Sector Policing

Sector policing is a strategic priority of the South African Police Service (SAPS) whereby the service areas of a particular police station are divided into smaller, more manageable areas called sectors.

The CIDs are proud to be associated with the SAPS Sector Policing initiative. The Green Point CID area is a sub-sector within the boundaries of the Cape Town Central Sector 3. The SAPS Sector Coordinator is Superintendent Neels Klaasen (Cell: 082 301-8573). The Oranje-Kloof CID area is a sub-sector within the boundaries of the Cape Town Central, Sector 2. The SAPS Sector Manager is Captain Joggie Jansen (Cell: 082 302-0274).

What are the advantages of Sector Policing?

  • It allows for thorough policing of the area with communities divided into smaller, more manageable sections.
  • It ensures effective crime prevention with attention focused on the causes of and factors contributing to crime in the area.
  • It contributes to community involvement, leading to sound partnerships between SAPS and the community.
  • It encourages and enables communities to take greater responsibility for their own safety and security.
  • It improves the relationship between the SAPS and the community, increasing the community´s confidence and understanding of SAPS.
  • It reduces the fear of crime and improves the rendering of service by the police.
  • It makes more visible policing possible as a result of the smaller sectors.
  • It allows for policing at its most basic level.

What is the role of the community in sector policing?

  • To attend the Sector Crime Forum (SCF) meetings, held in conjunction with the SAPS Sector Coordinator, to discuss crime, crime prevention and action plans for specific sectors.
  • To both initiate and participate in neighbourhood initiatives intended to safeguard the area.
  • To provide information and make suggestions for preventing crime in the sector.
  • To actively support Sector Policing by volunteering as reservists in their respective sectors.

CID partners

The Cape Town Partnership

Utility Services/ Solid Waste – Recyclers By Subcouncil

Community police forums

TBK, OH and Vredehoek Neighbourhood Watches

CID business forum

Green Point Rate Payers Association

De Waterkant Civil Society

Good Hope Sub Council 16

Sail StadeFrance

Private security companies including:

  • ADT
  • City Bowl Armed Response
  • Chubb
  • Armagedon
  • G4
  • Orbis