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Celebrating International Left Handers Day

Every year on August 13th, we celebrate International Left Handers Day, a special occasion dedicated to acknowledging and appreciating the unique experiences of left-handed individuals worldwide. With approximately 10% of the global population being left-handed, it’s important to recognise the challenges they face in a right-handed dominant world. Thankfully, various tools and inventions have been developed to cater to the needs of left-handed individuals, making their lives easier and more comfortable. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of International Left Handers Day and highlight some of the tools that have been specifically designed for the left-handed community.

International Left Handers Day was first established in 1976 by the Left-Handers Club, an organisation advocating for the interests of left-handed individuals It also aims to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding left-handedness while promoting inclusivity and understanding.

Tools Invented for left-Handed Individuals:

  1. One of the most common challenges faced by left-handed people is using right-handed scissors. This often leads to discomfort, difficulty cutting accurately and even potential accidents. Left-handed scissors have been specifically designed with the blade orientation reversed to suit the natural cutting motion of the left hand. These scissors have proven to be incredibly helpful in various situations, particularly in schools, offices and arts and crafts activities.
  2. Left-handed individuals often struggle with smudging their writing due to the natural left-to-right motion of their hand. To address this issue, pens and pencils designed for left-handed people come with specialised grips, quick-drying ink and the ability to prevent smudging. These writing instruments allow left-handers to write more comfortably without compromising the quality of their work.
  3. To create a more inclusive learning and working environment, left-handed desks have been developed. These desks feature and inverted shape, allowing left-handed individuals to rest their arms comfortably while writing or using a computer mouse.
  4. Additionally, left-handed tools such as rulers, staplers and computer mice have been designed to accommodate the left-handers’ needs, making everyday tasks more efficient and convenient.
  5. Musicians, especially those who play string instruments or guitars, face unique challenges due to their left-handedness. To cater to their needs, a range of left-handed musical instruments have been manufactured. These instruments are constructed with the strings reversed, enabling left-handed musicians to play with ease and precision.
  6. In sports like baseball, golf and cricket, left-handed players often require specialised equipment to enhance their performance. Left-handed gloves, bats, clubs and other sports gear have been developed to cater to their specific needs, allowing them to participate and excel in their chosen sports.

Several famous individuals throughout history have been left-handed and their perspectives on being left-handed vary. Two of them are a testament to the diversity of talents and abilities:

Former President Barack Obama is left-handed. In his speeches, he has joked about the challenges of being left-handed, such as smudging ink while writing and using right-handed scissors, Obama has also expressed pride in his left-handedness, stating that left-handers are more creative and possess a unique perspective on the world.

One of history’s greatest geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci, was left-handed. His left-handedness is often associated with his exceptional artistic talents associated with his exceptional artistic talents and inventive mind. Da Vinci’s notebooks and sketches, which are filled with his ideas and innovations, reveal his left-handed writing style. His left-handedness is seen as an aspect that contributed to his brilliance and his ability to think outside the box.


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