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GPCID continues to invest in Green Point

The Green Point City Improvement District (GPCID) is yet again ploughing money, time and service into the area to ensure regular upgrades and on-going safety in and around Green Point. The GPCID is part of the operation of reopening the de Smit Street steps and replacing several invasive trees with  indigenous trees which will be chosen by SanParks.

The de Smit Street steps, just off Waterkant Street in Green Point, were reopened on Thursday morning, 11 June, after being closed for just over five years due to the physical conditions of the steps. The steps have been renovated with granite and slate and look impressive. GPCID CEO Marc Truss says; “The GPCID will be redoing the lighting around the steps shortly to ensure that they are well lit and can be used at any hour. We will also continue our regular patrols in the area, paying particular attention to the steps, now that they will be used by pedestrians.”

trees2Cutting down trees will not have the approval of everyone around Cape Town, but replacing them with seven indigenous fully-grown trees might. A lane of Beefwood trees around Hudson-, Chiapini- and de Waterkant Streets will be removed and replaced by the beautiful Poplar tree, which is indigenous to South Africa.

“The Beefwood tree, very much pine-like, sheds a small brown woody crown as well as pines which constantly clogs the water flow and cause endless trouble when Cape Town is pouring with rain.” says Truss.

These trees can grow up to 40 metres tall and are native to Australia. The roots have already cracked the paving, which will also be renovated. Regenerating the area and redoing the paving is a joint operation by the GPCID (paving), Soho Body Corporate (paving) and Revelfox (Poplar trees). Walten Rodney, building manager at Soho, says that the upgrades will upmarket and enhance the Soho building and the area around the building.

“Replacing the trees is an upgrade to the area as well as a safety regulation.” Marc Truss.


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