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Your Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

We tend to find ease in taking care of our nice, expensive items. We regularly service our cars and take them to the car wash. We polish our shoes and dry-clean our clothes. Yet, we tend to skip routine maintenance on our homes – arguably our most expensive and best investments – procrastinating and pushing the work out as long as possible.

We get it. It can be really tough to get stuck in when you don’t know where to start. So, here’s a small checklist to help keep important tasks front of mind, and we’ve even included an alternative and healthier eco-friendly cleaning technique for you to try (see the pro tip at the end). 

1. Keep Your Gutters Clean 

The rainy season will be with us before we know it, so in anticipation of this, we think it’s time gutter-maintenance moves to the top of your to-do list. Gutters play an under-rated role in keeping water away from seeping into and damaging your foundations. Keeping your gutters clear of leaves and debris means that rainwater can freely run off of your roof, collect in your gutters and out the downspout. 

Clogged gutters, on the other hand, can result in rotted roofing, water damage to walls and ceilings, and flooding the grounds surrounding your home. 

2. Avoid Unwanted Pests

If your household is the kind to enjoy a home-cooked meal and keep a stocked fridge, then this is for you. Food attracts pests, and pests are certainly unwanted. Here’s what you can do to avoid them: 

  • Always store dry, perishable food items in tightly sealed plastic containers
  • Empty your rubbish bins daily, especially those in your kitchen 
  • Avoid leaving water, fruit, vegetables or other foods out for extended periods of time
  • Keep external use items, like brooms and brushed, outside


3. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned 

Regular vacuuming is great for surface cleaning, but when it comes to carpets, sometimes a good vacuum is simply not enough. Unfortunately, carpets are dust and dirt magnets, so try to have your carpets thoroughly and professionally cleaned at least once per year. A professional deep-clean will extend the life of your carpet, improve air quality and reduce allergens significantly. 

4. Prevent Clogged Drains

Over time, your drains can become caked with a combination of food, hair and other waste. This might cause your pipes to drain more slowly or even become completely clogged. To prevent this, try to flush your pipes with a combination of baking soda and white vinegar regularly. This chemical-free, eco-friendly solution can help ward off more serious drain-clogs in the future and prevent you from having to call out a professional. 


5. Lower Your Utility Costs

If you’re renting then we’re sure you’re aware of the headache that is utilities. And with a shift to work-from-home, the monthly spend on water and electricity has increased for many. Here are a few tips for decreasing your monthly spend on utilities:

  • Tighten leaky taps
  • Limit showers to one 10-minute shower per day
  • Switch lights and appliances off if they’re not in use
  • Only use your aircon and/or fan when necessary and don’t leave them running all day 
  • Turn your geyser off when you can


Pro Tip: Lemon & Vinegar are the Best Cleaning Products

Perfect for degreasing your stovetop, getting soap scum off of your bathroom tiles and shower door, removing stubborn water spots out of chrome, and cleaning out your microwave or fridge, lemon and vinegar work well independently and in combination as multi-purpose cleaners. 

While ongoing maintenance feels tedious, it helps ensure that your house is kept in tip-top condition. Your home is your safe haven. As such, give it a little TLC and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come. 


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