anywhere. 

The issue of load shedding and becoming South Africa’s first load shedding-free city is number one on the City’s list of priorities, and something that this donation and these projects aim to achieve. A crucial part of this endeavour means finding ways to reduce reliance on the national grid by becoming independent in electricity production. As such, and as a response to this generous donation, our Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis announced the launch of tenders to procure 300 MW of renewable energy – a huge step toward becoming a power-independent City.

In addition, going green on the energy front means a decreased reliance on fossil fuels or nuclear for electricity, which has a direct and positive impact on our environment. This is the biggest plus for the future of our city and the generations to come. 

These developments make us excited about the future of our beautiful city and hopeful about the intentions of those who run it. We look forward to bringing more news of this nature to you in the months to come.

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